McCarthy Asks Supreme Court To Overturn House Proxy Voting System

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has asked the Supreme Court to overturn the proxy voting system used in the House of Representatives that has been in use since early in the Covid-19 pandemic. NBC's Garrett Haake reports from Capitol Hill.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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    1. MAGA needs a constant new grieverces to keep them from ever waking up and looking around at reality. If they stopped being worked in to frensy over all the disingenuous doomed to fail nonsense, Republican voters might look out for their own well being.

    1. @Vicki Daniels every legal American citizen has the right to vote nobody’s being stopped bring your ID come on down and vote it’s really that simple

    2. Not only that, his own party members have used this system as well. I wonder if he is going to force the house republicans to show up in person to vote from this point on? Will be interesting to see…..

    3. That’s not all he does. He also gifts from tax payers indirectly and overtly via inside trading information etc, steals and hoards wealth, and spreads propaganda to the masses.

    4. @Laurie Clarkston there is no wondering. It’s the GOP. Tow the party line or your re-election chances get nixxed.

    1. @Dani Syx Actually, doing as little as possible and blocking all Democrat introduced legislation to help the country is their job. It is like this: if a Democrat proposes something, make sure we keep it from passing because even though we need it. When we get a Republican majority, overturn all the constructive things passed by Democrats, make sure we have passed enough voter suppression legislation so Democrats can’t get anything up for a vote, illegally gerrymander districts because we have a Republican Supreme Court, and the make sure mo constructive laws that help the country are passed because this is how we make the South rise again according to Putin.

    2. We’ve seen them at work. All they do is cook up new ways to stay in power. Their strategy will collapse if we keep participating. VOTE – We need to have something left of our way of life when the Republican power grab loses its grip.

    3. @Jesus’ Fish Room No. Because l haven’t heard one red state take credit for it. They are just silently and disgustingly efficient in dividing the country. They may congratulate themselves in private, but they just smirk in public. Bigotry at its purest form.

    4. Has the Senate done anything ever for the people? I can’t remember they getting anything done for anyone except themselves: raises, money to their defense buddies, and huge tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires and themselves, no taxes levied on huge corporations that pay zero taxes. As far as I can remember they just put Republican judges onto the bench so their buddies, the judges, will rule in their favor on anything they get caught doing that is dishonest, immoral, perverted and/or otherwise against the law.

  1. Somebody scared of being exposed as complicit in the Zombie MAGApocalypse, and it’s Kevin McCarthy. 🧟‍♂️

    1. We found the Quirdo@Matthew Sigurdson “judgment is coming”? You mean like that stupid “storm” that y’all keep saying is coming…?
      When this time?

      If you’re so much better and whatever you think when is judgment this time cause whoever you follow keeps moving it.

    2. @Random Internet User actually I don’t think I’m so much better. I am humble enough to say I need God to help me. Actually I acknowledge that I’ve done wrongs in my life. That’s what forgiveness does. And repentance is when you stop doing the bad and start living to do good.. It gives the hope to make positive changes. God is waiting for you . He says that He wishes no one would perish but all would come to repentance. God is love.

    1. Kevin knows he grandstanding for the MAGA base, they have short attention spans and need constant sturing up to stay engaged.

    2. “[McCarthy] doesn’t even know the laws of this country how can he oppose something he doesn’t understand.” – It’s quite easy. Whatever the Democrats say and whatever they favor, that’s what he opposes.

    1. There busy eating up that horse medicine. To stupid to realize that it’s a suppository. Goes in the other end. Smh

    1. I agree, the courts, even the SCOTUS, have no say in this. But by now we can all see blindingly clear, that this SCOTUS doesnt really care about that. If they want to get involved, they will, if they want to rewrite laws, they do, if they want to be political hacks, they go right for it.
      And coz the GOP and their voters have been laser focused for the last 3-4 decades on achieving exactly this very right-wing, very political, very partisan SCOTUS as well as all the lower courts, while Dems and all other voters have failed to see the danger in that, for the next 30-40-50 years, the hard right has a SCOTUS right out of their wet dreams to do enforce all their extremist wants and wishes regardless of Congress and the majority of ppl.
      Im at the point, where I fully expect, that if the Dems actually succeed in getting the voting rights bills passed and/or pass Roe into law and/or do significant climate change legislation etc etc, the GOP SCOTUS will simply nullify it. Just like they have forced the Biden Administration to continue the horrible Trump “Stay in Mexico” disaster, that the entire world has decried as unlawful and an egregious breach of human rights. Just to name the latest activist move out of the SCOTUS, where theyve actually dictated policy.

    2. @Dfuher Cheer up! SCOTUS will not get involved because of the doctrine of the Separation of Powers. Even if they did make a ruling, which they won’t, the Legislature would just ignore it.
      Also, SCOTUS cannot rewrite laws, just apply the law made by the Legislature.

    1. It’s wild to see so many people clinging to their Trump fetish. MSNBC viewers have nothing but orange mushroom in their heads lol

    2. @Geff Joldblum Who asked it, Stormy Daniels or Jeffrey Epstein? Go away, Trumpies insulting ANYBODY is just pathetic.

    1. @Dave Clark The Rebubblicans haven’t come up with a infrastructure plan as Trump said he would do. Trump said he had an Affordable Healthcare plan
      “Two Weeks Ago”, in his presidency but that never happened. Oh yea, what about his Middle Class Tax Cut that we all knew he wouldn’t do.

      It was all a CON.
      He played the American people and gave the rich and wealthy corporations a huge TAX CUT even though the rich don’t pay FEDERAL TAXES or very little due to the Tax Codes and their loopholes.

      It is the poor and middle class workers who pay all the taxes and fund this country.

      While the fat cats invest their monies and take vacations and low ball us in WAGES.

    2. That would mean actually working. They haven’t done any work since they fraudulently took those seats. How can they claim they won and still push the Big Lie

    3. They don’t do policies anymore. They only stand on the side line and critique. Those that can, do. Those that can’t, critique.

  2. McCarthy cares about the rules? Or only some of them? Or is he simple continuing his attack on the gov’t?

    I’d like to see a compendium of proxy votes filed by McCarthy.

    1. For McCarthy rules are very much like the Amendments in the Constitution. He likes the 2nd amendment but the rest are frivolous. They don’t let him control the narrative.

  3. There is a saying that a drowning man will catch at a straw, that’s exactly what Kevin is doing. He needs to check himself

    1. Republicans do not read anything or do any homework before a congressional hearing if you do not believe me just look at a Katy porter congressional hearing

  4. This McCarthy fellow sure is a whiny little thing. But the Court has already stated the Congress sets their own rules, and it’s not their place to interfere.

    1. @Cee Em Dee – the Republicans will take over the House in 2023. The only thing stopping that is the democrats cheating again.
      If you think the democrats have any chance of keeping control of the House, you are dreaming.
      Read!!! Both democrats and Republicans know this is inevitable

    2. @Scott Harrison keep on dreaming,no one is gonna prevent you from doing that,IT’S FREE!!!Let me remind you tho that the rate of covid and death rate cases at this time are happening in red states.Are there still supporters left to vote Republican politicians to send them to congress?Or even vote a Republican president?I maybe cruel and I don’t wanna wish anyone ill,but that’s the reality staring at your face🤔☹️

    3. @Cee Em Dee – support for Republicans has grown since Biden took office.
      Are you gaslighting or are you really that stooopid?

  5. Well if they toss it out, that means people like Cawthorne & Maggie Green have to actually show up to vote. There’s no way the judicial branch can overrule a house rule from the legislative branch. Nice try, kev.

    1. Umm the supreme Court is exactly the body that decides if the house rules and laws are constitutional, lol. Some of y’all might not have heard of CHECKS AND BALENCES🙄

    2. @Ken Blades You elected them. There’s a pandemic on, you know? They can work from home like everyone else.
      Is this some kind of murder suicide plot by McCarthy, or just the usual Trumpian attention seeking?
      All these daft legal challenges are a deliberate distraction, so that the useful stuff that benefits the ordinary people doesn’t get done.

  6. *So, according to McCarthy. We must vote in person? But he advocates against complying with any subpoena over his communications (in person) on Jan. 6?. What a Clown*

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