McCarthy explains why he booted Schiff and Swalwell from committee

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy explains why he officially denied Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell seats on the House Intelligence Committee. CNN Congressional Correspondent Lauren Fox reports. Then, CNN's John King speaks with a panels of guests about the reactions from Schiff and Swalwell. #CNN #News


    1. What are you smoking? Schiff should pay back all the millions spent on his Russian illusion, he should go to jail for that.

  1. This is absolutely political! He essentially just said and has been saying so for months. Besides this was not just his decision this wasa deal he has done with Madge, Gayetz and Gunner Boebo.

  2. Were integrity to matter, and Kevin would step down from Congress. Remember: this same person gave committee assignments to a man blatantly lacking integrity, Rep. George Santos. The day of reckoning will come.

  3. If someone is making good, it’s usually on a promise. People also usually “go through” with a threat.

  4. I can’t wait till one person votes no confidence in McCarthy becoming the shortest term speaker in modern day history.

  5. I just can’t imagine or understand or accept what is happening to our country now compared to the laws that were made to not have this happen in our lifetime or ever in a free Society in a country if our forefathers could see in the founders could see what’s going on they would not only roll over in their grave they would pop out of it and fly to the moon

    1. @Brandon Hoffmaster Do you want to explain to me why it is that you are not saying anything negative about Adam schiff? The guy lied about Russian collusion and he exposed people’s personal phone numbers. This guy has no place on any committee whatsoever for the actions that he took with massive abuse of power! Yet you want to talk about Santos?

  6. ” Honesty and Credibility “, the two words that McCarthy has never understood the meaning off. Hopefully true honesty and credibility will be returned in 2 years when the liars and crazies are removed from any and all committees.

    1. He’s laughing on the inside. McCarthy is a lying, petulant, manipulative monster who could care less about our nation or the American people.

  7. McCarthy saying that honesty and integrity are both important, and that is why he placed the well known, competent, honest and very knowledgeable MTG as head of our Homeland Security 🤣. He can’t believe what he is saying, surely.

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