1. President Biden has been trying to move infrastructure legislation with bipartisan support. I just wish the members of the GOP would stop listening to the leadership in the House and Senate. And do this for We the People.

    1. You Democrats are like a teenager with a credit card!! Grow up!! Guess you think it’s fine to add $5 trillion to the debt every 6 months? You voted for a vegetable.

    2. @David Eby Your a piece of work pal. If your useless Republican party would take care of are infrastructure as it needed we could be fixing things before it becomes to expensive. Besides they want to tax the ultra rich and corporations to pay their fair share. And I bet you didn’t send back your 1400 dollar relief check, so quit being a hypocrite.

  2. Mitch saying that he’ll block 100% of whatever is proposed pretty much gives Biden the green light to move on without them….much to the joy and satisfaction of 70% of America.
    So, good luck in 2022, GQP! 😅😂🤣

  3. 10pm I will be tuned in & President Biden is doing his best with these Republicans who’s main goal is to obstruct on every level

  4. Mr president weren’t you listening to what McConnell said? Forget any hope of bipartisanship. Do what the People elected you to do.

  5. C’mon my fellow/gals protestors make your protest signs that say, CASTRATE GAETZ,


  6. I can’t remember trump ever being this articulate in terms of doing a meaningful legislation as president. Then again i can ever remember him being articulate.

    1. “The filibuster has been around since I entered the Senate 120 years ago. ” – Joe Biden, Democrat

    2. @Nack Jicholson,
      Leave it to a GQP cultist to not get a joke.
      Go find someone to explain it to you.

  7. Part of the federal unemployment extension had rules attached. You’re supposed to look
    for work, and if they get the job, they have to accept it. How well is this being enforced?

    If Biden can’t get people back to work because they’re getting the
    unemployment extensions, then hire immigrants. A lot of Latin Americans
    would gladly take the jobs. Then after the Americans have run out of
    their benefits in a few months, the immigrants will be rebuilding the
    country, while the Americans are living in the street on food stamps and
    expired unemployment.

  8. Yea, he is all about bipartisanship when he wants something otherwise he stokes the flames of division. Americans will witness the destruction of the country under this administration, who will somehow find a way to blame Trump and/or the Republicans. Biden has not a single thing that is good for America in the long run, but he has plenty of bandaids.

    1. My God he inherited a big mess. Only a little over 100 days in and this administration has done more for American citizens than that last guy did in 4 years. We are all still paying for that last guys abnormal, delusional ideas of the 2020 election was stolen from him. Due to multiple recounts, he las lost states 2 to 3 times. What a narcissistic buffoon

    2. At least Biden wants bipartisanship. Unlike Trump, who only cared about his money. Biden is the one trying to put the pieces back together, after the Trump ruins. And he inherited a financial mess and recession from Trump’s failed handling of Covid. It’s going to take time and luck to dig out of the deep Trumphole.

  9. Is Biden 46 or trump because its time Biden started to end trumpets and trump Big mouths

  10. An infrastructure plan that contains more social welfare than infastructure is not an infrastructure plan

  11. I hope the anyone but Trump crowd is happy now. Emotional infants who vote on feelings instead of actual effective policies. They live in a world of unicorns and rainbows with utopian ideals but zero sense of execution or actual results.

  12. Biden should use every opportunity to push his policies thru for the American people, while Democrats have the Senate and the House.

    The republicans have just embarked on their mini revolution and have no interest in governing for the good of Americans !?

    The GOP is only interested in tearing down America and its democracy !?

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