McGovern Slams McCarthy For ‘Hiding’ From Floor Jan. 6 Commission Vote

“Kevin McCarthy didn’t even have the guts to come on the House floor and defend his position. I don’t know where he was—maybe hiding under his desk, maybe talking on the phone with Donald Trump who’s in exile at Mar-a-Lago,” says Rep. Jim McGovern. 
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  1. It’s the old Republican MO – make demands, weaken the commission then when they get everything they want, renege on the deal!
    When are Democrats going to learn!?

    1. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle even if you think that we cheated, sweetheart facts don’t care about your feelings, President Biden is your President so.. sorry not sorry..

    2. @Buff Straw Well there was another Republican caught voting his missing and suspected dead wife’s mail in ballot, cause need more Trump votes.

    3. Fraudster – Sounds like a BS story. However let’s go with it. You know for a fact your vote was never counted?

  2. I’ve heard the Democrats are already planning their attack ads for the midterms. There’s going to be plenty of material available. People have to be reminded of what happened on 1/6 and what the Republicans have been doing since then.

    1. BTC Brian Tyler Cohen has an interview with the DNC Chair, Jaime Harrison. Look for it on YouTube. Jaime ran against Lindsey in SC. I helped his campaign as much as possible with Covid. He is a great, motivated, decent guy. He has pledged millions to help win local, state and country elections. The Lincoln Project is all in, too. They are going against Senate rethugplicans who incited the Big Lie Violence. Cruz, Hawley…..etc..

    2. 👍👍👍 Remember at mid-terms…your GQP electees…that voted to screw you…and the rest of America !!!

    1. @FLASHBACKS INTO The only proof of that is flawed. The voter registration with his name on it has the wrong birthday listed, by over twenty years. If it was the same guy he’d be in his 30s instead of his 50s. Either it’s straight up faked or it’s just another person with the same name who happened to be a Democrat. Your viral meme is a lie.

    2. @Athena Nike
      Edgar Bergen had his Charlie McCarthy, Dirty Donnie has his/its Kevin McCarthy.
      Mr. Bergen had the much brighter dummy.

  3. The people who delighted in telling Democrats to “get over” Hillary losing in 2016.
    Are the same people who are re-counting Arizona’s ballots in 2021.

    1. Wow, now that is the very definition of Sore Loooosers..

      Republicon’s are proof that stupidity is alive and well.. The latest conspiracy that I heard today was that Chicken’s ate the ballots and then they had to incinerate the chicken’s to destroy the evidence.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.. I don’t know who thought it up but I heard it on the Rachel Maddow Show..

    2. @Matthew Chick .. Once in a while.. If your thinking she made this up.. Well, I don’t think sooo..

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis don’t forget the tour Marjorie Taylor Greene gave of the capital building before Jan 6 to people who were seen storming said capital building.

    2. @cagelirious m/-_-m/ For tresspassing?
      All these traitors got charged with trespassing… that’s the same as me stepping on your property and being arrested.

    3. @cagelirious m/-_-m/ But atleast now we will get a full investigation and all the videos will be released to the public as I pay taxes and a public person.

    4. @cagelirious m/-_-m/ can’t wait to see what she says about that in the investigation

  4. “Good point the more 45 insults them the more they kiss his butt”. Apparently they love it, eventually everything will work out, they will leave with dodo on there faces.

    1. “I’m a Republican and I filled out my ballot…when I went to scan my ballot it spit it out,” Lambie explained. “I tried it three or four times and it kept spitting it back out.”
      Officials originally claimed the machines were not reading the barcodes on all ballots. However, it has since been confirmed there’s no problem with Democrat ballots. This adds to concerns among Pennsylvania voters.
      “Just went the normal process of getting a ballot, filling it out…took it over to the machine to put it in and it was rejected,” recounted Jeff Valek, another local voter.
      Election officials are reportedly collecting Republican ballots to count them separately at a later time.

    2. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle stop 🛑 it cry 😭 proof of widespread fraud deal with it. Like the man said,the more you and all of trump supporters get yelled at and bully by your master the more butt kissing you guy’s do.

    3. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle Why is it so hard for you people to believe trump lost? After the 4 years we had, there were enough intelligent people out there that decided they’d had enough! As expected, when he lost he started crying like a spoiled 3 year old. He even caused an insurrection that caused the death of 5 people. MAN UP! HE LOST!! If the incidences you sight really happened do you think it happened enough to change the election? 7 million times??? My God man use your head!

    1. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle even if you think that we cheated, sweetheart facts really don’t care about your feelings, President Biden is your President, so sorry not sorry, thank God that he won!

    1. I believe that we will remember! The Lincoln project and the true republican with intrigrity will remember, our democracy depends on it! We must keep the republican party out of control until they purge the autocratics out!

    2. @Calvin Campbell Catchy phrase. Even sounds patriotic, but we will forget, and that’s a shame.

    3. @Shiloh Rose 581 yeah, sadly that is more than likely the case.
      *So, set your expectations low and be pleasantly surprised is my motto then you won’t be disappointed as much.*

    1. Fun fact we will never get to watch all the videos on that day. Even if me and you pay taxes and kits public info…
      Jan 6th was so bad the videos dont be released lol…

  5. If Pennsylvania’s 9th District Republican Congressman Dan Meuser didn’t vote for creating this “Insurrection Commission” I’m gonna’ hound him at every public appearance he has. I might even rent some billboards.

    1. He voted against it.. The list of the 35 that voted for is online and his name isn’t on it..

  6. McCarthy’s worried about his Own handling of the Jan. 6th Fiasco behind the scenes coming to life..

    1. His call to Trump in the WH should have been recorded. Won’t that transcript be interesting reading?!

    2. The Republicans don’t want this commission because it will reveal that 45 was indeed the person who caused the events of 1/6/21,but McCarthy doesn’t want it because he’s hoping that they can keep all of this buried so they can win the midterm election and he can have his wish, to be the majority speaker of the house, nothing else matters to these people more than money and power

    1. @K Thomas
      Well, they can certainly do that. But remember that the DOJ is also conducting its own investigation and arrests in capitol riot. And I don’t think they’re ignoring Trump’s role. If they gather good evidence regarding Trump’s role, they can charge the former president. And they may also choose to subpoena McCarty.

    2. @Tyran Mathurin well my point is I want to see the insane half of congress begin to act like Americans again.

    3. @K Thomas
      I am with you on that. But that can’t happen until they decide to abandon Donald Trump and regain their sanity (if at all they will). Some GOP lawmakers in Arizona seem to be on track to doing just that. They voted in favor of the “audit,” but expressed a change of heart. They said that they’ve had enough. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon with Trump’s sycophants in congress. Some of them have made it clear that their focus is on winning elections. And that they need Trump in order to win.

  7. I’m getting the feeling that McCarthy is not trying to stop this because he’s afraid of Agent Orange, he’s afraid because he is just as guilty as his boss.

    1. @FLASHBACKS INTO and who did he vote for in 2020 election? Manchin and sinema elected as democrats, and they’re as republican as mtg.

    2. @Adam Taylor thanks for the clarification. Pretty much everything I’ve seen from that party is disgusting

    3. @Sylvia Koetz blah blah blah blah.. Dont hype things as ” fear ” to stroke your own ego while stroking Trumps its really sad..

  8. When you negotiate with people to get their vote and they back out, you have to remove what you gave them in negotiations. REPUBLICANS KEEP DOING THIS!!

  9. McCarthy: There’s a old saying. Cowardice rightly understood begin with selfishness and ends with shame.I 🤨

  10. “they got everything they wanted, but couldn’t take yes for an answer”…. in a nutshell.

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