McCaffrey: Eventually Russia Will Leak What It Had On Trump 1

McCaffrey: Eventually Russia Will Leak What It Had On Trump


General Barry McCaffrey, MSNBC Military Analyst, discusses Biden's summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin and how it contrasts with the cozy relationship Putin had with Trump.
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    1. @Ted Bundy Obviously you are just repeating false information/opinion. California reported a budget surplus of $75.7B for 2020.

    2. @Ted Bundy the homeless from the whole country are moving to California….. and have you seen how much California pays in taxes ?

    3. @Piotr Trebisz nice chattin witcha ,im from Marylands eastern shore, about 2 hours from D.C. ,stay safe over there ,keep fighting the good fight til we are truly free

  1. Putin scores goals playing hockey only because his “opponents” fear for their lives if they don’t let Putin score goals

  2. It’s no wonder; people of high rank, piles of money, and immense power, are the oppressive, autocratic types. Go figure.

    1. Examine carefully the three wealthiest man in America. They are all Progressive liberals and a lot of their money goes to support local and national democrat candidates. He’s very wealthy people are members of our party, they are Democrats.
      Let us not forget also that our party has gone after major corporations to bring them into the Democrat party household. So we are welcoming very wealthy people in major corporations into our party.

    2. @onlythewise1 Yes…I agree. We talk about the wealthy Republicans and we lambasted them but in reality the Democrat party is the wealthy party.

  3. Thank god we don’t have to watch Trump give Putin and Kim Jong Un lap dances on the national stage anymore. The king of bankruptcies and his zombie followers wont rest until our economy and institutions mimic those of his heroes.

    1. Right, instead we’ll see the swamp start BS wars and get our people killed and spend trillions.

    2. @Btdenn123 Trump is the swamp and worse…he has allowed the crooks that have always been the GOP to be blatant about their corruption just like him.

    1. @jennti
      I get news from all over the world, in 3 language’s. At some point I eliminate sources that prove unreliable or too propaganda-ish. While I agree that CNN and some other MSM station’s have an anti-trump bias, they’re reflecting the opinions of the majority of their viewer’s , not shaping it. They’re (I’m guessing) publicly traded and their mission is to make $$, not shape public opinion. Then there’s Fox etc. to pick up the slack. Where the consumer’s who hold different opinion’s and realities go.
      The phenomena of a distorted reality being widely accepted by their viewing public is new to me. Idk what to say about that other than it’s interesting to check in once in a while to see what makes their headlines and what doesn’t.

    2. @Lazarus Jones They have been caught shaping it and sued many times for doing just that. False anonymous reports.

    3. @jennti nope it was Trump. Every other word out of his mouth was the left did this and democrats did that. He wanted us to look at each other instead of looking at him. The first thing he started saying was fake news so when the truth came out about him his supporters wouldn’t believe it was true. There is one born every minute.

    1. Actually, nothing will be “leaked” and everyone will forget the democrats stole the election.

    1. I pity the clean-up team, after Trump’s visit. Does Moscow have an industrial steam cleaning service listed in the yellow pages?

    1. @Ken Albertsen Finding fault ? Biden has been in cognitive decline since before the election. Is it nitpicking to bring that up.

    2. @Robert Franz Tulsi Gabbard should have been your candidate. Biden being senile is a problem and not just a partisan complaint was the point of my comment. I don’t know how the former president factors in but Trump is gone he can’t hurt you any more. But Biden in his dotage and in the white house can hurt us all.

  4. The main point is following thru , to many times these politicians threatens to do something but doesn’t, actions speak louder than words

  5. Trump’s been grifting with Russia for years before he’s even president. That’s why they were such good buddies

  6. The peepee tapes! No, I don’t care to see them, but I would love confirmation that they do exist.

    1. Probably more likely they’ll find money laundering and loan issues rather than the tapes…..but it would be fun if they do exist!

    1. If I was a journalist in Moscow, I’d be talking to streetwalkers and the people who supply mattresses to that hotel. Oh, and the cleaning staff who were working then. They probably had to call in steam cleaning specialists after Trump’s frolic

    1. Yea, and they love easily manipulated idiots who have lots of political power to create deep rifts in the USA while weakening US democracy. If the KGB had a trillion dollar budget, they couldn’t have kneecapped the US a 10th as much as Trump did …..for free.

    2. Just point out how short Putin is. That will hit harder than a nuke!

      They always had to take pictures of Putin on horseback. Otherwise no one could see him.

      This too is for Alexei Navalny.

  7. What a sharp, direct and clear analysis by General McCaffrey. These are the people Trump should had asked, but he never would of, bc they’d say things (truth) he didn’t wanna hear.

  8. Putin’s economy for his whole country is the size of California’s ,, What a bang up job .
    I can’t imagine how Russian people put up with him.

    1. It’s easy to put up with something when the alternative is a slow demise in the gulag (if you’re lucky.)

    2. They have to.That’s what’s being a dictatorship is all about.Dump supporters take note.

  9. McCaffrey is awesome. He called Putin a “daring clever kleptocrat.” We can just shorten that to DCK.

  10. I’m more interested in what they have on Mitch McConnell, Ron Johnson, Lindsey Graham, Devin Nunez, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Chuck Grassley, Marco Rubio etc.

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