Maya Wiley: Dems Must Worry About The Constitution, Not Elections | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. I think the american public has to make a phone call tomorrow to local officials. If marching in the streets isn’t enough light up the phone lines….

    1. @Margaret Nicol if you don’t see what’s going on with our country you are not a very bright person. If the Dems get their way our government will become controlled by a radical mob. Not socialism. What else is it but Communism.

    2. @Dale Cherry In other words you have no idea what communism is. You’re just parroting words and throwing them out in the hope that no-one will notice how little you know.

    3. @Margaret Nicol Communism you own no land and that’s what the extreme left rioters want hence CHOP, BHAZ. You don’t know much about what’s going on.

    4. @Margaret Nicol Communism you own no land and that’s what the extreme left rioters want hence CHOP, BHAZ. You don’t know much about what’s going on.

    1. @Felipe Sierra Sorry, I don’t see how that fits into the discussion. What does this story have to do with this conversation? Some story of some President I didn’t pay that much attention to is supposed to make me a racist? How does that logic work? Is this how you plan to get trump to win? You’re just going to drag in people who don’t like trump and ask them about your random news story?

    2. @d2.r76.421 Remember Democrats were the slave owners. Democrats are the KKK. Biden will be a puppet for the extreme radical left. If he gets elected you will see rioting all the time by the radical left because he’s not radical enough.

    3. @Dale Cherry You’re talking about history. If you’re in the KKK today you don’t go for the Democrat party. I don’t know why you want to bring them up, I’m not a Democrat and not proud of the fact that racists choose Republican. I don’t consider them Republican and want them out of my party. We need to get back to basic economic principles of fiscal conservatism, attempting to be fiscally conservative through social policies is not working.

  2. The entire US Gov’t is a complete failure. All they do is sit around pointing fingers at each other like little children. Take the money & lobbyists out of Gov’t, it’s the only reason any of them are there anymore.

    1. Mr. Fudlacker, Trump’ll lose in the election and so will you, if he wins, you’ll lose even more. Read Niemoeller’s quote.

    2. Eco Geek : So we better get out there and DO SOMETHING? . . . She’s right, you know, America. The GOP are NOT just sitting around, WAITING to be arrested and GO TO JAIL, after losing the elections? They are STEALING your elections, right under your noses. GET ACTIVE, PEOPLE! You PROTEST, they respond! Make your politicians ACT! NOW!

  3. You have to win the elections to enforce any constitutional rights violations!! Having the house alone doesn’t possess powers!!

    1. The US are citizens have to start taking things into their own hands.
      It is no use making comments on youtube and twitter, words alone will
      never bring a corrupt administration down.

    2. House is where people vote do it has no power the Senate is where land votes so it has power.

    1. That’s how Trump came in, wasn’t enough superheroes in the political arena I guess. But it is not fair to say that, the Dems have had to work so hard against these wretched Republican lawless crooks.

    2. @ccae07 I know that Satan is on unemployment, I know that because the Evangelicals took his work for their own casting him aside, poor poor Satan, people are now saying “Trump made me do it”, that hurts too.

  4. The entire Trump administration is walking with leather-soled shoes on.
    The future appears to be very, very slippery.

    1. @Bud Fudlacker Get back to us after your brain surgeon has removed the bandages.
      Good luck.

    1. Ahhhh aa The dems just got control of the House of Representatives in January. The senate, mostly Mitch McConell, blocks every bill sent to them from the House and if something gets through the senate you have the BIG Orange that vetoes it. The government is grid locked by the people in control … Republicans. Democrats tried to impeach Trump and did but the Republicans voted not to do anything about it.

      What exactly would you like the Democrats to do? How can they do it? If you have an idea I’m ready for it.

  5. Democrats need to step up even if they are hampered at every turn by Republicans because the public will know who did what.

    1. Bono Budju Not the Fox, OANN and Trump Twitter watchers — they refuse to know what Trump is and does





  7. What is the point of subpoenas when they are disregarded like toilet paper after use?
    What happened to all the previous ones which were supposed to get rulings from the supreme court?
    Has a precedence been set? Will such precedence stop appeals after appeals?
    Without answers to these questions what is the point of further investigation of the administration?
    I can’t see constitution stopping Trump or Barr. The constitution itself should be considered toilet paper after use at this moment in time.
    Hello, it is over. The management of accountability has been diluted over the years to such an extent that it is now is more toothless than grandma without her dentures.

  8. Katyal – Wiley hit the nail on it’s head . . ., Why, WHY are these people in the House and Senate not holding this lawless administration accountable ?

    1. Did you even notice that the House is trying to do that with zero cooperation from the Senate? The only way out is a sweep of the Senate which topples Republican control.

    2. @Dale Cherry why don’t the country hold the POLICE accountable.The 1% have dug their graves supplied them with all they need until the revolt settles

    3. @Karen Byrd
      The House does not need the Senate in order to enforce subpoenas on Barr or anyone else in the Trump administration.
      And, it should be obvious there won’t be any House (or Senate) investigations of Trump or his administration after Jan, 2021.
      Additionally, even with a Dem. controlled House and Senate, a Democrat administration will not replace all of Trump appointed IGs or other appointees in the DOJ, SEC, IRS, etc, etc.

    4. @Karen Byrd The house isn’t doing crap. Pelosi is a big part of the problem. Get the house back to DC. If the lawlessness keeps up we are doomed as a country. Venezuela here we come. Lawmakers Rich, laymen poor. Just what the socialist extremist want. Bernie wins no mater what.

  9. If WE do not worry about the election and lose, There will be NO constitution to worry about if trump wins again!

    1. If the dems win, there will be no America as we know it. They, are shredding the Constitution not the Republicans.

  10. Personally I’m quite tired of watching Democrats, Republicans and the media alike being outfoxed by this clearly corrupt administration. I think they all need to “get their courage on”.

    1. But the powers what be has the Republicans in the Senate, I don’t think our system was set up so wisely after all.

  11. Yes, America has a problem with thugs, the thugs in the White House, the DOJ and elsewhere in Trump World.

    1. The real world, the human world,get out of wonderland the only ever mattered to any of them is POWER and MONEY form the very start of this lazyass COUNTRY

    1. We don’t have a constitution with any teeth now.This COUNTRY is being ran by corporations the 1% handlers and they don’t answer to anyone and all is working as those who wrote the constitution intended.

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