McCarthy, Who Blamed Trump For Capitol Riot, Turns On Liz Cheney | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

A few days after the Trump-incited Capitol riot, Rep. Kevin McCarthy said Trump 'bears responsibility' for the insurrection. But now McCarthy is following Trump and openly calling for Rep. Liz Cheney to lose her position in House leadership. We discuss with A.B. Stoddard and Philip Rucker.
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    1. @John Yaya “and you already have cut corners by allowing people like Anthony Kern through the screening process.” – Whoever allowed that was reprimanded and dude was removed. Also, he was being watched at all times by multiple cameras and people, there’s zero evidence security failed and he was able to compromise the audit. Zero. No corners were cut.

  1. 🤦🏻“ We embrace free thought & debate”
    Funniest thing I’ve heard all year so far 🤣🤣🤣

    1. @DancesWithBears : Because some gowl I forgot who. Maybe you I can’t remember. Was posting about how great Desantis did in Florida and referenced Michigan.

    2. @DancesWithBears : Dippy, nice try gowl.
      I said I don’t remember who I was interacting with on here jacky. That’s a big difference.

    1. I Jefferson antebellum sarsaparilla Beauregard Delaware do say so myself you find me parched at you’re deliberation
      MSNBC panel of liberals 🤔🤔 sir
      I do declare your tongue is as heavy as a python being eaten by a crocodile in the shade of an October evening on my daddy’s plantation the precipitous nature in which you’re vernacular finds me is that of a salamander walking up right into a saloon diverging into the vanities of the bonfire ..
      Or my name isn’t Jefferson antebellum sarsaparilla Beauregard Delaware

    2. @Surge 1077 Yes, for Biden as he loses what’s left of his mind…his aids admitting they tell him to not take unscripted questions. Heaven forfend!

  2. All I see is a bunch of crooks running my country into the ground and if this keeps up we will not recover with words but pain

    1. Ignore the fact that there are murderers, serial rapists, lunitics and drug dealers walking freely into your country

    2. @Nicole Let’s say she’s wrong about every decision she has made in the past. Are you trying to tell me that by speaking out against trump and his attempted insurrection, by being on the right side in history when all is said and done is where a person of conscience should be? No matter what the consequences which she was very aware of a decision was made upon principle?

      You are trying to assert that is not a positive representation of strength for standing up to the truth of what she believes in in the face of the consequences brought upon her by individuals who would rather Advanced their own political standings in spite of the truth. The ideology itself is absolutely despicable, the ACT is reprehensible, yet not only do you discourage the action, you celebrate and applaud her removal.

      In the last four years the people of this country have displayed their true colors. It’s a shame so many of these people have such nearsighted, racist ideologies that Trump has made them feel it is okay to once again display.

      Yours and others support of trump says it all. You have proven yourself to be a disgusting human being.

  3. “Here’s your gun. There’s your foot. Have at it.” – Brian Williams. Hilarious.

    1. Hope you find it equally as hilarious, when black America gets destroyed by this corrupt globalist system. They are already feeling the pain, and it will get much worse as the liberals destroy this nation. Then black Americans will be totally phucked.

      Let’s see then how hilarious you feel it is.

    2. @Eric Fical demokkkrats hate us. they always have and still do and still keep minority populations as pets.. as long as we agree with them. we ain’t allowed to think for ourselves.. we’re just supposed to shut up and stay on the concreate plantation.
      how about the fact that open borders and illegals do more damage to the black population than any other? ever think about that? no?
      can you explain your ignorance?

    3. @Farm Jedi lmao.. You mean AMERIKKKA? RepubliKKKans have the same if not more disdain for their base..

  4. Oh. My. God. He literally said “free speech & debate”… the open & naked hypocrisy is *disgusting*

    1. @Frank Rizzo I just had to cut in… silently reading y’all’s comments about black ppl like you all like and care about black folk having equality. I chuckle at the fact that your name is the same as the former racist top cop of philly, frank rizzo. You’re probably really from philly too, huh? The current Republican Party does represent white supremacy. What lie did Liz Cheney tell? 😏

    2. @LaWanda I want equal opportunity for all and we have that. Equal outcomes? Going to have to work for that. Liz cheney is parroting the same lie you you are, that Republicans are racist in general. I listen to strong black folks, Thomas Sowell, Candace Owens, Allen west etc. They talk about eternal victims like you and the white elites that enable the dysfunction in your community.

    3. @LaWanda oh yeah Tim Scott, you know the guy that caused “uncle Tim” to trend of Twitter. Leave the Democrat plantation and see what happens.

    4. @D M This statement is just Wow!
      Is that what they’re teaching you at OAN, Newsmax? Let you in on a secret, they’re lying to you.

    5. @Frank Rizzo sorry none of them (dems or repubs) do for their constituents!!! You crazy to believe they do

  5. “In the land of the spineless creatures, the one person with a spine is public enemy number one”
    – Marc Twain –

    1. @jared smith
      For trump Marc Twain wrote:
      “In the land of the idiots, the biggest fraud is god”

    2. @Lola Lee
      McCarthy, 👀 reduced to the lowest common denominator:

      So this is what Republicans have to look forward to 🤔.

    3. @jared smith when democrats make outrageous claims not one member of the party goes against the lunatic. Republicans will only survive by doing the same thing.

  6. Joe McCarthy is so proud, OBVIOUSLY Kevin McCarthy listened to, championed and spread Tailgunner Joe’s I have a HORRIFIC, VICIOUS NIGHTMARE SPEECH.

    1. Brian O’Hara
      the funny thing is, Joe McCarthy would have been a good Republican to sit in Congress during the Trump hearings. He fit right in with the Democrats LOL

    2. @Alex Hamilton That is ridiculous, he was a Republican RIGHT-WINGER like Trump, tax cuts for the rich, CRUCIFIXION FOR US.

    1. @Mike Currie we know, They rioted, burned, killed working class Americans through the whole summer. At least when we did it we targeted the top.

    1. @Censored User Nope I am stating what I do know factually not what other people said, unlike you who clearly evidently are parroting what other right wingers like yourself said that never came true. So nice try. 😂🤡

    2. @The Halloween Warrior Erelevant to me.
      Your distracting me from SAVING YOUR WORTHLESS ASSETS GOOD BYE

    3. @JD Russell newsflash– Jesus wasn’t from the united states of merica. It might be hard for the republican’s to understand that

  7. Send a message to Iran that king cobra have weapons for the next million years. That was day 1. Next

  8. Not making martyrs of one’s adversaries is waaaaaay to abstract a concept for the modern GOP.

  9. They will keep on going with these politicians lies rather than just telling and going with the truth these people out with them Pinocchio at their best 🤦

    1. Foreal the demonic deranged conspiracy fueled right wing can’t face the fact that trump got REKKKKT, destroyed, tore up last election 😂

    2. Alice Ramirez
      how long have you followed politics or the media? Lies in politics and the media from any political party has been around since the beginning. LOL

  10. Yes let’s teach our kids how to lie and corrupt the system cause being crooked and cheating is the only way to go is sickness and is sickening 🤷

    1. @Alex Hamilton and humans who do not need to be here. Earth needs to be destroyed and everyone on it. US humans are disgusting. Pretty sad

    2. Hilarry claimed the 2016 election was stolen and nasty nacy uses the word “fight” when speaking against republicans.

    3. @Tara M I similarly have a disdain for the human species. Although we need to protect the planet. Vote your conscience.. Just vote

    1. Alan Marston
      well, unless you are a 2021 Democrat. They do not believe in swords. They believe in taking away their opponents right to speak, worship, bare arms,
      a free unbiased press, money, unborn child’s life, earn citizenship in the US, walking down the street and not be harassed by BLM members, not having your businesses
      burned to the ground or looted, or to a fair trial by a jury not afraid to make a decision based on evidence and not the opinions or reactions of a mob or stupid politicians.

    2. @Alex Hamilton Sorry that you missed or don’t understand the concept. Doesn’t the sword cut a person’s soul? so be the same with words and deeds.

    3. @Alex Hamilton twisted narrative. It’s the trumpers that want to squash MSM isn’t it? Don’t they want to shut down the news sources they don’t agree with? I want to hear all the news sources so I can make an informed decision. If the opinion of the people isn’t good enough for you maybe you should consider your options like insurrection

  11. These Republicans should oust their Sonny Boy Gaetz for his naughty behavior that’s disgusting enough to kick him out of the senate instead of Liz Cheney. our prayers are with you Liz you are blessed.

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