GOP primary heats up, hopefuls prepare to take on Trump

CNN’s John King takes a look at the developing field of 2024 GOP presidential hopefuls as Donald Trump remains the only Republican to have publicly announced his candidacy. #CNN #News


    1. It seems like they’re doing the same with bidens record low approval ratings.

      And do cnn followers not find it odd that cnn isn’t closely covering the catastrophic train derailment in Ohio? Or do cnn followers even know what I’m talking about? It should be at minimum in with the top news considering Americans are involved, but no, obviously ukraine rates much higher for some reason …

  1. We’re going to need more 🍿🍷 as the Republican infighting for full control of the Party goes all trial by combat.

    1. Different Republicans want to be presidential candidate, it’s called infighting. If it happened in DNC, it’ll be called a nomination

    1. I think you are posting some foolish notions. They are going to point out the terrible economy that Americans are now facing. We are beginning the Biden recession, and I am a very worried that some economists are now beginning to talk about a possible depression. All of these Republican candidates have in their position the roadmap to make us energy and economically independent again. At the end of the previous administration we were enjoying at 8% rate of growth and a 1.4% rate of inflation. Compare that to what we have now and I am terrified that some economists are beginning to whisper that we might be facing the Biden economic depression. As Democrats we must turn this economy around before the next election. We have the roadmap to do that, we just need to take it out of the glove compartment.

    2. @T. R. Campbell Would you really put it past Trump to not capitalize on this?
      When he broadcasted or presented “space force“ all I could think of was, would they have space cadets?

    3. @T. R. Campbell War is good for business. We have to face it, always has been.
      The billions of dollars that Biden is investing into Ukraine will not necessarily go to Ukraine. It is invested into the United States, into the war machine.

    1. The clown car already stopped by the WH 2 years ago and dropped off a demented, racist, woman and little girl hair sniffing potato head. 🤡🤪

    2. Biden kept all of Trump’s economic and trade policies intact. A vote for Crazy Uncle Joe is a vote for Trump’s economic policies.

    1. Biden kept all of Trump’s economic and trade policies intact. A vote for Crazy Uncle Joe is a vote for Trump’s economic policies.

  2. 2022 house repubs showing the country how incompetent their party is. 2024 Repub POTUS primary will show the world.

  3. Trump: DeSantis is a groomer.
    DeSantis: Trump flew Lolita Express.
    Me: Congratulations to President Biden on his reelection!!!

    1. @A Z look pal, I got alot of stuff to say. It’s not like I just brought up tRUMP out of the blue. Your comment reference Biden ‘s fitness for office due to your experience with the elderly. Prompted me even more! I did my Clinicals at the Cleveland Clinic one of the BEST hospitals in the WORLD. Though obviously you don’t need that training to see that while Biden may lose a step here and there. He recovers just fine. For all of U.S.! But tRUMP dosn’t! And I find it disstessing that the gop has reacted to what all of U.S. have seen. It looks like g.o.p. the party of ME ME ME and the HELL with U.S.! Some of the tactics fox, gop. you are using: Look at Biden ( fill in current old man BS) from the fox and gops. Then there’s NOT ME! I don’t like tRUMP. Great you don’t like tRUMP! But the rest of U.S. including Biden, at his old age, didn’t back tRUMP, vote for tRUMP, provided EXCUSES for tRUMP, looked the other way with tRUMP, give U.S. what about ism , or look over here’s. When tRUMP did what I outlined. SERIOUS stuff. I figure I’m just trying to HELP raise the old HUE AND CRY! And I found your reference to Biden , merited a response. I might add the gops needs to do a 180. You REALLY messed up with tRUMP and your direction. I mean Biden REALLY!!!??? Clean your own backyard first! You have done enough for U.S. If it matters I agree with tRUMP Ron de sanctimonious! Question is for you? Is it gop sanctimonious?

    2. @LotsOfFun Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to this day still blame Russians for losing the 2016 election. Stacey Abrams still claims her election was won yet stolen from her. The Georgia investigation grand jury wrapped up with no charges. Trump literally did nothing wrong. By the way, Hillary Clinton is at this moment claiming the 2024 election will be rigged and is asking for donations because of it.

    3. @LotsOfFun They will both be in prison before the first ballot is ever cast. DeSantis is a moron who has already lost the womens,LGBTQ,minority,veterans and the youth vote. He isn’t going anywhere but to his new home at the ADX facility. I hope that was comedy or sarcasm.

    4. @John Herold ok well I don’t have a lot to say to you. That’s my opinion and it has nothing to do with Trump. Goodnight.

    5. @Broad Side no you would not ….trump is the worst guy you have ever had . Trust me . Donalds disrespect for his voters speaks for it self …he deserve no votes …biden is no saint , but he is a stronger leader for the states , dont forget that the states are still the biggest economy in the world , and donald just made few freinds outside usa ….they are all dictators and scumbags who kill there on population …..what happens inside usa is one thing , but the united states have obligations that reach out in the world ….and biden still ,,despite all his flaws , better comunication and a wider knowledge than grader donald . He is a coward.

  4. I used to think most republicans know what’s happening but purposely act ignorant. Nikki Haley thinking a woman can get the republican nomination proves me wrong. And she’s one of the smarter ones

  5. Are you sure Haley is announcing a presidential run? Maybe she’s just announcing that she is launching her own set of virtual trading cards.

    1. here are the only 7 politicians in america i would accept in 2024

      Bernie Sanders
      Raphael Warnock
      Adam Kinzinger
      Liz Cheney
      Jamie Raskin
      Brian Kemp
      Joe Biden

      The rest can POUND SAND.. and that is the nicest thing i have to say.. the others shouldn’t be allowed to run a post office much less have sway over 300 million people..

    2. @PIPE DOWN check my list there is someone on there for everyone.. plus.. that is my all star ‘fantasy football team’ and yeah i know all of their leanings..
      God bless the silent majority.

  6. I hope they all go out on oppo research, on each other!!!
    And put it all out there, for the whole country and world to see!!!

    1. The republican voters won’t care. There version of oppo research to make someone look bad is “he’s not even a bigot!!!”

  7. I do not see how Americans that have paid into the Social Security and Medicare systems for decades will vote for a candidate willing to take away what they toiled for. It just seems logical.

    1. No matter which country you are in people never pay into Social Security or Healthcare systems. The deductions that are taken from them only go towards paying the month by month cost of the system as it is. You can’t take away something that is not there. This is the misconception that people make that your monthly tax deductions are somehow going into some pot for you to draw on later like private pensions. Every system is based on the sacrifices of those paying taxes today who hope/expect those who follow will at some period in the future pay for them.

      That is the theory behind Republican ideology cut things like social security and Medicare and you can then cut the taxes of those in work who are paying for these benefits. They hope to play for the base selfishness of people, they play for the thought process of why should I pa for somebody else.

  8. We need to get popcorn 🍿 ready because this is going to be a great show to watch republicans argue with each other

  9. We need to get popcorn ready because this is going to be a great show to watch republicans argue with each other ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  10. This is going to be so entertaining to watch which Republican can go the lowest. How do you go lower than the bottom of the barrel.. where they already are?🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. The governors streak from Carter to Bush jr (Bush sr being the exception) is pretty unique in history. For instance, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon (+Ford, who was never elected (vice)-president) have never been governor, so that is a 5 (6) in a row non-governors.

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