1. @John Adams let’s Hope they try to. Let them line the streets with their bodies and blood of right wing extremist!! Thank the GOP for their antiriot bills. Let the bodies Hot the floor. Like they should have done Jan 6. Laid waste to that group of Trumpanzies.

    2. @John Adams thats too extreme take it from me its not happening but ill tell you this our elected officials are having a big laugh at our expense because while we’re fighting schoolyard games they’re going about their lives like nothing happened

    3. ​@MysticiaDev Creative amazing how you want to send him to jail when he hasn’t been president for 5 months. get over it. all the investigations have found nothing, he is innocent and no lies will change that.

    1. @DND SoundEFX not really, all the investigations have found nothing, he is innocent and no lies will change that.

    2. @Jeremy Theimer No, the GOP senators voted to acquit him, but that’s not a legal process, it’s a political process. Trump no longer has immunity. He’s about to be knee deep in lawsuits.

    3. @liam mt she was a HUGE investor in VISA(the credit card company) when first IPO’d. I believe the bulk of her wealth to be from the stock market and real estate.

  1. Many business owners keep , as a keepsake , the first ” legal ” dollar they made in business ……T***** doesn”t have one ….

    1. @Ken Shaw, I know for a fact that isn’t true, Mr. Shaw. Removing money from circulation is only done by the Authority of the SS. Hording money or stuffing it into one’s bed, is not considered to be taken out of circulation, it may be a thin line but it is there, Mr. Shaw.

    2. @Just Drifting Through Life Who’s obsessing…trump is all over the news nation wide. Of course he’ll be talked about.
      If it bothers you that much change the channel

  2. John Gotti went to prison. Harvey Weinstein went to prison. Jeffrey Epstein went to prison. Donald Trump can go to prison, too.

    1. @Dave Wrigley you didn’t answer my question? The GOP is worth Billions. So Trump had no money or power to go after Hillary? She was around before Biden even through his name in. This election was never about Biden. It was about Trump being removed.

    1. @Mдѓіф Ͼ I might be right he don’t go to jail he won’t because others will be with him on both sides lets not kid ourselves the Democrats and Republicans are both guilty

    2. @Patrick S Pipeline was a danger to the food/water source for the first nation.. It was never suppose to be built through a reservation.. Rest are just BS Fox/newsmax propaganda… Keep coping though ; you’ll get through this eventually. 🙏

    3. @Patrick S – give you a break? How about a Kit-kat bar? I would have suggested a Snickers but you’re nuttier …

  3. Forget politics, as you’ve come to see it, as a contest between Democrats and Republicans. Today the struggle is democracy versus oligarchy.

    1. @Charles Bartlett
      No, he’s not. He just takes advantage of idiots for personal gain. That’s NOT a “genius”…it’s immoral and despicable.

    2. @Eddapults Tab
      Apparently, how and why don’t matter because the people of those nations continue to repeat the same mistakes.

    3. @Bill Robbins Think of the Bill/Hillary Clinton arm of the Party Bill – the people who traded off the traditional union/working class demographic for educated liberal professionals, negligently leaving them for Trump to pick up later. Think the repeal of Glass Steagal for an example of abject obescience to the interests of the oligarchs.

      This is not just an American experience – Tony Blair in the UK, Roger Douglas in NZ and other Labour/left parties in Australia, Canada etc all sold thier souls to neoliberalism and abandoned the working/lower middle classes long ago and are living to regret it now.

    4. If Donald Trump gets his way, you’ll have a new Monarchy in America. A homegrown one. God bless King Don, head of church and state. With Prince Don waiting in the wings.

    5. @carnivaltym now the republicans are going to try and claim they’re for the working class. That 2017 tax break helped only the wealthy. What to do?

    1. It’s more like eggs are scrambling because there’s no way in the world, for the life of us, that Trump will not be held accountable. If he doesn’t go to prison, his empire will still fall and go bankrupt.

    2. Rats are loyal to each other…… More like worms in the sewage fighting with each other.

    1. More like he’s so far over the line he’s standing behind it once again. LoL. “Hey I’m behind the line again!” “Yeeeah, That’s not how it works genius!” LoL.

    2. @Hey Yo Prove those accusations! Of course, killing 6 Million people by mishandling a pandemic by calling it a Democratic hoax, an obvious lie, is O.K. because old Donny boy did it. May the swamp stay with you, you deserve nothing better.

  4. This woman was a person of few words and she spoke very quietly,but boy did she pack a punch.Yes Trump left finger prints.Said it all as far as the investigation goes.

    1. It just doesn’t sit well with me that these “insiders” are all plugging books , trump fueled a whole generation of ghost writers

    2. He’s so confident of his own genius that he was positive no one could catch him. Pride cometh before a fall.

    3. @Karen Shaub Guess what. Nobody has caught him. They haven’t even mentioned a crime. Don’t you think that is strange?

    4. @John Nix But he is being inverstigated as a criminal – you don’t get inverstigating as a criminal if you haven’t committed any crimes.

    1. Shampeachment 1 and 2…FAIL

      Russia hoax….FAIL

      1000 other low level allegations….FAIL.

      I wonder how this will work out?

    2. @Rod Yep. Just like everyone fell for Mexico paying for the wall. Or my health plan will be out in two weeks. Or it will just disappear in April.

    1. @West Park it will match his skin perfectly! Can’t wait to see him in court after a few months in jail after the fake tan has come off and his extensions have come out.

    2. @Rod Haven’t you heard? Bill Barr is about to get his own jumpsuit too because he lied. A lot.

    3. amazing how people like you can’t come with any real insults and just assume everything must turn out your way. he is innocent. since all the investigations have turned out nothing why will this one?

    4. @Jeffery Mead – all that is true. But the larger point is that he skated — & didn’t even get removed thru impeachment — twice!

      So while we can be thankful he’s lost the protections of office, we should still temper our expectations.

      I just found out the FEC dropped the ejection tampering charges — the same charge that Cohen served time for!

      I’ve largely stopped watching these infotainment pieces because they’re nothing but speculation.

      Even an indictment won’t get me excited. Only a guilty verdict will.

  5. Notice the absence of maga trolls in the past 12 hours… almost total silence…. guess Moscow hasn’t told them what to say 😑

    1. At some point – those who are responsible for creating disruption and chaos want to tell the world about just how influential they were/are.

      From a European perspective, it won’t be too long before Moscow starts to drip feed key details about how deep they were into the Trump administration and that’s when the good times start to roll.

      Beyond oil and gas – Russia only has disinformation as their GDP and they have become masters at perpetuating their myths. They want you to know how deep the bullet lies and their representatives might be the most effective witnesses in the case against Trump. He serves no real purpose to them now and they have no affiliation to him. History shows how they treat former allies who have served their purpose and it’s never pretty.

    2. @ThisIsSolution They can’t find the ballots because they were fed to chickens who were subsequently incinerated. Poor chickens!

    3. @gary blatt Somebody tried telling me yesterday that there are audits happening all up and down the country. Of course, I googled it to double check, and lo and behold, there’s only one taking place and that’s in Arizona. Even the conspiracy nuts can’t stick to the same story lol

    4. @ThisIsSolution – _”finding many crazy things”?_ You have no idea how ironic that sounds …😄

  6. You make such a good point when saying, these are real people. But so are the folks that they cheated, either as tax payers, contractors or customers. And their’s is the greater injury.

    1. Don’t forget all the people who died of Covid-45 because of Trump’s influence and inability to respond with intelligence.

    2. @Victoria Williams I know the list of complaints against him and his crime family seems endless. And in my own humble opinion, probably the worst is their ability to manipulate the media, to create an alternate reality that so many others are willing to follow. The real challenge is to uproot the whole TRUMP tree. Expose the roots and let every one see that the,fruit was all ways bad. Don’t allow him or his family to be portrayed as victims.

  7. I love Barbara — she’s very direct. I don’t know how she put up with Donnie for all those years.

  8. Exactly. His father fred showed him how to use other people. But he has left a lot of paper trail with a lot of people who at some point grow a conscious. Orange will look nice on the orange clown.

  9. As in the days of Isaiah: “Your rulers are rebels, partners with thieves. They all love bribes and chase after gifts. The case of the widow and fatherless does not come before them”.

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