Accused Capitol Rioter Gets Schooled By NBC Reporter On TV

MSNBC's Brian Williams shares the tale of Jason Riddle who stands accused of participating in the Trump-incited Capitol insurrection. Riddle recently spoke to Katherine Underwood with Boston's NBC10 about his political ambitions — but didn't know the candidate he wanted to defeat was a member of the U.S. House rather than the Massachusetts state house. 
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    1. @Tom brown could’ve been more stupid the mango shitgibbon could’ve succeeded in stealing the election

  1. Definitely has the IQ numerical score to be a “republican” representative in any arena…State or Federal.

    1. @firestream93
      Because everyone listens to *well-intentioned* trolls, right? 🤣🤣🤣

      Based on your syntax and phrasing, I’d say English is not your primary language.

      Russia much?

    2. @firestream93 Pro Tip: Just because you worship a politician and a news station doesn’t mean the rest of the world does as well. Unlike you we get our news from several sources and only believe what can be proven. You should try that mentality out one day.

  2. Jesus… he didn’t even know what race… “I love the poorly educated” – Donald Trump

    1. They did present their “evidence” in court. They were thrown out. Remember Melissa Cerone? She was the poster child for the fraud crowd. After a while, Trumps lawyers didn’t even attempt to cite fraud in their court filings, because there was no evidence. You guys can claim anything you want, but facts still matter in a court of law.

    2. @Don Bianconi i understand what you are saying and i thank you for not attacking me …..but its confusing to me everybody says absolutely no fraud but when people say lets have a look and make sure…heads literally explode!!!you bring up election officials being repub…so what repub establishment hates trump they wouldnt care ….raffensberger from georgia held press conferences yelling at trump about election fraud claims..but now he wants to investigate fraud claims..after certifying and claiming zero fraud. huh? that doesnt make sense!!!!plus fulton county hired two criminal defense lawyers? why?…not only that like i said in other post any and all persons who tried coming forward.(.including several longtime pol workers;tons of people signed affidavits and were willing to testify in courts) with any revelant info were immediately and viciously targeted and attacked. why?any politician bringing up possiblity of fraud is also immediately and viciously targeted and attacked …again why?….this behaviour is really odd to me…,plus people ignoring subpoenas, refusing to cooperate, cant locate certain documents, among other shady stuff…….why dont you question any of that? say no evidence but when people question and try to investigate further….or have actual proof..dems amd msm have hysterical fit of rage…… anyway its ..just my personal dont have to agree… sure you think im crazy..LOL….best wishes

    3. @Antonio Santos I can see your point as well, but there have been multiple recounts and audits in multiple states and nothing. It’s funny that someone making those phone calls like trump did, and his attempts to sway vote counters shows who is interested in manipulating votes. It’s pretty hypocritical for someone who engaged in very unseemly behavior to be accusing others. I question everything because basically I believe the whole 2 party system is a sham. They are both playing roles and in on the grift together. So I’m no democrat hard core guy for sure. In my opinion, if evidence exists it would have been discovered and widely known. The election process in this country already lasts far too long, it doesn’t need to be forever. What is so difficult to believe about trump losing? Never attained 50% approval, 1st ever …that doesn’t show wide popularity, and actually makes his winning highly unlikely. If I saw one bit of credible evidence I wouldn’t hesitate to call out a cheater. I’d still be no fan of trump, but I sure am not a fan of cheating. Until credible evidence is put forth you will be met with pushback. Much has been put forward publicly not in court. All the stuff so far had been debunked and proven false.

    4. @Don Bianconi see thats where you and i disagree..its not about trump…..the phone call you reference was leaked and selectively edited which msm happily pushed..why do that? i agree trump is shady himself at times…but for professional political class to be pointing fingers and talking about integrity and honesty is least you admit both sides are in it for themselves..i agree with that…audits have been done and recounts but what people want is full forensic audit..thats different and way more time consuming….i have no problem with trump losing…it happens one person wins, one person loses…but we were indeed repeatedly informed that there was an active widespread “resistance” movement throughout our govt whose top priority was getting rid of trump…so why wouldnt that include the presidential election?im just asking questions!!!!!!!!LOL…

  3. Trump: “We have the best idiots in the world. A lot of people don’t know this, but we do. Huge idiots. Idioting bigly.”🤣😂🤣

    1. Todd Bob You got caught on camera stuffing ballot boxes, stop deflecting they question.

      Do you think we will ever let you forget that?

  4. The 14th Amendment might dash his electoral aspirations. He’s aggressively simpleminded.

    1. @Jehovah Witness I would be happy to take a chance on that.. Personally I would prefer folks representing me with Human Decency, Integrety , and a FIRM Grasp on Honesty. We can NOT demand or expect “Perfection” from those we Elect to Represent us they are Human Beings and as such will make mistakes .. that said.. Personally I feel that our Representatives “Should” be able to admit when they have made a wrong choice.. and then move forward in a better Direction. That Sir applies to all sides of the aisle regardless of Political Affiliation..

    2. @Jehovah Witness and 100% of Republicans, leaving only good, qualified candidates. What your point, smooth brain?

  5. OMG it just keeps getting better on how stupid these people look and act. I’m surprised he wasn’t caught breaking into the wrong building!

    1. “I wasn’t in the wrong building, I was on the tour. The orange clown, the leaky dwarf and the Russian cutout were my guides, go ask them.”

    2. @Ron Carpenter Remember Bugs Bunny saying: I knew I should’ve taken that right to New Mexico, Lmmfao

  6. Misdemeanor charges? He literally stole someone’s property after breaking and entering illegally.

    1. @Judy Ann Giese entering the capitol at all is more than a misdemeanor. Add to it that he stole someone’s property and destroyed it…

    2. @Teresa Ellis yes that is okay. No one tried to overthrow the government last year. Moron.

    3. @Belzer805 a stroke… I’m sure he wasn’t stressed with his life imperiled. He wasn’t assaulted or hit with a spray. Nope. Just a stroke at the exact same time as likely the most stressful situation he’d ever experienced

    4. @Blondie SL
      Ya…good luck with that! Laws are getting weaker and less enforcement. Its Ridiculous

    1. @Jake Mocci I can say Lady Gaga is the Pope. It doesn’t make it so. There have been over 50 court cases brought about the election, ….all then thrown out. The only fraud found, was a few cases of Right Wingers voting for Trump. People like you have to quit trying to tear down US democracy. How ’bout finding a project where you can help homeless or clean up trash thrown along highways. Do something useful for a change.

    2. @Glenn B  The funniest part of him asking those crazy questions was he was asking a woman from forest service if that was a solution. 🤣🤣🤣It’s not like he was speaking to NASA, or Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

  7. He’s going to be shocked when he learns that he will have power, but it turns out it’s a prison inmate power bottom.

    1. @Upper 90 don’t need to, it’s all readily available in your own posts. You demonstrate that you are a dummy. All i have to do is summarise it.

    2. @sfamerken12 you say all you have to do is summarize it but you can’t even summarize it 🤣😂🤣 oh the lack of intellect you show is truly hilarious.

  8. “jason riddle is still working on the details of his campaign…”

    that must’ve been included so there wouldn’t be any lawsuits!!

    1. @Belzer805 oh yes he does, the average dt supporter has little knowledge of our government and how it works. They generally don’t understand our Constitution and can’t explain the difference between Communism and Democratic Socialism. A college degree in Business doesn’t explain any of that and is not really all that impressive anyway.

    2. @Belzer805 getting a college degree, especially in USA, does not buy a person intelligence and especially not emotional intelligence or maturity. Plenty of college grads across USA are dumb as stumps, completely out of touch with reality, and completely lack a sense of social responsibility for the greater good.

    1. @Alex Hamilton Sorry bub, but I believe the “ignorant moron” was directed towards the confused repub yuppie, not the newsman.
      So, when does your campaign start?

    1. More repulsive is this apologist’s tour you folks are running, justifying this seditionist behavior. @Scott Harrison

  9. He doesn’t even know what he is doing and is running for office doesn’t even know which office…. Unbelievable!

  10. I love Brian’s dry humor with a twist of snark on the side! He doesn’t have to call them idiots as they prove their idiocy all by themselves!

    1. @m karas – If you want facts go to Tucker Carlson and if you just want to shoot your mouth go to the top of the Empire State Building.

    2. @Jehovah Witness HA! He got sued and the judge ruled that no reasonable person could expect that Sucker Carlson told the truth. He is considered “entertainment.: He is about as entertaining as an ax murderer. P.S Your reply is spoke like a true trumper.😜😜

    3. @WellDone Baku Brian lied once and Faux news lies every 5 minutes- there is a difference you know.

    1. @Shane Matthews – Look what we now have. A racist Potato head who does not know what day of the month it is nor does he know where he is.

  11. I can’t even laugh because this guy is an ignorant uneducated fool and let’s talk about Brian Williams I just love him no one throws shade like Brian Williams

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