Mayor Byron Brown: ‘Police Union Has Been A Barrier To Police Reform’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

Mayor Byron Brown: ‘Police Union Has Been A Barrier To Police Reform’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1


You may have seen a video of police shoving a protestor to the ground in Buffalo – even the president weighed in with misinformation about the protestor. Buffalo’s Mayor Byron Brown joins Stephanie Ruhle to respond and explain how he hopes the Buffalo police department can improve. Aired on 06/11/2020.
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Mayor Byron Brown: ‘Police Union Has Been A Barrier To Police Reform’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

61 Comments on "Mayor Byron Brown: ‘Police Union Has Been A Barrier To Police Reform’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC"

  1. All police unions are the biggest corrupted institutions ever.

    • Pat Moore check this video. Explain about US debt

    • @player Uno …thanks but I totally understand how our government and economy works…

    • @Pat Moore yes we all know system is not perfect,. We can only have trade-offs. Similar to tower of Babel-. We are not different we can only wait until god has another plan for us. If you think about this is longest lasting peace we had since for long time (only proxy wars), let’s hope the peace continues.

    • @player Uno … seeing as how I fought and bled in one of those “proxy wars” I don’t share your sentiment and find it naive…

    • @Pat Moore ….Thank you serve the country . Naive may be, but people don’t talk about the age we are living is much better than past. Even with covid the whole world is cooperating. There is little fighting now like WWI with Spanish flu. As to previous point we need law and order but they need to get rid of union to save tax payer money. Number one job of government is to protect it’s citizen…

  2. bluehorseshoe444 | June 11, 2020 at 1:12 PM | Reply


    • bluehorseshoe444 | June 11, 2020 at 2:09 PM | Reply

      @Michigan Wolverine The Minneapolis PD union chief is a white supremacist and huge Trump supporter… so, there’s that

    • bluehorseshoe444 : I have a proposal. What if, a team of three legal experts (criminal lawyers) were shuttled in to review the evidence in all serious criminal complaints against the cops? And, it was their job to decided whether they would prefer to prosecute or defend the cops in question, based on the merits of the evidence? If they were selected to make that call, from OUTSIDE the area, like jury duty, and their decision was BINDING for the Police Union? So, they can do their usual thing, if the lawyers say they should be defended, BUT; if the opposite, they must throw in with the prosecutors. And their vast resources have to be used to putting corrupt cops behind bars. That way, the public AND the cops can TRUST the system (Impartially judged) and those with remaining doubts get to see what happens in court, anyway? As it is, people are ostracised from entire communities for standing against police unions

    • Michigan Wolverine : Lie

    • Dave Schultz : So, you’re a Communist now, huh, Dave? For the unions, no matter what . . . At last, your pro Russia Communism is showing

    • @Ash Roskell do it
      Start with the crooked mayor and the crooked City council and however the civilian review board is appointed do it baby

  3. If police unions are standing up for an defending officers that discredit the profession and being public mistrust to it, the police unions must be lead by dishonourable and untrustworthy individuals. It’s time the good cops elect competent people to lead their unions and stand up against their fellow cops who do not deserve the privilege of wearing the badge. The number of good cops by far outweigh the number of bad cops, but the bad cops are currently running the show. It’s time the good cops took control.

    • Above All, United | June 11, 2020 at 1:29 PM | Reply

      Everyone has the right to defend themselves and the police are more susceptible to false allegations than anyone, that said, if we can’t trust individual departments to hold bad cops accountable then the whole system must be scrutinized

    • Greg Downer. You write poorly. Further, your naive expectations are ridiculous. Ain’t gonna happen, Mr. Pinko.

    • @WB Bils …no more poorly than you, and way way way way better than anything the so-called president could do… but in your defense, he didn’t write in crayon…

    • @Pat Moore You are truly a wordsmith. I’m humbled. Too bad you’re out of work.

    • @WB Bils …ha!… not by a long shot… when a group as collectively ignorant and backwardassed prejudiced as the republicon party is in power, you backwater rubes need ALL the education you can get…

  4. If there wasn’t defining video on this incident they would have left it as him tripping! Do you think the the American people are that stupid

    • @frictionRx9 …good for you genius… you should put that little ESP to better use and help treasonous trump stay out of prison…

    • @Pat Moore aww is your little life not going well

    • @frictionRx9 It doesn’t matter in the slightest you have the freedom of speech that protects you from violence via police even if you call them the worst of scum !

    • @frictionRx9 hey my life is going fantastic.
      Mouthy POS you are.
      Smartfuck all smart there , in real life nothin’ , a big fat zero.
      Anyways covidiot get out there and take one for Trump.
      Go on , git.
      And don’t say anything rascist now , boy.

    • Colin Cleveland | June 13, 2020 at 10:34 AM | Reply

      @frictionRx9 no wonder you cowards hide your names and faces…

  5. notice he couldn’t answer what he was going to do about the police union. you think they are going to be “part of the solution” after what he just described smh

    • geheimschriver | June 11, 2020 at 4:44 PM | Reply

      What about publicly shame them. The media could help.
      Whenever cops screw up, get the local police union rep on tv and get his statement. If they did that after this happened, the police union guy would not be able to deny that changes need to be made.

    • geheimschriver : Good idea, but playing with fire? That’s the kind of fight you have to be willing to see through, whilst playing for blood. After all, we know certain, “media,” will take up the Union’s cause, on Donny’s instructions, right? What unions should have is a lawyer, who acts like a DA? S/he assesses the evidence against the cops in question, and if they feel they’re defendable, the union is allowed to back them. But, in a case like Floyd’s where they’re guilty of many crimes, the union should throw in with the prosecutors, and put their resources into that? Then, they would ALWAYS be protecting the interests of their members, AND the public, right? If their legal advisor’s opinion was binding, made by a lawyer who must be brought in, from outside, selected from all lawyers, in the way that we select people randomly for jury duty, the system should be safe; and should have the public’s trust? What do you think? ✌️

  6. He’s defending that police report… sure u guys want change

  7. Neither the rotten cop that pushed him nor other did anything even seeing blood coming out of his ears. Seems like he had a basilar skull fracture

    • siew wan ang | June 11, 2020 at 2:30 PM | Reply

      He is a really strong old man. I thought he had no chance to pull through surgery, fortunately, he still had lots of incomplete tasks and God had kept him with the protestors😄🙏

    • And the man has cancer, by the way.

    • neeper27 : It’s not like they can claim, “ignorance,” either, given that the public were screaming, “he’s bleeding from his ear!” at them? What got me, was that just ONE went to help him, kind of instinctively, like a, “human,” might. And, he was physically restrained from doing it . . . Smh.

    • Drake Fire : Jesus! . . . But, of course, cops are trained to KNOW that most older people have conditions, when they’re dealing with them. I doubt it would have made any difference to them? He was trying to show them his credentials, when they went for him. His status may well have been in that wallet

  8. There’s the need for federal legislation.

    • pushed, shoved, then he tripped, but he scanned, bro, he scanned, other people can’t just stop and look put buddies in danger, you lose 4 if 4 go down to try to be medics, called medics right away in fact, per protocol for everyone’s safety, my 75 grandpa walks into riot police like that? nah, he protest in peace bro, don’t scan bro

    • rick balls : Under Trump? When he knows the military aren’t backing him, and he’s counting on his half of a DIVIDED Police Force to back him against the American people? Good luck with that. Maybe in January, if America survives the GOP attempted Coup, because they know they’re going to jail if they lose power? But, right now, Trump is probably promising the Police Unions rocket launchers and smart bombs?! . . . SMH ✌️👍

    • MilkCow : I couldn’t understand that. Sorry

    • w s : What did he mean? Seriously

  9. When David Denkins tried to reform the NYPD, they rioted.

    Sound familiar? The police are bullies who don’t want to give up their power.

    • Drake Fire : Totally. And, given how the military is making it clear that they won’t support Donny’s coup, Donny will be sucking up to the police unions. The cops are as DIVIDED as the rest of us, as they are the rest of us. But, 99.9% of them back their Unions. So, Donny will be offering them rocket launchers and smart bombs, and a seat in his Cabinet, if they back his coup. Even Biden admitted that he doesn’t think Donny will accept a close defeat, and said he’s relying on the military to removing him, just last night, to Trevor Noah! That’s where we’re at, people . . .

    • frictionRx9 : What are you? A communist? A Russian Communist Trump Troll? Probably

    • Jax James : It’s always the same names. Have you noticed that? If so, ask yourself this, seriously: Who spends all day, every day, living on channels they hate, bleating hate, at people they hate? Only paid Trump Trolls, or the mentally ill, right? Honestly? Can you think of a third category that could POSSIBLY account for, “frictionRx9,” there? Not here to, “debate.” They’re only goal; “Make America Divided Again,” so Donny keeps his power. A, “United,” States of America is Donny’s Kryptonite. He’s not worth your breath, sir ✌️👍

    • Comfort Living : Which was an argument for their on the spot firing, right there on the spot. We have a POTUS who says he won’t accept a democratic elections unless he wins, which is why he should be in chains, right now. Last night, Biden said the military would remove trump, if he refused to accept his defeat. And, it’s that fact, that Donny’s counting on our divided police forces, and not the military, that should scare us all

    • Shawn Corbin 👈 All day, every day, on channels you hate, bleating your hate, at people you hate. But, you’re, “not mentally ill,” are you, son? No. You get paid to, “Make America Divided Again,” right?

  10. Sheila Pusey | June 11, 2020 at 1:32 PM | Reply

    This Police Officers is a BULLY, this is the type of behavior we have to look forward as a community, ACTION need to b taken!!

  11. Get rid of the union if they don’t take responsibility for extortion.

  12. This is absolutely crazy! I had no idea police unions had so much power, or even existed at this capacity for that matter. Really makes me think about all the support police have been giving to the officers arrested for misconduct. Were they threatened by the unions as well? This is some man behind the curtain level sh*t.

  13. altitude illume | June 11, 2020 at 1:50 PM | Reply


  14. Bad enough to have pushed him down, but to not come to his aid is really telling of the scope of changes need to be made. Disgraceful

  15. Sure even though he defended the cops and blamed the elderly man but since he got backlash and he wanted to be elected again now he is for the people smh me brown your FAKE

  16. Antoni Canada | June 11, 2020 at 1:53 PM | Reply

    Buffalo Mayor Justifies Attack on Elderly Protester

  17. Conjurer Woman | June 11, 2020 at 2:11 PM | Reply

    Perquisite to becoming a Police Union President: Being a DIRTY COP and LACKING a MORAL COMPASS!

  18. If grow men & women can’t recognize wrong when they see it, Who Needs Them?

  19. ” We have protests all the time” means they ain’t doing their jobs, refusing to listen to the people.

  20. “To serve and protect “ then they push down a senior citizen, see him bleeding with a head injury and keep walking past him while he is laying on the ground. Not serving or protecting at all.

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