Maya Wiley: Donald Trump Will ‘Lie, Cheat And Steal’ To Win An Election | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Trump created a fake charity foundation, and used it for his own financial gain. So of course he would lie, cheat and steal to win an election.

    1. @Michigan Wolverine 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020! 🎉🎉🎉 20 Years 4 OBSTRUCTION! 20 Years 4 MONEY LAUNDERING!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. Karl Pilkington : BTW, Karl. I only learned this recently, but each time you Click a trump troll’s name (if they’re a paid one, which up to 2/3rds of them are, apparently) you get them paid. Don’t take my word for it? Look up the research and journalism? They get more if you Click their Click Bait, and more still, if you Click on links that take you off YouTube, to their propaganda sites, with Malware, “cookies,” so they track what you look at, for their algorithms. True story. Check it out? ✌️👍

  2. 🙄 This is not news. He’s not leaving that Oval Office quietly. November 4th is gonna be an *interesting day* to say the least.

    1. @Helen Short even if you are a little bit right, you are a little dramatic and optimistic. Dear Helen, I am pretty sure than more states will vote Trump.

    2. He is not leaving. I can’t believe Americans believe that biden is going to save Them. Trump did not go through all that he went through to get to the white house just to be a one term president. Thanks to the racist, sexist, gullible idiots in America who voted for him and still supports him. America will never be the place you know as america.I would say America is experiencing MAGAKARMA from one of its own and is being destroyed from the inside. Enjoy dictatorship

    3. @Brian Allen You truly believe that his base is going to allow that to happen. With everything that you’ve witnessed in the last 4 months. Hm.

  3. If you cheat on your wives & at golf like Agolf tWittler tRump does then of course Donald would lie(20,000 lies thus far), cheat, steal & ask the Russians to help him once again to win another Election!

    1. @j welsh Just to clue you in ,but I heard more Russian on Trump work sites than Spanish or Jamaican !!
      The 80s Were when Trump started his clandestine construction workers 😂

    2. Especially when Trump cheats with his daughter Ivanka. We’ve all seen the creepy prepubescent Ivanka sitting in those provocative poses on Daddy’s lap. Trump’s taste in women, “If they are bleeding age, they are too old.”

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  4. maya… you got THAT right! and he’ll leave a shermanesk swath of destruction on his way out, guaranteed. he’s already freeing freshly convicted friends and guilty pleading faithful felons. don’t expect that to stop any time soon. and don’t forget his brown shirts he’s dispatched to our own cities and his personal AG barr incarcerating those the dare to criticize!

  5. This impeached President and the Republicans will do anything to win this election. Cheat lie steal and destroy.

    1. Everybody has got to get out there and VOTE. We’ve got to get rid of this criminal in the WH and his enablers in the GOP.

  6. You Would Hate t’rump IRL Part 16:
    It’s Christmas time, and your uncle t’rump goes with you to shop for gifts. You pick up a really nice watch for your wife. Christmas Day, he takes that gift, writes his wife’s name on it and gives it to your Aunt before you get a chance to say anything. You call him out on it and he says, “you didn’t get anything nice for your wife, and that isn’t my fault.”

  7. Trump will crown himself the American king. Trump will invalidate the results of the 2020 election if Biden wins.

    1. @S S If trump is kicked out of office by the people through a legal election and his minions keep him in (probably through false claims of a rigged election) then the whole constitution and everything that the US claims it to be is a sham.
      The US is NOT the greatest country in the world when a reality TV star and fake billionaire can destroy it and become its first dictator.

  8. What scares me more than not vacating the White House if he loses is the damage he could do between November 3rd and January 20, 2021. How many more pardons will he dole out? What will he do in his capacity as president to enrich himself and his family? Who will he retaliate against? And what more chaos will he create because he is a bad loser?

  9. Trump will lie steal and cheat to get another election this chump been doing this his whole entire life and it amazes me how this dude has people looking at him like he’s a God or something this so called man is a clown. When Joe Biden win this election Trump will be lost forever then he’s going to really feel how it is to be poor since he thinks he’s so rich. Lol

  10. tRump is on the phone to Putin every few days getting play by play instructions on how to stay in office, and all this talk is not doing anything to stop it.

  11. Trump is all lie, deny and defy. Hang in there people Trumps going to use a lot more racial rhetoric and the narrative of chaos and division before this is over.

    1. It will only get worse. He is a cornered sociopath and can’t get out do his cult rant sessions. Just ignore any propaganda at comes from Trump and the GOP from here on. Trump called Putin I am sure to ask for his help so expect a lot of deception and conspiracy theories. Just vote 100% blue on November 3. When he is removed on January 20, he WILL be prosecuted, convicted and put away for life!

    2. What racist rhetoric? Lmao your Libby rioters have caused billions in damage, murdered 30 people, mostly of color, who’s the racists? The left.

    3. Trump is definitely going to win…hope you libs don’t start rioting again…you are known for being whining babies…lol.

    1. Biden’s appointed A/G more likely bring trump, his cronies, those corrupted republicans, Bill Barr to justice.

  12. Trump isn’t just running for president, he’s also running from prison. He will do ANYTHING to protect his ego and freedom, and if you think the things he’s done so far are bad, just wait…you ain’t seen nothing yet!

    1. In my personal opinion, He threw COHEN
      under the bus..And I think he would throw anyone under the bus to win a
      re-election.. 🎩 Voting BLUE!! 💙

    2. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020! 🎉🎉🎉 20 Years 4 OBSTRUCTION! 20 Years 4 MONEY LAUNDERING!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    3. @Reuben Herrera Hear, hear! Trump 20/20!
      I can’t wait to see him dragged out of the White House, screaming ”But, but, but… Whatabout Obama? And the emails… Hillary’s eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemails! This isn’t fair, you can’t do this! I’m the president and I can do whatever I want!”….as we all laugh and cheer! It’ll be glorious!

  13. Donald Trump’s being lying, cheating and stealing his entire life and he was taught well by a liar, cheater and thief.

  14. Trump is saying mail in ballots is subject to fraud because that is exactly what he is gonna do !!!!

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