President Biden Holds First WH Cabinet Meeting After Unveiling $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan 1

President Biden Holds First WH Cabinet Meeting After Unveiling $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan


The Cabinet meeting was held in the East Room of the White House instead of the traditional Cabinet room, for social distancing. Aired on 04/1/2021.
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President Biden Holds First WH Cabinet Meeting After Unveiling $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan


    1. @J M M Trump never said the wall is the only thing necessary to halt illegal immigration. Everyone knows an obstacle has to be defended or it will be overcome. Biden is reverting policies that were meant to dis-incentivize illegal behavior.

      It is really hard to know if you all just don’t realize how things actually work or are just lying.

    2. @umrengnr
      It is xenophobic and cruel to devide immigrant children from their parents.
      It is xenophobic to call Covid-19 the “China-virus”.
      It is xenophobic to support the xenophobic Proud Boys with “Stand back and stand by!” (You might not know it but that’s a Trump quote.)
      What’s your reason for hating those poor people who desire a better life, just like your ancestors did?

    3. @Rainer Groß I want you to sit down for this…Biden has “kids in cages”, lots of them, and he encourages human trafficking where they abuse the women.

      And Covid came from China, hence the “China virus” because it came from China.

    4. @Rainer Groß And who said I hate immigrants? Very strange how instead of making rational arguments you have to put words into people’s mouth.

      You can both want enforcement of immigration law, and like immigrants.

      You can also support making their home countries better without immigration even being required.

    5. Not likely to happen anytime soon. It’s fueled by prohibition 2.0, the “war on drugs.” The cartel has far too much power thus people flee, and no one seems to want to end the modern age of prohibition.

  1. I was expecting them to go around the table to tell him how great he is, what an honour to serve under him and pledge their fealty for life. Then I realized, no that was the ” former guy”

    1. @David Eby embarrassed like the father of the bride after Dotard recited his tired election conspiracy during a toast? Have you returned your stimulus check yet?

  2. Well done President Biden. I like what i see. He was able to pass Covid relief with no GOP support, and now he is proposing a new huge stimulus plan that will bring jobs to millions of Americans. I think President Biden has the potential of being a really great president.

    1. Why doesn’t creepy Joe just borrow $15 trillion from China and be done with it for a while. Most irresposible Demonrat slugs ever!!

    2. He couldn’t even pass $15 minimum wage.
      “I like what I see” — have you read the bill?

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Thats not Bidens fault. Congress refused to pass the minimum wage. Biden wanted it

    4. @pep Im perfectly chilled man.. Dont worry. I am quite happy about what im seeing right now after being miserable for four long years under wannabe dictator Trump. Im so happy the sob is gone…

    1. @W Bush lol says the person who had no problem with the trump admin spending 100 million dollars on trumps coming in party in 2016 tax payers money most ever in history.. welfare you say. How fuccing rich is that

  3. People would never satisfied. He just try to help everyone. This is a kind of leader we all wanted from the beginning.

    1. @Michelle Franclin Wow that was a quick turnaround! First he’s the leader we wanted. Then you make excuses for his half century of failure

    2. Creepy Joe isn’t trying to help anyone,he’s just doing what his caregivers tell him to do. They write crap down and he attempts to read it,and not very well I might add!!! He really is more clueless than Obama was.IMO.

  4. I didn’t watch. Was there a mandatory kissing a$$ prequel hour like the last guy needed in order to listen?

    1. No because everyone knows Dementia Pratfall is a useless embarrassment. There’s no hiding it

  5. Love the “most transparent administration in history” continuously kicks the press and media out of the room in order to avoid asking the president any questions lol

    1. @Equality For All Quite a leap to claim someone has no empathy. You guys are always full of hyperbole.

    2. @umrengnr
      Seeing Trump’s criminal cases and lawsuits piling up has you in quite a tizzy, huh?

    3. @Equality For All Again your lack of logical thought is showing. Think with your brain and not your emotions.

    4. @umrengnr
      And you can grow udders, give milk and fly over the moon, right?
      Again, it’s clear seeing Trump’s cases piling up has you in a tizzy.

  6. “The eyes of history are on this appointment.” – Buttigeig
    1964 Japan’s first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.
    1998 China started the construction of 36,000km of high speed railways and high speed trains.
    2021 US still has NO high speed railway and NO high speed trains.

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