McCarthy Opposes Capitol Riot Probe He Could Be A Witness In

GOP leaders including Rep. Kevin McCarthy are opposing an investigation into the January 6th Capitol insurrection. But McCarthy's call that day during the riot with Trump could be critical evidence to that very investigation. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Philip Rucker and A.B. Stoddard.
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    1. @Ash Roskell that may be a way to view the gop base. but nearly all GOP congressmen are complicit with the lies and the attack on the capital. those who speak out against trumpism are ostracized. your party needs help fast

    1. @Vicky McPherson ask OAN how they feel about dominion. oh they deleted all the lies they published so they wont get sued. you are being deceived. they are feeding you lies that you want to hear.

    2. @Robert Ball It was police brutality. The riots at the Capital were based on nothing but a lie. Think about it!!!

    3. GOP TERRORISM & TREASON aiding & abetting….treason not protected……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      (DOJ & homeland security 1 more)
      No one is above the law, not even Congress, right Gaetz?????

  1. So…none of these folks were taught “don’t worry about what your brother did, this is about you?” Or ” I don’t care what so and so did, I told you not to…” as a child? Why can’t we just take responsibility and stop pointing the finger? I know I have to take responsibility for myself and nobody else.

    1. @WasatchMan You’re spouting your trash, what makes you so special that you think only you can do it!

  2. You don’t want to find the truth because you’re part of that truth and your heads are at risk. Good that the people are watching and we know what happened. Don’t try to rewrite the history that we all witnessed with our own eyes. It won’t work. You just sound stupid crazy with your flip-flops.

    1. These people are absolute liars. They are in on the great reset and will pay during the revolution

    2. Why are.we paying huge amounts of money to these bird brain.useless excuse for.politicians

    1. @Carol Rapson nope. Not their right in anyway. In fact it is text book insurrection, treason, and terrorism.

  3. Wow, if you didn’t know these were videos of the insurrection, you would think they were just peaceful tourists!

    1. NO WONDER tourists dont want to come here…too much violence & GOP pretend they dont know what violence is…even when violent COUP is coming for Pence & GOP congress etc….GOP CORRUPT KOOLAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. He will be a witness; and he better tell the truth, because COVID restrictions are being lifted everywhere, including PRISON.

    1. I already can hear him, “I don’t recall,” or “I can’t talk about it because it’s, it’s, it’s, executive privilege! and I don’t divulge my conversations with the president.” Even when he’s not a lawyer and the president is no more.

    2. McCarthy phone call to orange face recorded…Clyde filmed barricading door to congress on 1.6.2021 COUP day….GOP sociopathic liars on Capitol videos.. (cant lie, American public , we have seen the film 1.6.2021 COUP DAY)

    1. Anytime you’re ready. Professional reporters don’t deal in innuendo and lies. I suggest the culprits are Fox News and conservative talk shows.

    2. @larry taylor so you believe they are professional but not Fox! Okay, you need to lay off the tv buddy

    3. We need a commission to look into the Republican Party and how many were complicit that’s what the Republicans are afraid of!

  5. All these politicians are doing is showing us how useless they are and that we don’t need them

    1. True. They can turn a blind eye to the criminals and acquit them of all charges, but they cannot erase what we see and hear from them. Good that they continue showing their true colors. We have the power to fire them and we will!

    2. The majority of both Parties are only in it for POWER , And not at all to Help The American Citizens Who Sent Them There

  6. I love how Kevin McCarthy just keeps talking in a softer and softer voice. “Psst psst psst psst what about Good Friday psst psst psst psst.”

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