McCarthy Responds To Pressure From Democrats On Climate Plans Within New Infrastructure Package


    1. @J M M Why would you bother making this comment> I was wondering who she was too and it didn’t occur to me until after I watched the video, to look underneath to see who it was.

    2. I’m blind. That’s a lie, but you have no way to know that, do you. I’m high functioning developmentally disabled.

  1. But, but, but… The orange blight and his minions said climate change is a myth _you mean the bloviating bloatus lied? SAINTS PRESERVE US!_ 🤣😂

    1. The reason why the Republican party in Congress doesn’t believe in Climate change? They get the most money in campaign donations from the oil, gas, and coal industries.

  2. Start cleaning up in the Ohio Valley. All the polluted air gets blown straight into Southern Ontario. This is where your pollution is bothering others

    1. If you shop at a grocery store, watch tv, use a computer and/or cell phone, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

      The pollution belongs to ALL OF US.

    1. A Trump supporter donated 2 million dollars to Trump find voter fraud. Trump couldn’t find any voter fraud so the Trump donor wants his 2 million dollars back! 🤣🤣

    1. Jesus, who owns this account now? How many times must I drive you off of this platform? It’s INFURIATING!

      Guys, this is a troll account that gets sold and resold to different owners. By my count, it’s so far had three different owners, over the last year and a half or so. I have driven the previous two owners off of this platform, but this damned account has been sold again, by the looks of it. It vanishes for a few weeks, and then comes back. It’s like playing whack-a-mole. Pass it around, so this account gets snuffed permanently. Once they realize that you’re onto the game, the account becomes useless, and they have to abandon it.

    2. @The Genial Decepticon this entity has several accounts, William h music being one of the more common ones used.

    3. You may want to investigate why Republicans pay their teachers such cheap wages. It’s designed to keep the base uninformed and stupid.

    1. “Cult”? ROFLMAO you folks really can’t create your own comments can you? First you copied “derangement syndrome” which was coined to describe the crazie antics of the right after Obama’s election, now you plagiarize the “cult” reference which was coined to describe your blatant ignoring of the orange blight’s anti-democratic and legally questionable activities. How truly sad that your limited intellect inhibits your ability to create your own terminology! 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Moderate Republicans/RINOS who retired under Trump like the Lincoln Project! Sometimes I’ll flip over to fox news and see the same stuck up snob Republicans.

    3. @Polar Opposite Yeah, the republican party is really out of touch with the majority of American people. What policies do the Republican party have that is popular with the majority of the American people? You know Trump is the first President in U.S. history to lose the House of representatives in the midterms with a record low unemployment rate? Healthcare was the biggest issue concerning the majority of Americans in the midterms it wasn’t the economy. Where is Trump’s beautiful Healthcare plan? Another promise Trump didn’t keep!

    1. You do realize that democrats have been responsible for every economic recovery for decades, while repugnicants have overseen every economic collapse don’t you? ROFLMAO

    2. The Republican party wants China to Capitalize on Green Energy jobs and leave America behind in low paying hospitality and low paying service jobs! This is why the southern red Republican states has the lowest paying jobs in America! The republican party wants to keep it that way! They’re against raising the minimum wage! Moscow Mitch blocked a raise in the minimum wage under Obama and Trump while Corporate America is making profits. This is now the first time in U.S. history the Federal minimum wage hasn’t gone up in a decade! Perhaps you gullible cons will love to work for peanuts when Moscow Mitch gets rid of the minimum wage?🤔

    1. @Paul Crozer The phrase you meant is couldn’t care less. If you say could care less it means that they have the ability to even care more less, which is unfortunately true. They have yet to reach their nadir.

    2. @Paul Crozer pay attention where these green energy facilities are being built. Netherlands purchased 64,000 acres to build wind farms in Ohio. 30+ million acres of farmland are owned by foreign entities. Who is really going to be getting the money from these projects? We are distracted by fighting left vs right and we are losing our country. Not through an insurection, but it is being bought from right under our noses.

    3. @Polar Opposite Did you forget the republican party wants less government so their biggest Corporate donors can control more of America. Regressive
      Republicans wants to get rid of the EPA, IRS, and voting rights. Heck, why not rollback the 21st century?

    4. @Paul Crozer I’m all for green energy, just not all foreign owned. That’s why we need to make sure these jobs in America, go to Americans. What’s the point if all the money from energy produced goes to foreign countries. The Dutch use money from windmills and farming in America to fund the upside down pension system in their own country.

  3. America: “Seems like a logical thing to do, investing in green energy to help bring more jobs to rural America.”
    Oil and gas industry: “WRONG!”

    1. Depends on where we put the windmills and solar fields. The Netherlands purchased 64,000 acres of land in Ohio to build windmills. 30 million acres of farmland owned by foreign governments and corporations. Who will really be getting all the money? We are distracted and fight amongst ourselves about left vs right, all the while we are losing our country not to an insurection, but it’s being bought right out from under us.

    1. Well, if you are an intelligent, American interested in the future of the USA and the world; – – – Yes, you are supposed to know who this woman is!

  4. Why is everyone getting so upset about new jobs to replace old jobs?? Whatever happened to telephone operators or full service gas stations or drive-in movie theaters or pay phones or telegraph operators or pony Express riders or stagecoach drivers or milk delivery drivers or those that used to deliver blocks of ice to individual residences or malls or meat cutters especially when it comes to Walmart. If you are 60 or above think back to all of the professions that used to be that no longer are. I still remember when you would buy a package of meat in a grocery store that had a triangular blue stamp on each and every package that said USDA approved but then they even did away with that when they said that that blue ink would cause cancer but yet they left food colorings on the shelf 🤯🤯

  5. During a pandemic, we’re gonna spend like there’s no tomorrow. And there probably won’t be.

    1. @JJ Strumr nah, just run the deficit up. Let the children of America worry about it. I don’t have any kids so I have no worries. I can only benefit from all this spending.

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