McGahn: Trump’s Order To Have Mueller Fired Was ‘Point Of No Return’ 1

McGahn: Trump’s Order To Have Mueller Fired Was ‘Point Of No Return’


Rep. Eric Swalwell and former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Don McGahn’s new testimony that Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller and why we “should consider” giving more independence to special counsel investigations given the “fragile times for our democracy.”
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  1. The facts always come out… trump just hoped he had another 4 years to avoid consequences…….

    1. @Charley G I would try to avoid these types of individuals at all costs, they are dangerous. You’re right, those who view Fox and other right-wing “news outlets” do believe it’s actually news. They go about their daily lives looking for “others” to “own.” I air quoted “others” because this is what they call their perceived enemies and/or liberals. Too think, many of these types work in hospitals, banks, the post-office, police dept. etc. Places of employment where they have the potential to cause serious problems and pose an extremely high threat to the general population/”others”. (this is not hyperbole)

    2. @MIKAEL S1 I know…. I know…. however, I can be quite dangerous myself, technically i am considered “a deadly weapon”, I swear. Anyone who has a black belt in martial arts is, this is why we are some of the most forgiving people especially when it comes to confrontation and walking away.
      So, I am really curious what these Clowns can point to for evidence. Like with the supposed massive wide spread election fraud,…..well where is the evidence? ALL that evidence Clown Powell said she had coming through a fire hose, and there was sooooo much it was going to take some time to go through it all and was going to expose everyone ….and Hugo Chavez too, lol! Heck, I still dont know who George sorrows is, not that I put in one iota of time to do a quick google search. However, I did some research on if anyone was arrested for voter fraud in 2020 & 2021. Did you know there were quite a few people who have been charged for voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election? Oh yes, they are all Republicans! So far I did not find any that were trying to vote Biden. One actually requested a mail in ballot for his mom, she has been dead for several years yet was still able to vote for trump, ! I could go on and on.

    3. @MIKAEL S1I hope you don’t believe in this evil idea. you blame fox and the right wing media but your evil view made by MBC and CNN Comonisits/marcsist anti America media.
      The whit polition And billionaires have found a way to stay in power forever.
      it’s amazing how the lefts
      Blame others for their own actions.

  2. One can only imagine a more competent version of Trump in the White House.
    Fortunately for America, his “advisors” were just as incompetent, if not more so.

    1. @A Diamond was talking about the government not the citizens that also live beyond their means…

    2. @Larry Paul “Huge spending bills don’t work because you are (typo) living beyond your means, which in turn tanks an economy.”

      As you mention that you are an “Independent” voter, that lead me to deduce that you are American.
      So not only didn’t you clarify that you meant “governments”, but distanced yourself from it. Logically, I figured you meant “other people living within the U.S.”
      This is why effective communication is so important, isn’t it?

      As for the American Government living beyond it’s means: No. It isn’t. You may disagree with me, but you aren’t speaking from a factual basis here.
      What we do need to improve our economy is a good bookkeeper though, and balance the budget sensibly. Keep people responsible for money spent. Both as individuals and as a nation. See where money is wasted, and redirect that to something productive.

      Now the politically right wingers in this nation tend to point at healthcare and food stamps as costs to be cut, but in truth there is a lot of waste in general, and especially in the military, easily our largest expense in our budget.
      From installations, with full utilities and guards in place of course, guarding hopelessly almost hilariously outdated equipment, to the money that just “disappears” yearly (and no, it’s not for “secret development” there is a budget for that).. we could easily restructure our spending, reduce waste and loss, and be in better shape.

      That was one area of government spending, there are plenty more. The U.S. is hardly “out of money”, but we prefer not to hold the people who have access such funds as accountable for their expenses as we do poor families for their food stamp benefits. We should.

    3. @A Diamond talking about spending bills, most would assume government even with typos involved.

      And who pays for that excessive government spending, we do..
      And those that are already living beyond their means (citizens) will be hurt the most by that spending…

      Effective communication really dont happen on youtube…..
      Perfect example is the explanation of economics you gave earlier…
      Also why I’ve read none of your other wot’s

    4. @Larry PaulI bothered to explain the issue your response garnered because I figured you were speaking at least from a place of some integrity, rather than just spouting your own opinions stated as “truths”.
      My mistake.

    5. @A Diamond
      1.9 trillion / 333 million = 5,705.00 tax bill to each us citizen.
      5,705 – 1,400 = 4,305 net loss to each US citizen
      And that is only one bill..
      Yes it is integrity, and yes you are wrong……. youtube still isnt the place..

  3. A real investigation cannot occur if they are limited to what they can ask, who they can ask, and under the risk of being fired by the one they are investigating. Accountability starts when people know that there will be consequences for their actions. The real crime begins when people think they can get away with it.

    1. Investigations are limited to prevent justice just like voting rules are designed to prevent democracy.

    2. also they gave donald written questions so his lawyers could help him not admit guilt or perjure himself

  4. Wtf is wrong with your country?! He’s going to get away with this because there’s a fear to indict, because the fear is a civil war

    1. @habitant71 It wouldn’t be a stain, it would be an accurate reflection of who we are, just like separating children at the border, and mass incarceration of black people. It’s only a stain if your trying to appear different than you really are.

    2. Another words he’s not just some guy, this is who a lot of people want to represent them. This is what their into. This is their kind of guy. So let it be known, this is what kind of person America wants.

    3. @mistatk yes, that’s true. I don’t want to be that guy, I think you’re not from over here; in other words, for next time

    4. @habitant71 I’m from Maryland, and before that Nevada and before that Hawaii. I don’t know what you mean, I’m not from around here.

    1. He’ll probably be indicted in NY first, and the DOJ is probably trying not to interfere in that investigation. There’s still steps that need to be taken to prevent another corrupt president from acting like a dictator.

    1. @Steve Robinson OK. Yes. I have been watching TV since the 50’s. I watch all channels. Always have. And at 70, I know bs when I hear it. Some of this cult crap, I have heard before. I’m a grandmom who will not let evil people like you not be called out for who you are. I see no wisdom in your words.

  5. He committed felonies before he even stepped into office. He shouldn’t have qualified to run for president in the first place.

    1. @Kathy As you are familiar with “Trump stepping on a few toes” and are “familiar with the deals Trump cuts and thrusts in New York city” , are you perhaps referring to the one with Stormy Daniels?. Those toes ? Were they in changing facilities ,aledgedly? As such an admirer of Trump’s reputation in the Big Apple, did he help you ‘Access Hollywood’ ? hitting a few tic tacs , on Fifth Avenue on his way to wining and dining you at McDonald’s.

    2. @Johnny SS Dems aren’t more corrupt than GOP. Are you kidding? If he ran as a Dem, he would have been canceled in minutes. (As he should have been years ago). Had he run as Independent, Hillary would be in her second term.

    3. @Michael Shaw I don’t vote for president based on his personal life, his sparkling personality, or his talent for smooth talking speeches. I did that in high school! I vote for the person most likely to get the job done. And Trump did! Only Trump could have cut through the massive bureaucracy to get the COVID vaccine out as fast as he did. He literally saved millions of lives.

  6. I said this a while ago. Biden should sign an executive order overturning the DOJ memo which protects presidents from indictment.

    1. @Annie freeing up the DOJ to do its job isn’t interfering. If Biden makes an order that future presidents are bound by the law, then the only way to reverse it is by another executive order. If a future president issues such an order, that in itself will raise a lot of suspicion, so it will serve as an extra barrier for the next corrupt president, at least until we can overcome the gridlock in Congress to enact a more permanent solution.

      And by the way, the only reason that DOJ memo exists in the first place is because at the time of the Watergate scandal, VP Spiro Agnew was also under investigation and DOJ leadership was worried about the possibility of the Republican president and VP both getting removed, putting the Democratic Speaker of the House in the oval office.

    2. Really??? Beijing Biden us soooo corrupt, along with DIRTY DEMS!!! Weissman is corrupt….
      Check his background!!! Swalwell can’t be trusted!!! Colluded with Chinese lover!!

    3. Biden should xzecativ order every time Republicans refuse to cooperate, help ,and use it to get America going up, rock bottom alredy.,only up wards, Republicans want to dig deeper? !, wtf.

  7. If he wasn’t guilty of something ” trump ” why should he worry about Mueller’s report, kinda sounds funny to me…..

    1. @Johnny SS yeah because mango mussolini’s “take the guns first, go through due process second” screams freedom

    2. @Johnny SS; What a fool, can you possibly understand or imagine the heights America would be soaring today had the Honorable Ms Secretary been given her rightful position? Do you know that the GOP had been targeting her for twenty years, they were SCARED to death of her!! They spent over $250,000,000.00 on several Congressional Committees and came up with nothing, as they were only speculating and hoping to find something.

    3. @Admiral General Aladeen – *I agree, but it’s “Love your Country, not live your Country”. Although, typos are normal.*

    4. @Guy North – *The Republicans are the reason why this Country is in such a mess! It seems as though they tried to destroy this Country after President Obama’s success. They have gone absolutely insane. And it backfired on all of them.*

    1. @old tighthead Haven’t you realized yet that the Hunter Biden thing was a Ukrainian/ Russian, Rudy Giuliani b.s. conspiracy?

  8. Tired of hearing Donald Duck did this and that. When will actual concrete action happen to convict him?

    1. You’re right. And how did Trump manage to remain unscathed even after 18 women have filed sexual misconduct charges against him? It kind of makes you wonder if he has billionaire “helpers” who are bailing him out some way. He definitely is the most corrupt guy ever to be in the WH.

    2. Eventually, the money will run out and his supporters will slowly back away as he gets more desperate and POOR.

    3. @Barbara carpenter I would be too but these dummies are still chanting about Hillary and blaming Obama. I wish those charges would happen or are the Dems just that much smarter?

  9. Ordering the firing of the special prosecutor is obstruction of justice… where is the indictment?

    1. @evan doe everyone is lying but Trump, huh?

      Sounds like a reasonable conclusion. Please, tell me more.

    2. @evan doe actually everything he stated are facts just shows that you have no idea what you are talking about i also notice how your not pointing out any facts to back your opinion because there are none lol

    3. @evan doe I and my family have had dealings with dump, unlike the cult follower which is YOU! I’m a leader, not a follower, especially of the DUMPSTER! As you are!

    1. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire, makes American history and political machinations look like a kindergarten playground during lunchtime… Americans are so self-important and delude themselves daily on their place in history… If anything, the election of Trump and subsequent implications just show how inept the American electorate actually is…on all sides of the political spectrum…

    2. The Schwa Sound, the difference is that the United States can destroy the planet in twelve hours. We are a kid with a loaded Uzi.

    3. I allready read like 10 anti trump books they are all crazy and this is only part of what that egomant has done

    4. That would certainly be an appropriate title. Subtitle; American Horror Story. Or rise and fall of an American Don.


  11. The only way to prevent this from ever happening again is to never again elect republicans to any political office.

    1. @jcookie cookie I don’t think he was giving him ideas. Mike is a huge trump fan boy. He is the one who said he was sent by God to save us. And had no problems projecting the conspiracy theories. I think trump was using him. Well, they deserve each other. As soon as Mr pillow becomes irrelevant, it will be ” I really didn’t know him. Took some pictures. He can’t too bad been hearing things that he likes me”.

    1. Should of been wired to lie detector on swearing oath on inauguration for deception day1. 1st lie. , ,largest ceremony in America’s president ceremony, most attended, and in less than 24 hours, lies , let pathological lying begin!

  12. Don McGahn could’ve done his country a great service and testified 2 years ago when it could’ve made a difference…

  13. The moment iT told his people to ignore subpoenas iT should have been arrested for obstruction of justice.

    1. @jcookie cookie this isn’t about a photo ok this is about Trump trying to fire mueller and his investigation….did you not read the DISCRIPTION before you selected the segment?

    2. @Nic Moreno Ok let’s talk about your comprehensive skills. The dominant subject in this article is the claim that Trump ordered Mueller to be fired. Other than this one mans claim all other evidence points to that not being the truth. Since it’s on CNN.( which coincidentally and historically seldom fact checks anything if its anti Trump.) With a track record like that AND the guy making the claim ( and there is substantial evidence pointing to that not being factual.)…..stinks like BS to me. But then I doubt if you know what that smells like. One of the side effects of Trump Derangement Syndrome is the inability to be objective.

    3. @Ms Linda #1 McGahn said Trump called him twice to tell him to have Rosenstein fire Mueller because there were conflicts. Unfortunately phone records only show 1 phone call. John Dowd also a part of the team said Trump told McGahn to tell Rosenstein that Mueller needed to be vetted there were conflicts. #3 if Trump really did tell McGahn that why didnt he resign immediately rather than waiting to resign later over a much more insignificant reason than for continually poorly crafting executive orders. (Which was his job.)

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