McCaskill: Senators Considering Stipulation To Enter Written Testimony Into Record | MSNBC 1

McCaskill: Senators Considering Stipulation To Enter Written Testimony Into Record | MSNBC


Former Sen. Claire McCaskill says the Senate may be reaching a stipulation to enter Rep. Herrera Beutler’s written testimony into the trial record, then move on to closing arguments.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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McCaskill: Senators Considering Stipulation To Enter Written Testimony Into Record | MSNBC


    1. @Laura Walker Thanks to this impeachment airing on live TV  & Social Media, for the very first time AMERICANS were able to see the horrific violence and death of the 7 months of BLM/ antifa riots….. What truly highlights the illegitimacy of this entire partisan SHAM WITCHHUNT (aka impeachment 2.0) is the democrat leftists REFUSAL to take the same hardline against the 7 months of BLM &, antifa RIOTS where 400 Police were injured, 4 were murdered and 40 Americans DIED in the months of looting and arson that destroyed 1000’s of businesses and buildings.  $$BILLIONS lost in the destruction.

      There will NEVER be “unity” with this level of double standards, hypocrisy and disingenuous, opportunistic, and selective political “outrage”.

    2. Because he is a potentially lethal cancer actively feeding on the body politic and our democracy, who has every intention of doing whatever he is allowed to do to get himself installed as an authoritarian ruler of America and its people.

    3. @President Elect Keith   On Nov 14, 2020 tramp45’s proud boy terrorists burned property from 4 churches including 2 historic black churches. Yes, as a town we prefer the BLM crowd. People take their children to BLM Plaza. Children roller skate there. Agent provacateurs from alt-right groups are known to have committed violence and set fires in DC in 2020. We begged for something to be done about the Trump terror tourism in 2020. Before every maga rally, businesses boarded up and we begged DC PD to do arrest more magats and Qanons. We knew something bad would eventually happen. And it did.

    4. Sorry but after this trial is over we still get to enjoy his trials for bank fraud, tax fraud, real estate fraud, and sexual assault. Baby hands will never be able to run in 2024, he’ll be too busy getting his hair braided in prison.

    1. @Jock Young
      The Dems presented no evidence except a riot happened.

      Donald Trump mentioned peaceful protest (which Dems showed in a tweet where everything around it was highlighted but that).

      Therefore, Trump cannot be charged for incitement.

    2. @Donna Brockbank
      Lol…they butch-slapped your side in a fraction of the time the Dems took.

      It was embarrassing. If I was their partner, I would not sleep with them for the rest of their lives; open and shut case; my fern could have defeated the Trump team better.

    3. @President Elect Keith
      Don’t forget:
      1) the full video statement of “people on both sides”
      2) showing where the impeachment managers left out critical video evidence.
      3) Opens the doors for all of them to be impeached on the same grounds

    4. @NOT SURE
      You clearly are biased.
      That is objectively false. Video showed BLM protesters burning buildings.

      You did not call for peace. You joined in. Return your television, computer, and phone in shame.

      You lost and we are laughing at you

    5. @J Barnhart
      Trial will not happen.
      Trump called for peace.
      People not listening rioted.
      I guess we should blame J.D. Salinger now for Mark David Chapman.

  1. Ugh, I want to see GOP members of Congress under oath when asked “was the election stolen from Trump?” Remember, it’s a felony to lie under oath.

    1. @Matt William Yup, I agree he’ll run. This just sealed my vote for VP Harris in 2024. Nothing she can do would be worse than Trump.

    2. @Matt i think he is going to age VERY poorly over the next 4 years. He may live to be 100, but he seems like the type to age fast once they hit a certain point. We’re just finding out that his COVID-19 was much worse & there’s a significant chance he would have died if given the healthcare you or I would’ve received. It’s less the age in number & more about millage and care.

    3. Very funny.
      It’s a felony to encourage violence and the Trump team showed they all did.

      Let’s not forget the whole management team interfering in the election results.

  2. McConnell is a snake quit giving him the benefit of doubt, he will vote to get this gone so he can get back to obstruction.

    1. This woman is weak af, no wonder they steamroll them. “Oh he didn’t do anything but….” Who are you defending here? The time for games is over. Needs executive action now. This is a big mess, America, and the time for action is now.


      FOLLOW THE $$$

  3. That is BullCrap …entering a written statement instead of allowing her to be a witness for everyone to hear and see !

    1. Donna Brockbank
      If he changes his story on the stand then he is lying under oath and that’s perjury but I suppose people don’t expect anything else from republicans it’s just part of the course for them

    2. @Thomas Harte it is it seems. The “Patriots” are a large number but not enough to completely distroy the Republican party in name and reputation.

    3. @G K he can just flip the script. A criminal trial is warranted. Every Republican that votes to aquit Trump should be prosecuted.

  4. It is disturbing to watch so many republican senators forsaking the interest of the country and sticking with the self absorbed Trump in spite of his atrocious actions.

    1. Apparently they’ve done the same thing twice in the past, and the last time they did it, the democrats spoke directly to the American people and FDR swept the election in the biggest landslide in American history. If you were to ask me, I’d say conservativism is going into a deep freeze for a few decades because of this stunt. On PBS they’re saying it’s _literally_ white supremacist fascism.
      Most of America’s problems are self-made, otherwise you guys would easily be in Star Trek.

  5. Mitch said the trial could not be held until after Trump left office.
    Then he said he cannot convict because Trump is no longer in office.
    Dishonest coward.

    1. That’s Mitch Mcconnell, he’s gotta look good for dear leader even though he’s no longer President he still owns Mcconnell and most of the GOP and i say most because there are some Rep. who had enough of Trump.

    2. @Mike Felix; That mad creepy old man held America hostage for years, power tripping, I never understood who he thought he was, as I could never understand him any way. He never ever should have been re-elected.

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