1. Trump only knows fantastic generals and fantastic Iranians .. even if he’s putting more sanctions on Iran.

    1. No different than a parent teaching their children they still have to be disciplined for their actions

    2. He’s only look for a meal
      Ticket cause he’s broke if you want another 6 years of this clown then you better prepare yourself for more loses

    3. @Leeanne Bishop You are stupid he doesn’t even take a salary, not like you Obuma you should be ashamed of yourself does your family know your on the computer

  2. “Make Iran Great Again” ??? l suppose the Ayatollah will love to use this campaign slogan. Trump is a dope.

    1. Tucker Carlson : Trump is a warmonger, trying not to look like a warmonger. And, your job is to help him with that Propaganda. But, the world has watched, while he ripped up his deal with Iran, broke America’s word, threatened and bullied them, while the Europeans have been trying to keep the peace and hold up the West’s end, without him. Now, he’s ramping up the Military presence, using the Saudis to frame them; making it look like Iran is STARTING the war, when we all KNOW it’s the LAST thing they want. And, he expects us to, “believe,” the intel coming from the SAME PEOPLE that he ROUTINELY calls, “liars,” EVERY DAY? He’s compared the CIA to, “Nazi Germany,” and we’re all meant to flip flop at his rate? America’s NOT buying it, son. Trump will have to look elsewhere for a bump in the polls. A war will finish him . . . Smh

    2. @beige fox The basic Rethuglikkkan doesn’t do facts. They do trump koolaid only. Reality left them…all they have are the lies of an unregistered sex offender with a porn star wife.

  3. “I asked the Ayatollah and they were very powerful and strong in their denial”
    – 🤡🎪

    1. Jennifer Erickson CNN no longer represents the press. Instead CNN is full of activists pretending to be journalists.

    2. Merrilou Neigenfind What makes you say that? CNN’s ratings are falling because they sacrificed their credibility for short term gain. They of course have the right to free speech – even when it is leftist propaganda.

    3. Rachel Ash Fox News has a conservative bias but at least their anchors admit it. No offense to you personally, but to call them alt-right is laughable.

    1. @Mark Dice , actually according to the terms of the agreement it was their money, please read the how and why of the agreement before making a false comment.

  4. why not show it all?
    it’s 19 min. long (watch at Fox).
    propaganda news, cencoring their viewers – so they can spin

    1. That wouldn’t fit CNN’s Agenda or Narrative. If they showed the whole video, people might actually get the true context. Snippets fit much better on their “Story Board”…CNN is Pathetic!

    2. You two are brilliant…True Trumptards for sure….Its on TV. These are free clips on YT. Your stupidity is amazing. BTW we all knew that as soon as Russia was against it your Orange Turd wouldn’t do it….FFS dish out some dough for cable you cheap screws.

    3. Lenz2010
      To be honest I only watch USA “news” for a laugh! None of that American cartoons is actually news, iit’s just entertainment for morons.

  5. Trump: Let’s make Iran great again””
    just imagine if Obama said that…………………….

    1. Andy Mcgraw

      TDS is Trump Deity Syndrome. It’s an STD – Socially Transmitted Disease caught at Trump rallies.

      It’s a Republican VD – Very Dumb disease. Education is the only known cure.

    2. @capatga , that is what I have been saying for so long! I am beginning to think that his supporters are willfully being ignorant just because Obama did it.

    3. @ihave35cents , according to most news sources individual lawsuits but the cases were overturned and so the agreement went forward before the money was released and Congress approved of it even some tried to backpedal.

    4. spaceman063

      Mark Dice is an second-rate alt-right conspiracy monger on YouTube.

      If you see his posts you can be 100% sure he is factually wrong.

    1. K Adams : Yeah, I guess, “America First,” is over now? . . . Trump is desperate for a war. Good job Putin wouldn’t allow it. Guess there ARE some benefits to having Putin as Trump’s boss, after all? . . .

    1. Obama sent billions in unmarked money Iran used to sponsor terrorist organizations and the murder of innocent ppl you twit and I have a brother in the military over there! You morons can’t handle facts and truths!

  6. “Beautiful phone system. We’re gonna be doing a lotta – er – work, that I can tell you.”

  7. Trump: I know a lot about nuclear… A LOT
    journalist: since when you’re an expert in nuclear physics
    Trump: Last night.

  8. IRAN… The American people are with you! This administration is almost OUT! PLEASE BE PATIENT…

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