‘Enough Is Enough’: Frustrated Official Rails Against Amateur AZ Ballot Circus

Steve Gallardo, a member of the Maricopa County, AZ board of supervisors, talks with Rachel Maddow about growing outrage among county officials that the poorly run "audit" ordered by state senate Republicans is embarrassing the state and undermining confidence in future Arizona elections even though Arizona's 2020 election was "safe, secure and accurate." 
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    1. @Bob Bob He implemented the watermarks on the ballots, which are being looked at in this audit.

    2. This audit is so tiresome. bottom up election fraud is not productive. That’s why gerrymandering to dilute competition happens, changing voter laws to dump ballots in bulk and make Americans be the ones having to prove their ballots are valid via court (like in GA SB 202), political blackmail and entrapment schemes like black cube and psy-group do- contracted out by companies like cambridge analytica and more, are used. In addition to foreign agents, lobbyists, dark money, shell companies in cyprus and cayman islands and 501c3’s funding campaigns, which mnuchin made harder to track in Trump’s term.

      But that’s too complicated to understand for most so the clowns in the GOP act like we’re not smart and pretend that bottom up voter fraud is a thing that is widespread… When in all reality it would be difficult to do without substantial sample population of ballots like cyber ninjas has access to right now, all the way down to the impression in the paper…. So right now they use that momentum in their advantage and get the left to say “elections are secure” while they harvest a bunch of info required to dump imitation ballots (think north Korea super dollar) in ’24, and continue to harvest Americans data through partisan sites on both sides.

    1. Let me get this straight. The same people that want private tax information on the basis of “if you have nothing to hide, stop hiding” are now supporting the people refusing to comply with court orders and an audit of our voting process? This is absolute insanity.

    2. @Ricky LaFleur Surely Bill Barr’s recent rebuke by a member of the Judiciary on his interpretation of the Mueller Report is a taste of what is coming.

      The US is meant to be a bastion of democracy. Sure it hasn’t been the best at always fulfilling this role, but at least y’all gave the illusion of trying. Not so much under Trump. His inability to accept defeat with even a modicum of grace tarnishes the US reputation irreparably.

    3. @Richardiba lmfao as i said years worth of investigating into a possibility of russian election fraud and now we are tarnishing our reputation for doing some recounts and audits? hypocrite.

    4. @Ricky LaFleur Never would’ve thought that a company named “Cyber Ninjas” would be found anywhere else apart from the video game industry.

      More qualified people already audited the election and found nothing. I guess it’s time to bring in the joker, grifters, and conspiracy theorists…just to be fair

    1. @Tattooed White Trash imagine my embarrassment. I thought you were refereing to the video only to find you were using deranged conspiracy theory code.
      I guess I’m just not up on all the Q nonsense.

  1. *There are Three classes of people:*

    Those who see.
    Those who see when they are shown.
    Those who do not see.

    *~Leonardo da Vinci~*

    1. @AVRtours you must be 12 or something. Gender confused fruit boy says what? Lol no one can out stupid the democrats you probably shouldn’t even try.

    1. That’s idiotic. For centuries rational human beings have been required to hide or be scared of irrational, violent knobs like you. Jesus. Why haven’t y’all moved to Guyana yet?

    2. @zedzed headhead how is it idiotic and how am I the violent one? Also have I insulted you at all, because last I checked I’ve been cordial?

    1. Fraud on a large scale of thousands of votes does not happen without criminal involvement of public officials. The ballots and signatures counts have to match, about the only way you could do it is look at ballots before they are scanned, shred the Trump ballot in front of the voter, grab a Chinese Biden ballot out of the box next to the machine and scan it in. Why not just spend the week before filling out real ballots for Biden and bring the box of prefilled ballots into the polling place, why do you need the Chinese. If thousands of Republican voters sit silently after seeing the above going on with their ballot, and are still silent then the election should be stolen.

    1. @mark s “not here to argue or fight with anybody, I gave my opinion about what the lady said being crazy.” Yes. That is an argument. An argument is just an assertion of your position. Nothing more. The fact that you are taking that as some kind of insult shows a clear misunderstanding of what an argument is and how it is not the same as a fight.

      “You attacked me personally and I will not ‘debate’ anyone who does that have a good day” I did not attack you personally. I merely stated that lesser educated people are more prone to comment on and/or interact with the like bar on videos like this. Thus, there is no statistical relevance associated with the like bar. Nothing in there was directed at you. Why you took that personally is clearly an issue on your side as nothing I said could be construed to say that /you/ were/are “dumb”.

    2. @Shimrra you got me there, I thought I was talking to the person who said lib’s always seem crazy to drop outs 🤷✌️

    3. @Shimrra anyway, like I said there was no argument. The lady said she would have to re-educate herself to not discriminate against people who don’t wear masks. Any good psychologist would want to take another look at that

    4. @Shimrra I understand you don’t like the like button thing 😁 I was just pointing out a fact and as far as my likes anyone who’s ever done a hard Day’s work understands that priming is not when you binge order off Amazon

    5. @James Lee “smarted” “sense” instead of since… don’t hurt yourself with words too big for you champ.

  2. “When you ban a mans tongue, you are not proving that we fear fear itself, but what your country can do for you four score and umpteen years ago so help me God as long as we both shall live…”
    Abradore Humperdinck

  3. The BOS have been asked multiple times to be apart of this audit. Its obvious they don’t want transparency. Why don’t they want transparency? The people deserve it

  4. Nope, it’s not over yet. Just keep counting. Over and over again. Until you freakin’ evaporate.

    1. They’re not just counting. They’re canvasing, inspecting the machines and checking to ensure ballots were not xeroxed.

  5. My wife thinks I’m cheating on her..and wants her “tech” friend to look at my phone…She is crazy I’m not giving her access to my phone..I have nothing to hide!

  6. Gallardo is one of those people that thinks the louder and faster his voice is, the more believable he will be

    1. Odd retort to his allegations — do you have anything to say about the substance of what he’s saying?

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