"Violence Never Wins": Pence Condemns Trump Mob As Senate Resumes Business | MSNBC 1

“Violence Never Wins”: Pence Condemns Trump Mob As Senate Resumes Business | MSNBC


Vice President Mike Pence speaks out against "those who wreaked havoc in our Capitol today" as he restarts business in the U.S. Senate just hours after a violent rioting Trump supporters raided the Capitol building. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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"Violence Never Wins": Pence Condemns Trump Mob As Senate Resumes Business | MSNBC


    1. That’s a crazy statistic and it might be a low count as our contact tracing (or lack of) has been flubbed so badly. ANyways to put it into perspective about 400,000 Americans died in World War 2… And that took 4 years. We are only at 10 months of this.

    2. You mean covid didn’t Nancy pelosi tell us to go to Chinatown? And it didn’t Fauchi you tell us not to wear masks?….

      but you’re right you’re right it’s Trump’s fault of course orange man bad….

    1. @super duper she chose to follow Trump’s orders and paid the price. Sad but it is what it is. The only deaths worth discussing is the more than 350,000 people that died from covid simply because Trump didn’t take it seriously and do everything he possibly could to lessen the impact. I have no sympathy for the woman who died for Trump today

    2. @super duper bull crap! Your death rate could of been much less if Trump the wanker actually took it seriously and had a plan. But the fact is he didn’t. The result is unnecessary deaths. It may of come from China but they didn’t spread it around your country, you did that to yourselves

  1. Mr Pence, you have supported this guy for 4 years. You are also responsible for what has happened

    1. Trump Supporters Take Note. Your “hero” has conned you once again. For just like a mob boss, (a lousy one at that), he talked you into committing violent acts (many of you). And good ol’ draft dodging president Donny Bone Spurs went and hid in the White House (EVEN THOUGH HE ASSURED YOU THAT HE WOULD BE THERE WITH YOU) so that YOU would be held accountable for the evil seditious treasonous acts that he was TOO COWARDLY to be responsible for BY HIMSELF….as a REAL PRESIDENT SHOULD.


  2. He says “we” a lot for someone who has no idea what the F anyone else in his corrupt group of grifters think

    1. @Denise Weick Tell people what they want to hear and they will continue life like nothing happened…

  3. This guy’s words are empty and mean absolutely nothing. He helped bring this on by enabling his boss for the last 4+ years.

  4. If only Pence had spent four years walking the walk that would have earned him the right to those fine sentiments he just uttered. Hypocrite.

    1. BIGLEY TREMENDOUSLY UGEEELY OUTSTANDING terrific TRUTHS his only black friend that fly isn’t impressed by race Bannon typical cowardly hypocrite

    1. Invoke the 25th! HE’S FIRED! Let’s get him some psychiatric care. Trump’s delusional state does not allow him to govern our nation or comprehend the meaning of DEMOCRACY. HE’S FIRED. is what he will understand. This evil loser should not remain in office one more day.Unprincipaled hate mongers have no value for anyone. It’s clear he will continue to destroy our nation for his selfish reasons.History is waiting, our constitution provides a solution, use#25. .

    1. @Milo Music Guess you have a problem with math, when a person like you that makes very little the lowering could be 7.00 but the more you make the more by % you get back so your 7.00 is the same rate as a person who made a million. By the way The top 1 percent of taxpayers paid roughly $538 billion, or 37.3 percent of all income taxes. Sounds like they are the ones paying to much

    2. @Jim Lincoln Not a lie; it was gave a lot of money to the richest Americans. Regular Americans got a break of a few dollars, which will go away in a few years.

    3. @Jim Lincoln Trump should have focused on healing America instead of fueling hate. He will be held accountable by the American people.

  5. So he starts with a a lie, “Swift efforts“? They knew this was coming and they were seriously undermanned.

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