Joy Reid: 'This Is A Riot At Minimum, It's Insurrection' | MSNBC 1

Joy Reid: ‘This Is A Riot At Minimum, It’s Insurrection’ | MSNBC


Joy Reid notes that, “people don’t want to call it a coup, but what else is it if you’re trying to replace the President of the United States with your choice?” Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Joy Reid: 'This Is A Riot At Minimum, It's Insurrection' | MSNBC


    1. @Sabian Ritco id rather see someone burn the flag while wrapped in the constitution, than see someone burn the constitution wrapped in a flag.

    2. Who cares….I serve myself ….not a flag… need to start thinking like a real American pez.

    1. @Win Big with Lena & Mike This must be one of those poorly educated Americans your president claimed to love so much. Lol!

    2. These guys are complete idiots. The media has so many faces on film! These terrorist want to brag on Facebook and Twitter and post these pictures! Don’t forget parlor!

    3. @The Good Witch – And, *after* their family, friends, bosses, coworkers and/or customers *see the footage* for themselves, well…
      Can anyone say *’community pariahs’…?*

  1. Everyone involved should get the maximum sentence to send a message. If this was a non-American attack, they’d all be dead!

    1. I agree, but Trump will pre-pardon all the buttplugs. E-book: ‘Right Wingers Duped’ sheds light on some of Trump’s most egregious failings.

    2. Spend more of my money to put people in prison? No thanks…..maybe congress as a whole should be in prison….all are criminals.

  2. Why would they ever resign when this country’s policy of zero accountability for the rich and powerful/excessive force and death accountability for everyone else has been working so well for them?

    1. It’s not as if Trump, himself, hasn’t promoted and encouraged the excessive use of government force on the people all throughout his presidency, or anything.

    2. @Ice 9 Snowflake remember during the campaign in ’16 he told his followers to ” use their 2nd amendment rights ” on Hillary ?

  3. If this is not enough to invoke the 25th amendment then your constitution is useless. You may as well remove it.

    1. Let’s do both and see which one works fastest. Impeachment articles are being written tonight and the 25th is on as well.

  4. They’re not defending America’s democracy. They’re defending a disturbed man’s pathological ego.

    1. @George B. Wolffsohn Trump HITLER ?
      ? Gram mer ?? U i dio t tr u mp lo v er Do you have a rebel flag on your wall !?!?

    1. She overestimates Trumps role; Trump is a symptom of a lack of meaningful representation in our government spanning decades. Trump is merely a symptom and the catalyst for what happened today – but make no mistake, if Democrats and Republicans don’t come to grips w the reality of the situation, I fear we haven’t seen anything yet.

    2. @Alex Jeffries Your statement is sad but true. But Trump was allowed to get to the point he did because other politicians had an unseen agenda. There is no way educated men would allow such a sorry mess to be called the president of the United States. Think about it?

    3. @perhaps today – We’re lucky Trump was a buffoon, had he been capable, who knows what could’ve happened. All I know is the same politicians we elected for decades on end are making the same decisions that got us into this mess , they must really feel safe in their military industrial complex prisons they created for themselves

    4. @Bob Bigboy How’s that kool-aid taste? Sugary sweet? Ego-soothing? None of what you claim is even remotely true. No Antifa or BLM members or sympathizers shot anyone. Come back to reality.

    1. I particularly like the last part of the quote: “…we will deserve it”. Yes, you, mr. graham- it was your admission of guilt – you chose, you were complicit with the monster, now it is time to have your “deserved” fate

    2. @SIERRA MIKE – Watching Lindsey shuffle-dancing on the Senate floor earlier, cracking jokes, like *nothing had happened…*

  5. Resign?? Hold them fully accountable. They should be arrested and charged with Sedition and/or Treason and immediately removed.

    1. @Jeff Zima if Donald makes terrorism legal then Biden will just cancel his executive order. If this is the best the Neo-Confederates
      can do they’ll be crushed just like the child abusers they seek to emulate

    2. @Mathy Don Of course all Trump did will be overturned. That was always the plan. Enjoy your no school choice, no healthcare choice, low-income high rises in your suburb, car ownership taxed out of existance, home ownership taxed out of existance, gun ownership taxed out of existance and being herded into the cities like cattle. Covid response has decimated our service economy and dems will greatly increase everyone’s taxes so companies that were coming back under Trump will stay and go back overseas. So yeah, enjoy the millions of jobless soon too.

    3. Yep, Zima…#45 was… *’great’* for America.
      U.S. farmers *on welfare for the past THREE years* …
      “GM” *laid off* workers *in 2019* …and *didn’t* rehire them.
      “U.S. Steel Co.” *laid off* workers *in 2019* …and *didn’t* rehire them.
      *SEVEN* coal companies closed *in 2019* alone…and *MANY more* followed last year.
      *520,000 FEWER jobs* than expected in 2019 and *so, SO much WORSE* last year – and the markets *WARNED #45* about his *feckless financial games…*
      #45 – *So* embarrassing for America, *cretinously inept* with America’s wallet… and now *’FATAL’ for 357,000+ Americans.*

    4. @CynAnne1 It was one man, Trump, against the entire deep state. He brought back a lot! Record employment for blacks, hispanics, and women. More factories coming back than ever before. Middle class tax cuts that increased small business growth. Record stock market. School choice actually coming to parents trapped in leftist cities and much more. Oh and, if you believe NPR, deep state government literally bought and paid for, raid, you are more out of it than I first thought. Keep watching MSNBC. It’s doing you well, along with your late night. When the communist “train” stops to let you on you will realize how rediculous you were. Hope you’re not too arrogant to admit it when it happens, but I won’t hold my breath. Also, few jobs than expected…yeah, but a heck of a lot more than “expected” under Hillary. Fake news…you are plugged in bro.

    5. @CynAnne1 Oh and let’s not forget your brainwashed self with the COVID number. Was supposed to be 2.2 million. Do you remember that. Who stopped China travel when you beloved Dems demanded to keep it going? Look at the actual deaths of all Americans from every cause. You will find there were thousands MORE deaths in 2019 than in “pandemic” 2020 from every cause. Doesn’t that tell any thinking person with a brain that maybe the COVID death numbers are being miss-reported? Think for yourself man. I believe you can do it.

    1. I can’t understand why the media is acting so surprised and shocked by this. It’s been on the cards for months and Bunker Brat has been openly advocating and encouraging it on TV. Why the surprise?

  6. Rioters allowed to loiter 10 ft. in front of riot police during a curfew with no response or arrest? Sounds about white.

  7. Were paying cops to take selfies with terrorists, and then walking them to the capital!
    While a lady got killed!

  8. The president of the United States today ordered and openly supported and commended an attack on our own country. Yet there he still sits in the White House. Just amazing.

    1. The US Law enforcement sections are full of White Trump Sympathisers…I fear for Biden & Harris’s safety

  9. Don’t let Trump create his empire – you must charge him with inciting a riot, for treason and impeach him now!!

    1. “President” Pence should be sworn in as the 46th President, and Biden will be the 47th President!! republixans are saying Trump is worth dying for, worth going to war for, worth shutting down the government for, worth destroying America for..a reality TV “star” eeesh!!

    2. Trump and his mob must face the consequences of their crimes. Trump bragged about ten year prison sentences for those who destroy federal property. Time to put this into practice, starting with the one who incited it.

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