Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 31 | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 31 | MSNBC


Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes one-on-one with Rachel Maddow. Watch the top news stories and highlights from The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.
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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 31 | MSNBC


    1. @Barb Kennedy I wouldn’t find having everyone being treated fairly the least bit boring. I’m bored of what’s happening now. So bored and fed up.

    2. @String Monkey THAT my friend is ridiculous, white folk have received, been given, and expected EVERY break since the Mayflower docked at Plymouth Rock. And Trump signed 220 EO’s during his tenure in the WH…Used his office to procure everything he legally could for himself and his kind (Millionaires n Billionaires)…Was absolutely cruel to those he opposed, fired ppl for doing their job correctly and fairly. Destroyed small farmers, no business came BACK to America, they still climb over the wall in 26 seconds, moms and dads lost one if not all their kids coming here as refugees (as almost all of our ancestors did when they fled the terror of some parts of the world to immigrate here)…And the biggest BS was ‘the rigged vote’…a statement that was NOT backed by ANY facts or Court-of Law…Surprise-Surprise…a trump and GOP lie. We are human beings and fallible, make mistakes…but to destroy ppl and/or cultures that are different, on purpose is INEXCUSABLE behavior for a grown man running this country…that is only half of his failures and psychopathic behaviors…God did NOT send trump, he was more than probable an Anti-Christ.

    3. @Walt Likker lol…I am educated not a magician of comedy. Nor a troll… I am an Independent that is just an American human being with a researched point of view just like all of you. Have a great evening.

  1. Perhaps small stand alone homes would be better than huge low income projects would be a better choice. Health care insurance is expensive for seniors on a fixed income, while out property taxes keep rising. The infrastructure is long overdue for repairs.

    1. A mixture of housing choice would be best. Many seniors could not live alone would they want to.

  2. In some respects, we need to re-imagine public housing rather than trying to fix and bring up-to-code the old system…these folks are living in chaos as it is… let’s bring them some innovation. Find a group of out-of-the-box architects to put their heads together and get it done PLEASE~!

    1. I live in Seattle in public housing. It all depends where you live. I love my place. It’s a small building. That is the secret. Keep them small and build more of them.

    2. Absolutely! Fred Trump showed us how unscrupulous people used public funds and politicians to build public housing so he could build HIS wealth. Then the folks who lived there were abused by lack of maintenance and repairs. He wanted profits only. No responsibility attach. That’s why everything is trash now. I

  3. Money for development and no for evil billionaires?
    It must be the good Democrats working hard to provide for the people!!!

    1. @Alex Jones no, I suppose not. It just sucks because even in a historical context, Republicans have always worked against uplifting the disenfranchised and maintaining the status quo at the municipal, state and federal levels of government.

    2. @Devo No profit with no workers. Anyone can be a broker and make money but you have to have workers to provide the service. You may as well live in another country if you think that’s how it works. You’re brainwashed. Smh.

    3. @Tammy Taylor and no workers if no company… How dumb are you? I guess you now approve of Trumps money to big companies?

  4. I love the phrase “granular details” plus you are such a true expert in delving deep into them!

    1. Aqui e só separar e por na Ordem o quem e drop ou Dog e todos ects .de forma e só passar o rodo .

    2. Bartenders with a FB degree and 2 years of experience is not “Expert” level on anything.

  5. It’s about time we get a plan that looks out for all Americans infrastructural needs instead of trillions for just the top 3% in income in this country.

  6. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is the kind of person that gives me hope for the future.

    *Thank you* Alexandria!

  7. Great segment, love how you give her your show as a platform. Give her space and she will give us answers.

  8. I thought it would take a loonnggg time for the public to see the Orange blunder’s life start to fall apart. I’m so grateful that I was wrong.

  9. My feisty little grand-baby is a grown woman and a leader, keep on fighting the good fight Alexandria!

    1. @strong woman and the family and everyone love her hard work, commitment and dedication, and contribution., she is a workaholic too.

  10. I’m glad you’re keeping track. There must be a database dedicated to all these Trump related cases.

  11. Rep Cortez she is a mighty awesome person always there to help the poor. We need people like her. PS thank you for all the money you helped raise & delivered to Texas How awesome that was after our freeze in Houston, Tx..God Bless you Ms Cortez.

  12. AOC is absolutely a public servant who actually cares for the public! I’m remembering when my republican stepdad claimed she wasn’t bright. It’s hard to believe anyone could believe AOC is anything less than brilliant and passionate, but that’s what the GOP has taught it’s followers. It’s a shame

  13. Well, the first step in any endeavor is, the first step. This is a good start. If more is needed, we can certainly work out the details from the success of this start.

  14. It is a rare thing to see Poetic Justice play out in real time. These people have got it on fast forward.

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