AZ Secretary Of State Under Protection Over Audit Death Threats | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

AZ Secretary Of State Under Protection Over Audit Death Threats | The Last Word | MSNBC


Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is now under protection after receiving death threats for what she calls the “fraud-it” in her state, tells Lawrence O’Donnell that even after being warned by the Justice Department that failing to secure ballots is illegal, Republicans are “not taking seriously the magnitude of what they have in front of them and what they need to preserve.”
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    1. @William Mueller And your opinion is based on what?
      Trump losing by 8 million votes.
      Biden flipping red states.
      Every case tRump lawyers filed had no merits
      Every recount came back with the same count as the original
      45 lost the popular vote & the electoral vote
      45 wasn’t kept in office after every conspiracy date came & went
      there was no martial law
      There were no arrests made of the ‘deep state’ boogeymen
      That New MAX
      Guliani & every other rambling fool was sued by Dominion

      But naturally you’re being told the truth, ehh?

    2. @P C Fly by night partisan ninja frauditors are messing with official voter ballots and asking for passwords to get into citizens records! Serious malfeasance afoot.

    1. ALL OUR BALLOTS WERE LEGALLY SPOILED the minute they handed them over to a dubious, private, for-profit, one-man company specializing in “ethical hacking”.

    2. I think it will be important to call this a Fraudit from here on out, it only legitimatizes this craziness to call this an “audit” … This is not a sanctioned or bipartisan audit, this is a search to conjure up more conspiracy theories and keep feeding lies to their voters. And if this fake audit goes well for Republicans, they’re talking about doing this in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – Trump and Republican house members have already said so in interviews. This is not a one off, this is what they’re going to do now until 2024.

    3. @Joshua Whalen I agree. Once the ninjas put up the curtain, the whole endeavor became illegitimate. I Remember back in sixth grade we had class elections and nerdy karen counted the votes and she became president. No one helped her count and she said she lost the ballots.

  1. The stupidity of a great portion of the citizens has put us, the innocents, at risk of bodily harm.
    We can no longer write this behavior off as fringe and we must step up.

    1. @Alice Pyne-Jahneke and you have no substance to your arguments so you’re going to pretend to be too offended to actually talk and listen. Go back to clutching your imaginary pearls. Get out of the way.

    2. @Michael Shigetani I’m not pretending, and you don’t know if I have any substance to my point of view, or not, because I’m not giving it to you. you are offensive, and offensive for absolutely no good reason. Why would anybody want to debate anything with you when all you are is rude hateful and sarcastic? An attitude like yours is not really conducive to getting people to listen or to talk

    1. @Move on Over We’ve been waiting. Republicans have been saying there’s fraud since before a single ballot was cast, and have yet to show us where it is. Just because people feel like it’s true and are repeating it, doesn’t make it true. Trump has always just said that, because that’s what he does…lies for profit.

    2. @Joseph Ellis Do you know how to edit, or delete your posts? Click on the 3 dots on the right of your post!
      You’re welcome! 😉

    1. @Paul Wilson So collecting voter information is something that should just be overlooked during this process?

    2. @Lee Smith the problem is, we didn’t join willingly. but your right about the same people run everyone except when Trump entered the game….. and the rules changed….

    3. @Nic Berni your not the sharpest pencil are you? you must be very young or you don’t read books written about our government.

    1. @Justin Flood I even passed as a real american citizen that was born here with white Privilege..What do you know so what country are you in..What’s wrong you can’t make it to our southern border China Biden has it wide open for you if you survive the journey..Then you can take real american English classes

    2. @Mike Smith You’re a laughable failure as a human being, but keep practicing. You might just become a “pastable” troll.

    1. @Ker
      I am not asking you to follow me.
      I am not instigating civil unrest.
      I am not attempting to undermine US government.
      Most likely served before you knew to wipe.

    2. Trump is just a sore loser who doesn’t understand that no matter how many times he tries to cheat he will never win. I feel kind of sorry for that Narcissistic Sociopath.

  2. Federal Observers should have been present from DAY ONE!!! I’m FLOORED at how potentially bad this is….????!!

    1. @Paul Wilson – “ya the audit will not change the election… thats why i find it so weird that leftists are scared of this audit”
      I find it wired that someone doesn’t understand that corrupting the election process endangers democracy.

    2. @Tim i am not old enough to care about vietnam… but i agree, after the audit biden will still be president but one must wonder why leftists are going insane over a closer look at the ballots

    3. @Paul Wilson They can “find” lots of proof of voter fraud. Just like crooked cops “find” drugs in cars. They just want to keep the idea alive that they were victims. Enough people out there who want to believe the big lie, so they’ll just add to it.

    4. @MarcBrenner That would be a lie & can be challenged bc EVERY BALLOT IS TRACEABLE TO THE VOTER! When you register everything is recorded, on paper + electronically. Unique as the signature, your address, former addresses, Birth Cert., IDs, utility or medical bills/bank statements, and other legal binding documents that identify you).
      Your party affiliation, even how you voted is public knowledge(that’s how you get pre-election flyers mailed to you).
      There is a pkt. of ballots that are numbered + when you show up determines the number that is recorded, you sign for your ballot when you vote in person. The BS about there need to be witnesses during the election is BS, you can sign up to observe from a distance as to not get in the way. The pollworkers in each precinct are from the diff. parties + have to sign a legal binding document before they are sworn in to work the polls of that election. If they do anything to compromise the election, or intentionally do anything that compromises the election integrity-they can be charged, fined, and jailed! It’s that serious.
      *Go Volunteer + See

  3. death threats need to be identified and prosecuted,
    its a 2-7 year jail term if someone is convicted of it in New Zealand.

    1. No, you can’t prosecute death threats anymore, or every single Antifa, BLM, and LiberNAZI would be in prison. Lol Can you just imagine?

    2. ​@Pat Doyle I agree puritans are a stain on our nation and really like your idea of letting the true natives decide white peoples fate

  4. The reason the the GOP has gone down this route is because the lunatic fringe is now mainstream.

    1. It gets better: all the hens are actually fine and there was never once any sign that any were harmed or missing. The fox shows a toy badge he got as a prize at the bottom of a cereal box and demands you to let him into the henhouse so he can ‘investigate.’

    2. They’re kind of giving the game away by hiding the machines. It’s not mainstream knowledge, but the MAGA Traitors absolutely LOVE the My Pillow Chud. They’re trying to back up his schizophrenia induced delusions of machine tampering. By tampering with the machines.

      Kind of how Trump ‘fought voter fraud’ by threatening Georgia to commit voter fraud on his behalf.

  5. The Judge who authorized this audit should be questioned on why they let a company who is not qualified to deal with this sort of information was given the go. Sounds a bit dodgy to me. What happens to this information when the next vote comes along is a worrying sign.

    1. @Mike Smith Were you at that particular rally? I doubt it. I wasn’t either. But I have just as much information about it as you do. I watched the clip. And as far as trolling goes, there’s no such thing as a “TreeRatologist”.

    2. @Dr.Killmore, TreeRatologist I’m not going to say that President Trump never stuck his foot in his mouth several times..But I have more inside info then most people..
      Let’s just say many members of my friends mabey even family work in DC with high security clearance…

    3. @Dr.Killmore, TreeRatologist I do have a real question for you ..why is it the smartest people can’t see how wrong they are in most things but what they do for a living..My mother is a retired nurse very smart when it comes to Prescription drug’s & other medical advice but can not see most common sense thing’s in life..She hates President Trump as well over MSNBC news..Just because they say he is bad..Dose anybody ever look into anything anymore on truth & real facts..The news has ben lying to the American people for over 50 years now..
      Example it’s going to be a big snow fall..everyone runs to the grocery store..Snow flurries the nexed day no big snow fall..when do the people open their eyes to this..

    4. @Paul Wilson LOL. Isn’t it obvious. And here you are watching a msnbc news. So what is your purpose for watching?

  6. One minute the Republicans are accusing Hugo Chaves of interfering in the 2020 election, next minute they are using his playbook.

    1. @Paul Wilson lol yeah…they actually said the GHOST of Chavez was responsible.
      How is that not a 5150 type of situation?

    2. @Paul Wilson I’m just waiting for the GOP to hire the Ghostbusters to bring in Hugo Chaves

  7. This is like allowing a criminal to reenter the scene of a crime in order to remove evidence

    1. @Paul Wilson Do you have even the remotest idea of how elections are run? Hint, they are not run by only one party, they are bi-partisan all the way down to the people handling and monitoring the counts.

    2. I’ve worked as an observer on elections and the level of ignorance from right wingers and their specious claims are beyond pathetic. They believe the insane conspiracy theories because they don’t want to take a minute to learn how things are actually done.

  8. Totally amazing that Federal intervention has not already occurred concerning these Federal votes. If not just to shut this down because of obvious breech of voting regulations, then at least having Federal officials physically present to closely observe for violations. Already much mischief can have transpired.

    1. @Paul Wilson But in Federal elections the US Government has the right and duty to monitor and assure that no violations of election law are occurring.

    2. @Rick Rhoden He is showing even more of the ignorance from the right on elections. They just make up crap and support it with suspicions, conspiracy theories, half truths and baseless false accusations.

    3. They arent federal, that is why they can do this because. the AZ gop who run the statehouse FOR NOW voted to allow it.

    4. @Erik Rogers True about the statehouse vote, but there are federal regulations for secure election procedures, especially for a federal office.

  9. I thought our ballots were supposed to be private, why have they been handed over to this private company?!

    1. That is what they are investigating right now, what was Dominion doing with our private ballots?

    2. @Denis Daly Don’t forget, those recounters are looking for bamboo fibers in the ballot paper because… CHY-na.

    3. @M Allen Manufacturing fraud is a crime, the only question is will a republican legislature let them get away with it? My guess is that is part of the plan.

  10. As an Arizonan, I’m furious about this ‘audit’! They have untrained, poorly supervised people who have no accountability thinking they can demand any record, any equipment, or anything else they can think. If any private data is compromised by these, I’ll be charitable here, well-intended people, they need to be sued within an inch of their lives, and the people who demanded AND approved it should be jailed. This is ridiculous, and I’m tired of it.

    1. stop watching CNN. you know they had to go through alot of legal red tape to be allowed to do this audit. a judge would not allowed it if they were not qualified.

    2. @Denice McDaniel you really need to investigate those claims so you can wake up to reality. politicians, car salesmen, and lawyers are naturally dishonest. their success depends on it.

    3. @id gaf shut up fool. if Michigan cheated, I want to know so it never happens again! you should feel the same. otherwise what does any of it matter!

  11. So these fools spuriously claimed the legitimate count was not properly observed and scrutinised, yet they now want to keep their own so called audit secret and unobserved, you can’t make this shxt up!

  12. We need to become much _much_ better at finding the people who make these death threats and put them behind bars.

    1. These kinds of MAGA Traitors are the reason MTG is in power right now. They did the same thing to her opponent, and he WASN’T given security. So he dropped out, and the fascist white supremacist TRAITOR to our Democracy was given authority. Unopposed.

  13. If the chain of custody has been violated – as seems highly likely – then every senator who enabled this needs to be investigated, and charged or disqualified as appropriate.

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