McCarthy: No One ‘Questioning The Legitimacy’ Of 2020 Election

Following a meeting at the Oval Office, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke to reporters gathered outside the West Wing where he said “I don’t think anyone is questioning the legitimacy” of the 2020 presidential election.

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    1. @Hat Bpto / The only conspiracy is that void between your ears.
      People like you are just plain embarrassing.

    2. Especially those freaks Paul Gosar, Debbie Lesko Trent Frank’s replacement. 🤦‍♂️🤪🤪🤪 Like one of their own said It’s embarrassing being a Republican State Senator right now, and they’re making them look crazy.

  1. McCarthy: “No one is questioning the legitimacy of the election.”
    Also McCarthy: “The election was stolen!”
    🤦‍♂️ 😅😂

    1. @Liberal Dumbfuck the unarmed assailant attempting to bypass a barricade, funny cop shoots a unarmed black woman cop did no wrong, cops shoots an aggressive assailant when they dont know if the are armed with a horde behind her, bad cop

    2. @Liberal Dumbfuck At the time (Jan 6), the insurrectionists (his constituency) believed that the election was not legit.

    1. @Don Johnson I have a horrible picture in my head now. McCarthy and Miss Lindsay in pink tutus.

  2. How can he just stand there and say that? Why aren’t reporters quoting his own words back to him?

    1. Nobody don’t call him out on it make me think republikkkans still running the white house

    2. Please.. what would be the point? There’s so damage to the concept of credibility that nobody cares. Trump didn’t do that by himself but he played it to the extreme

    3. @Zachary Johnson Heh.
      Good thing it wasn’t tan, no one would’ve been able to take him seriously. 😁

  3. I am confused. They are ousting the 3rd ranking member in the house for saying that the election was legit but they are not questioning that it was legit?

  4. McCarthy is so desperate to move on from the Liz Cheney moment. She isn’t going to let him.

    1. @funknfritter Cheney will be pulling the elephant’s tail until their irritated beyond their comfortable ignorance?

    2. Cheney is using daddy to try and bolster some popularity to run for President…
      McCarthy knows she is disloyal to the party and doing the right thing..

    1. In another country a general accused of corruption, said that he was victim of a “retwisted truth”. I know that a “twisted truth” is a lie, so that makes the “retwisted truth” the truth?!

    2. Which reminds me: Do you recall in “All the President’s Men” (Redford and Hoffman) the “Nondenial denial”? He gets a phone call from someone in the West wing that he declares such.

  5. “That Being said millions have been spent on recounts and we’re changing all the election laws and still fillibustering the senate.”

    1. @Alvah Nomicron Nowhere near the same. Luckily Canada’s conspiracy theorists like @RDV are few and far between.

    2. @Alvah Nomicron Got that right. Canada governs by consensus, and we have consistently agreed on the most polite leader. Under the Liberals, our Income Taxes have always been lower than America’s. Unfortunately, we got Wing Nuts too.

    3. @RDV V Do you really think that anybody reads these posts? Sure, you’re bored. We all are. But you’ll all get over it if you don’t go off the deep end.

      Geez, I hope nobody reads this.

  6. None of those reporters have the guts to challenge him with facts and get a real answer! Just plain cowards😒!

  7. For every lie they tell they should be forced to remove an item of clothing it would not be long before they feel some form of shame surely.

    1. Maybe if they had to eat equal amounts of bull-crap per volume of air expelled in the service of lies. They’d choke on it pretty quick at least.

    2. The emperor in the fairy tale didn`t wear any clothes as well, and nobody minded…
      Hm, who now becomes the little child in the story! Cheney apparently not, she got ousted already…

    1. McCarthy is a stone cold liar. Of course they are questioning the election if they are supporting Chump … which they are.

    1. @LLG Gunderson yeah there are a few… 1. Biden won legitimately… 2… The election wasn’t rigged… 3…The Demonrats may actually get away with it… Let that sink in

    2. @Longdong Johnson You’ll be saying that throughout Biden’s presidency. Democrats legitimately won and all your BS about Bamboo in the ballots and secret watermarks are not going to change anything. Time will prove me right and you wrong … Let that sink in.

  8. We broke this again and we broke that again…remember you can’t just fix what we tried really hard to break – is all I HEARD.

  9. It’s amazing, the number of orifices’ McCarthy is able to speak from. Just don’t step in it.

  10. Translation: “I want to be speaker of the house & I will do & say anything to get there, no matter how insincere, contradictory or flat out false I have to be.”

    1. @Bingo Sun Noon I have a soft spot for such political snake oil salesmen – it’s a mangrove swamp about 15 miles from where I live – nice & secluded and no-one goes there after dark.

  11. They lie on top the lies that they lied about. It’s impossible to unravel what these snakes are saying.

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