White House gives latest details on mysterious objects shot down by US military

The White House said Monday that recent "enhanced radar capabilities" may partially explain why more objects have been detected in the US airspace. John Kirby, National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, explained during a White House press briefing that since the Chinese balloon program's "recent incursion into our airspace the United States and Canada — through (North American Aerospace Command) NORAD — have been more closely scrutinizing that airspace, including enhancing our radar capabilities." #CNN #News


  1. NORAD recently increased it’s ability to detect high altitude slow moving objects. Sounds like this has been going on for years and we are just now beginning to detect them.

    1. @Billy Thomas there are legitimate things up there that don’t pose a threat (weather balloons etc.) and they don’t want to make a big deal for every one of those, so they set their filters to exclude them. They’ve had the capability of detecting them for a long time, but up until recently they intentionally set the sensors to ignore them.


    3. Yes, it sounds like we should have been monitoring it and Biden, but maybe, the Pentagon for hired, hey we need to monitor slow moving objects better too.

    4. @EuropaWhich is smart. I don’t want to know every little thing because that means our enemies know everything we can do too.

    1. @民主湯圓🇹🇼 I mean isn’t tht wat they promote? And how is it sensitive if they already told us about them genius. They were quick to show pictures of the Chinese balloon, they even hav pics recovering it but wit these “objects” they’re not giving us anything.

    2. Good chance they didn’t get that close, the fighter jets were going hundreds of miles and hour and would have shot from hundrest of feet to a mile away. Don’t want to smack a plane into the thing trying by chance to get a picture and lose a pilot too.

    3. @Justin Cace which is basically all satellites only they make us think they are actually hovering around the planet mysteriously never making contact with each other. Ask a cell tech they’ll tell you that most internet, cell and radio reception is travelling through towers not satellites

    4. ​@Kodenameboomin – was it really a Chinese balloon? You think the leading country in technology and inventions uses giant white balloons to spy with on other countries? Don’t get fooled. They give you nothing because there is nothing.

  2. With all due respect, I’m finding this extremely hard to believe about the objects being American. It just doesn’t seem right that while they’re in the aircraft flight paths, shouldn’t we have closed off miles upon miles of airspace since we didn’t know just what altitude they would be flying so that they wouldn’t have been threats?

  3. So the planes went past them so fast that the pilots couldn’t tell if they were round or square or what shape they were BUT could tell that they were not manned and had no propulsion system.

    1. @Joe Kerr You are fantasizing that military cameras are somehow different. They aren’t. They focus light onto either film, or a charge coupled device. Planes like the U2 carry enormous optical cameras for the purpose of photographing the ground below in a strip 75 miles wide. They would not be able to discern a balloon. F-22s MIGHT carry a gun camera, intended to resolve other objects the plane is following that are flying at speed. Like YOU taking a picture of another car on the freeway, you are both going 60, but the other car is relatively still. This is not that situation. No fighter aircraft has a camera designed nor intended to photograph party balloons floating along 170 mph slower than the plane. Stop imagining your government has pretend capabilities. The military does not have magical cameras.

  4. I like how John Kirby claps back at the press who ask the dumb questions and be trying to make something out of nothing.

  5. The only reason we are being told about this is because people saw it in the sky. Kinda hard to cover that up.

  6. It’s nuts how this presenter can give so much information (on what they are willing to talk about that is) And these reporters can ask the same questions and make him repeat himself over and over. I wouldn’t be able to do that job because 90% of these questions are literally asking questions he’s already answered sometimes 2-3x over during this conference. He has more patience than I do.

    1. They’re not paying attention while checking on twitter, ig and tiktok for the next lead. So when their turn comes, the question they wrote down is what they ask – no matter what.😅


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  7. While I think I’m entitled to know all about these objects and see pics, I realize that this info may be on a “need to know basis” and the US government has deemed that I don’t need to know. Kind of disappointed in that. 😂

  8. I can’t believe the reporters asking the same questions again and again. I wouldn’t have the patience. Great job John Kirby!!

    1. It’s just a mutual photo op game. The different news outlets want to be able to show THEIR reporter to be asking The Big Question.


  9. I feel like those that have been trying to control a division amongst everyone are hanging by a limb. We now all have a subject that everyone can come together and agree on. Now comes the confusion because they are scared. They have to somehow create that division again. (They) means those that don’t care about sides. (They) just want negativity and chaos

  10. So, hear me out
    Could this be the government giving us a “soft-opening” before finally admitting that the aliens they’ve known about for ages actually exist?

    1. The most likely explanation is that we’ve been in a cold war for the past little while and that it’s about to get a little warmer.

    2. Iam sure Chinese set up camp undercover in n United states awhile to ago ..so that’s why we do cannot see pretend in too detect it .

  11. This is really the first time since unidentified flying objects were first reported that we are being given at least a fraction of the truth from Our Government. We dont know what they are or where they are coming from.. Possibly from other nations or other beings that exist in our universe.. We all need to open our eyes and minds to what advancements in science and technology have opened up for us . The military tic-tac videos gave us all food for thought about this.

    1. @Purge News Just speculating here…Didn’t we land a “vehicle-sized” object on the moon about 50 years ago? Didn’t we land a smaller sized object on Mars, that’s been ‘roving’ around for 10 years? It’s not too far-fetched to think it can happen to us.

    2. The only difference here is the ufo aren’t extraterrestrial. This is a narrative they are feeding you. You can’t trust these people at all.

    3. But in reality we’re all being duped… again. the only eye opening thing is realizing how naive people still are in believing the agencies that control our media. It’s actually laughable now. we’ve just come out of 2 years of lies, you don’t see this remotely timely? instantly after covid becomes unpopular… global climate crisis, however that wasn’t interesting enough, so alien invasion was what they came up with. this will be historically NOT recorded as the world’s most embarrassing lie.

  12. The foremost entity to traverse the expansive airspace encompassing the continent of North America had the distinction of exceeding the established altitude threshold commonly referred to as neutral airspace and was, by virtue of its classification protected as a satellite, endowed with legal protections. Alas, the specter of an amplified bellicose encounter, engendering a protracted and expanding conflagration, generates considerable consternation. The interceding parties ought to expeditiously engage in dialogue, eschewing the current ill-conceived practice of acting precipitously and jettisoning the indispensable tenets of diplomacy. One cannot help but lament the conspicuous dearth of diplomacy in the present tempestuous epoch.

  13. These things have been around since the beginning of humanity. The fact that they thought this was a good idea is like being in a bad movie.

  14. Hopefully tweaking the radar detection frequency so that it picks up slower moving objects doesn’t take away from its capability to pick up fast moving objects. It’s almost comical that China is sending slow moving balloons and the other objects were “nearly stationary” it almost feels like a set up considering China, Russia, Iran, & North Korea have developed/ are developing hypersonic weapons platforms. They want us to scale back our detection capabilities so theres no chance we will see the fast movers coming if/when they decide to use them. God be with us

  15. It seems the reporters just like to hear themselves talk. Kirby does a great job explaining and then answering questions.

  16. Also sighted in March 2022 above the skies of Rome in Italy.
    They generally traveled towards the early hours of the morning, one was chasing an aircraft coming from the Adriatic Sea, followed it from the skies above Mount Nuria up to the height of Palombara Sabina.
    The following day the same object was above the skies of Rignano Flaminio, it had an oval dimension and was white in color with a small flashing light at the tip, an irregular movement in flight, it was waiting for two spheres coming from the east which traveled in parallel and were off, the The latter’s direction was determined by the presence of a cloud which they used to hide. Inside the cloud the two spheres lit up with a radiating light, went out in the direction of the first object described but something blocked them and they made an arc in the sky to go back and disappear. The objects were present in the skies north east of the Italian capital for about 20 days.

    1. You say, also, as if both incidents were related. What you describe is not an Air Balloon, but an Extraterrestrial object.

    2. How many have you seen. I have seen over 300 plus since 2015. I have seen 2 convoys of those crafts of at least 60. I worry that they are not sending that many crafts to sit idle

    3. I saw the oval white thing flying across the sky. It did not appear to have a jet stream or propeller. Me and my two kids seen it. I still have no idea what it was to this day. I would’ve maybe thought the Chinese balloon, but it was oval not circle. I saw it October 2022. I live in northwestern Ontario.

  17. First thought through my mind was that this objects were of an unknown origin. But the fact that they operate just and I mean just beyond the scope of the current Radar tech lets me know that it’s a foreign power testing the limits of America’s ability to defend her boundaries. Besides most engagements occur at the boarders.

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