Mcconnell, Schumer Vow To Finish Electoral College Certification As Senate Reconvenes In Chamber 1

Mcconnell, Schumer Vow To Finish Electoral College Certification As Senate Reconvenes In Chamber


Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Chuck Schumer stood in the Senate chambers to condemn the pro-Trump mob that had attacked it and vowed to carry out the business the attack interrupted: Counting the electoral votes that made Joe Biden the next president of the United States. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Mcconnell, Schumer Vow To Finish Electoral College Certification As Senate Reconvenes In Chamber


  1. Mitch like Hitler’s cronies acted not because they were constitutionally acting government ministers but because they were weasels..dirty Donald is letting Russia Attack us without doing anything…Putin got his money’s worth…

    1. total Antifa and BLM FF… PETER WELCH twitter vid!…they had “””GAS MASKS”” UNDER THEIR SEATS ALREADY for pepper spray

  2. This is the Republican Party and the base they pandered to. They enabled Trumps insatiable need for power, corruption and chaos.
    The Unhinged Crowd they saw today is their base and all of them who backed Trump over the 4 years should be removed from office Immediately on January 21st.

    1. You’re wrong. This isn’t the Republican party. This is Trumpism. He’s split the party in half with his presidency. I’ve never been a Republican, I’ve disagreed with a lot of their beliefs. But this is far beyond Republicans. It’s extremism.

    2. It’s amazing how such an ignorant man can entice so many to follow him.Scary that people don’t learn from history.

    3. Leeanne, the people you saw today were complete jokesters. Wait until the real patriots come out to play. It will be the craziest gosh damned thing that history has ever seen. Don Lemon will be hiding in an outhouse in Montana sucking his thumb and you’ll all realize that stealing an election was giving yourself a death sentence.

  3. Zemo: An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one which crumbles from within? That’s dead… forever.

    1. Not a capitalist empire. Money buys idiots left and right. It’s called conservatism or recycled stupidity

  4. So what’s it gonna be, Republicans? The once-proud “Grand Old Party”? OR The “Trumpublican party”? #CULT45

    1. Shame on you crybaby
      You should be shamed of yourself disgrace to the human being to the society to the country to the world whatever you have done to the US today January 6 afternoon

  5. Mitch McConnell – too little too late. He should have deterred our deranged president four years ago to protect us from what happened today.

    1. He should have been removed removed from office after impeachment. Moscow Mitch enabled this to happen. FU Mitch.

    2. @Bunkieze K not really, the thing is that everyone puts too much faith in democracy, especially when it allows people like Mitch to take power.

    3. Although I have to agree he did little to stop Trump, he did show a modicum of respect for what is important to the USA. Do you think he was sincere or trying to cover his azz? I think he is afraid he will have to be investigated. He did get very rich on a politician’s wages. He really only turned against trump in the last weeks after trump went from the sublime to the ridiculous.

    1. And donnie jr has been crowing that the Republican Party is now the Party of Donald Trump, while eric threatens to personally end the political careers of any lawmakers who did not support his daddy’s attempt at a coup. This is what happens when you dance with the devil.

  6. Mitch McConnell could have saved hundreds of thousands of people, their jibs/savings/homes. But he refused to even hear witnesses in the case to impeach Trump.

    1. We will never forget.
      Noone is above the law is b*******.

      Bill Barr should have been disbarred.

      Co-conspirators should be arrested.

      Republicans will ignore their oath of office and put greed first.

      And Trump should be jailed.

      Just watch. In the name of greed, not justice, Trump will be pardoned and held in high esteem among Republican co-conspirators and his followers, who will continue to send him money as he laughs all the way to the bank.

    2. LMAO and the democrats could have saved millions of lives by not starting this civil war. Hold on tight, we haven’t even brought out guns yet. This won’t end well, I promise you.

    3. @Jet Freeman because it seem like you are talking evil that’s coming
      Out of your mouth stop projecting this on to the Democrat this is who you is because you are satan child

    1. @Ben Frank Sorry to say she was sheep and had to have done something to get shot. She wasn’t a child she made a choice!

    1. Yep, it’s his Frankenstein & now he wants to grow some. Nope Mitch the B$#@%, you won’t wiggle out of this.

    1. Yeah, 2 headed snakes, just like loeffler who grew a conscience litterally hours after supporting a lying trump! Disgusting!

    2. We need to defund and abolish Congress they no longer represent us or America they use to do stuff behind our back now they do it in front of our face. United we stand divided we fall. We are done with y’all lies and hypocrisy never being held accountable for y’all crimes we can no longer trust anything y’all do if I seen Chuck schumer or Mitch McConnell or Nancy Pelosi on the news today dead covered in blood I wouldn’t have felt bad at all it would hurt me more if I spilled my beer

    1. And like antif and killing two conservatives.. get ready you’ve poked the bear one to many FK’IN times… *( Be ready for death! )*

    2. @TheLast GreatTurtle just accept more lockdowns. Our government has taken us over

      Its a lose lose. We cant do anything without looking bad. Things will get worse before they get better

    3. @TheLast GreatTurtle Did it ever occur to you that if you were not a bunch of ignorant uneducated backwater daughter Humper’s like trump than maybe you would not say such stupid things?

    4. actually the democrats thinking that they can fraudulently steel an election is what made that crowd. Guess what, lmao, that’s just the first one. Wait until we bring out our silenced ar-15s, body armor, and armor penetrating rounds.

    5. Lol someone is really really upset. Upset equals threaten ppl with guns whilst protecting yourself with body armor with “penetrating armor rounds”. Interesting. Very interesting. Ive never known an emotion to do such a thing. Very intriguing. (Or just sad. Maybe ill take a flame thrower and melt ppl bc im sad. That makes sense.)

    1. Unfortunately we the people, have to deal with this insanity as well. Republicans have not stood up to the vile sack of orange bile which created this BS. I want Cruz, Fawley and McCarthy to be charged with treason along with our illustrious president.

    1. Lance, I can’t wait to meet you in the streets when this war pops off. Your scalp will be on my keychain.

    2. Although i have a suggestion. How about taking your fleshy foreskin and put it on a keychain. I think itd be a lot more patriotic and it wont take up so much more space on the keychain for other things. Like a “make america great again 2021” charms and “trump 2021” charms since he won’t be there in 2 weeks bc well you know why.

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