McCarthy leans on ‘five families’ as House GOP plots debt-limit tactics

The White House and Senate Democrats have calculated that Speaker Kevin McCarthy won’t have enough votes to raise the national borrowing limit and will end up caving to their demands to avoid a first-ever debt default – with no strings attached or any conditions whatsoever. Behind the scenes, McCarthy is beginning to chart out a new strategy to ensure the House GOP can muster 218 votes to raise the national debt ceiling and tie that to an array of cuts to federal spending, as the standoff with the White House shows no signs of easing. #CNN #News


    Stop putting the burden on working class Americans!!!!

    1. @C Teal With the cost of homes and rents alot of it is just a government bureaucracy that cannot function. There are structural issues with CA that are not just because of the ideology of the people in power.

    2. @Marc Lucido I said some of those people in the top 10% have 90-99,9% more money than those in the bottom 50%. That was just something I pointed out. I wasn’t disputing your figures. The reason they pay more to the treasury is bcuz they make so much more! Your argument is not what you think it is. As I said, it’s deceiving. The more you make, the higher taxes you pay. And corporations actually paid an effective tax rate of abt 17% when Trump gave them yet another unnecessary tax cut. They were already kicking financial a** and they weren’t paying the 35% rate anyway. Wealthy individuals also pay less because of tax loopholes. Some corporations actually received tax rebates which gave them a negative tax rate. -6 I think it was. Below is an article actually giving advice on how to pay less taxes. I copied just the beginning before he got into the loophole info. If you wanna read the rest of the article to learn what the wealthy do to pay less, by all means, do so. ✌🏼


      Updated November 8, 2022
      Tax Loopholes The Rich Use To Pay Zero Taxes (With Examples)

      A study by Institute on Taxation and Economic policy, on corporate securities filings found 55 of America’s largest companies paid no income taxes in 2020 despite generating hefty profits while netting $3.5 billion in aggregate tax rebates. Nearly half of those companies paid no U.S. income taxes for three successive years. They use accelerated depreciation, the offshoring of profits, generous deductions for appreciated employee stock options, and tax credits to scale through.

      Apple made a whopping $74 billion from 2009-2012 on worldwide sales (excluding the Americas) and paid almost nothing in taxes to any country.

      Big business owners like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are paying a very little amount of tax.

  2. Kevin McCarthy said he’s all about integrity. I want to know what his definition of integrity is if he thinks George Santos is fit to serve. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    1. @Jim Wheeler I think the ending is “pounded” for an entirely different reason. And it will be just as equally deserved!

    2. Yes Santos is an embarrassment for the republicans along with many others and the same amount of crooks and deviates on the democrats side. If you don’t know of many, then you know nothing about politics and need not enter any conversations about anyone.

    1. @Marc Lucido I am in a red state where Republicans have outlawed abortion from conception & yes the pregnancy emancipation thing has been in place forever in my state, we have 15 year old girls in prison, not juvenile detention, but actual adult prison because they are emancipated adults who sought to leave the state to get an abortion. At the time I started working for minimum wage at Dunkin Donuts at 15, I was not 16, I was an emancipated mother of 1. Government is not a business. Representatives, Senators, Mayors, Governors, police and everything else are paid by tax revenues to serve the public. Government CAFR is their financial statement and the bottom line should be $0. Every dollar of tax revenues should be spent in the service of the people governed. That’s governmental accounting 101. The point is the end result of a business is profit. Government is not a business to profit off collecting taxes. The taxes paid are to be spent in the service of the people whether it’s improving roads, or paying for defense. We probably should look at all the Pork belly waste. But the reason the government is in so much deficit is the tax cuts for rich. And that has to stop.

    2. @Ann Ramsey My reference to business was to indicate that you have to manage the budget. If you didn’t like the reference a better one would be a household. It is the responsibility of an individual to balance their budget and not overspend, just like a business. I don’t spend money I don’t have. I agree with you on the fact that the government should not make a profit. However good business tactics and making this country work by balancing the budget and not spending money we don’t have maintains a long-lasting country and government just like a long-lasting business.
      AS for your claims about The Rich Tax reducing that is simply not true. As stated before they pay for 71% of all income tax and from the years of 2019 to 2022 the national income tax has gone from 3.6 trillion to 4.2 trillion (these numbers come from fiscal. treasury(.gov) If what you were implying was true we would not see an increase in taxes. Furthermore, also from this article( Executive Summary to the Fiscal Year 2019-2021 Financial Report of US Government) You will find that spending went up 2 Trillion dollars a year from 4 Trillion to 6 trillion a year. This implicates we have a spending problem and not a tax problem as from your perspective taxes are going the right way (UP) and spending is going the wrong way (Further UP).
      Again I will call you out again for your misinformation as no one has ever been charged for fleeing a state for getting an abortion. You can find this at (poynter – Can States punish women for traveling out of state to get an abortion?) From this, you will see there has never been a law stating such a thing. Furthermore, CNN did a piece labeled ( Can Red states regulate abortions peroformed outside their borders?) In this article, you will find the same thing as listed above. Therefore with all of this I highly doubt your other statement is true as well. Do you mind telling me which state so I can give you evidence of one way or the other? Just so know the laws in your state because I believe given the evidence above you may be highly mislead.

    3. @Marc Lucido You are a not even a human. The debt increased by 205.4 trillion in 2019 largely because of tax cuts to the rich. The debt decreased by 1.2 trillion in 2022 largely because of increased tax revenues from the rich. And as for putting 15 year old girls in prison as adults, mine is not the only one. Everything you read on Faux news is lies. And that’s all folks. I am not responding to this Russian bot again.

    4. @Donald Ray Prine  after a bit of reading today, it looks like not all companies will be paying. I had to leave before I was done. But I read it as a fact check on Biden.

  3. If the Trump tax cuts for billionaires are reversed, this will bring in $Trillions of Dollars, the free health care system can then be introduced and the billionaires will have helped to pay for it, so will be able to sleep well at night knowing that they have helped to enrich the lives of ordinary Americans.

    1. Repent…believe in Jesus Christ. John 3:16 KJV For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Matthew 4:17 KJV From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.
      John 3:3 KJV – “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

    2. @Jeremy DeCaro and if Jesus returned to earth today the Republican Party would accuse him of being a communist or a socialist and demand he be impeached and put in prison or sacrificed again.

    3. @Jeremy DeCaro I will not repent and will not believe in your God, I worship the God called jupiter and jupiter alone. Jesus is a sissy god weak and not very masculine.

    4. @blankety blank Don’t take the mark (probably a microchip implant) that will be required of everyone in the world to take in order to buy or sell anything including food. And when millions disappear they will probably say it’s a mass alien abduction when it’s actually the rapture. Aliens = fallen angels/demons. Revelation 14:11 KJV And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

    5. @Jeremy DeCaro I sure will, I do not believe in the christian mythology, God does not exist and the Jesus does not exist.PERIOD.

    1. @Dan Gittens S.S. & Medicare are 2 programs that seniors have paid into their entire working life & are entitled to it once they retire. I’m one of them.

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr 
      so you think you’re entitled to our money, and you think you have the right to steal it is this what we can expect from the next generation, lies and being taken for something that is ours? America has lost its way. We now have politicians who lie to the people and news stations that also lie. We have people that can not see the difference between truth and lies. I’m glad I’m retired and traveling around the world. I will find a place that is better and cheaper and let you all figure it out or fight over it

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr how about…idk get rid of the lifetime cap? Once someone contributes $250K, they don’t have to put anything else in. That makes no sense when you consider that the money I pay in now pays for my mother’s benefits and what my kids pay into it pays for mine(If I even have any by the time I need them). That means that no one who is making billions pays in, yet they get all kinds of tax breaks and rely on US to keep them making billions. How, exactly, does THAT make sense? Beyoncé, for example, is a billionaire because WE(not me) buy what she puts out! Why can’t she pay into Social Security? Same with: Elon Musk, Jeff Besos, Bill Gates and on and on….

  4. Have them pay back what they stole from SS then it won’t be insolvent. They stole money from SS years ago and never paid it back.

    1. The Reagan heist on Social Security did not expire untill 2015…Not only did he steal all the funds from Social Security, USPS and the federal Retirement Funds, him and his republican Congress set it up for 30 years…..They were counting on the growing Work force… What do you think the NO ABORTIONS ARE FOR..TO EXPAND THE WORKFORCE….To cover the growing Government spending…

  5. The Republikkkan Party voted 3 times to raise the Debt Limit, under #45, with absolutely no conversation about cutting spending!

    1. @ Kay – get trump out of yer head…we fired him remember?
      How about we shut off the foreign aid spigot?
      How about we quit abandoning billions in military equipment?
      How about we stop going into yet another war and sending money without any accountability?
      Quit your DEMAKKKRAT whining and do something like wring your congressmen’s neck for spending like drunk sailors…no offense to drunken sailors

    2. Yes both Republicans and Democrats are equally corrupt when it comes to getting rid of our debt. They all Lie a great deal in saying what they have done. They all votes for very expensive give away programs designed solely for gaining votes. They refuse to address what is in front of them and then attack the other party when they mention what needs to be done. And the average viewer – public – don’t give a crap as long as they get their FREE stuff that workers have to pay for.

    3. @blankety blank so if you’re a millionaire/billionaire that got a permanent tax break, then screw you. If you’re one of us common folks then you can enjoy the expiration date on your tax break.

  6. If we have debt and want to reduce it, cutting our spending is obviously the answer. My question is–why do these republicans feel that cutting Social Security and Medicade/Medicare is the first/best place to start? There must be thousands of other useless projects that need to be cut before these republicans come after our retirement savings.

    1. First of all with all the lies coming. From our politicians, who knows what is happening? The lying needs to stop, our children will grow up lying. They need to be put in their place or they need to leave. We the people are the bosses and need to act like bosses

    1. I agree government positions should be a public service. However there salaries make up only 17 minutes of the total yearly budget.

    2. It is not their paychecks that cost the USA tax payers billions..It’s their credit cards, flight cost, and expendatures…I don’t know what the staff count is for each member, I do know each SCOTUS has 100 staff members each….They are not cheap wages either…Government spending is the drain on the USA tax payers..not Social Security or Medicare..The cost of the three branches of Government, is more than the people entities all together..We are not even told what that is…A complete Budget disclosure would be nice to get….

    1. @Mari Oka And the people who vote for the democrats who want to spend all of our money still vote for them – puzzling.

  7. Kevin McCarthy claiming to be the shield of our national Integrity. When irony falls off a cliff, bursts into flames, and dies in a smoldering heap.

  8. Cut the FERS and don’t pay elected officials more than the average salary of anyone in their district. And repeal the bush and dt tax cuts for the rich and impose fair taxes for anyone making $400,000 or more. In addition, impose windfall profits taxes on all corporations and entities that take advantage of hard economic times on the general public. You all know who they are.

    1. And tax them 100% if they earn money from other sources. Or even offer them a minimum age. Then we can tell them they are lazy if they can’t live of that.

  9. Trying to label SSDI as a failing system has been going on as far as I can remember. I remember them pushing this agenda back when I had my first job at age 15, when I was making $1.65 an hour. This was back when Nixon was president so it’s fair to say I am now retired and collecting the benefits I paid for my entire working career. It’s also fair to say even dishwashers don’t work for a 1.65 an hour anymore because salaries have increased over the years, causing the percentage of SSDI deducted from Federal taxes to be increased. Allowing SSDI to be abolished only threatens young worker’s future as well as raising taxes on the poor, disabled and American workers, while giving a tax break to the rich…Just sayin’

    1. @Billy ? Billy I got your reply to him. You were basing it on the time line of pay. 1.75. See I was living in real time then also. But you were talking about how things have changed then and now. I think he thinks you were complaining about him being worried about social security. But you explained it with respect and yet he returned with disrespect. Respect goes a long Way, old and Young.

    2. @Michael T I guess I Worded it wrong. But my father use to tell me when I said I didn’t make much money and he would tell he only made Buck 1.75 and hr. Didn’t mean totally no disrespect to him. Thanks, time to move on.

  10. The Social Security Expansion Act would keep the Social Security Trust Fund solvent for 75 years by applying Social Security payroll tax on all income, including capital gains and dividends, for people making more than $250,000 a year.

  11. I can’t imagine living in a country where national healthcare is up for debate.
    Here, our healthcare debates revolve around what medications/procedures can we afford to cover…because we are a small country.

    Imagine having the financial clout of the US!
    So easily funded by taxing the Uber-rich or just syphoning of 10% of the military budget!

  12. Funny how the GOP completely ignores the fact that Social Security and Medicare are not government giveaways. This is OUR money that we’ve been putting into these things for our entire working lives. 😒😒😒

    1. @blankety blank send who a check? How about Uncle Sam send me and everyone else ALL the $ they’ve paid into Social Security all these years, since they want to end it so badly? They won’t, though, because it means THEY can’t dip into it that way🙃🙃

  13. I don’t understand why the cut-off for paying into Social Security is $140K. Nobody ever explains why that is. Can someone please enlighten me?

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