Trump Faces Criminal Probe By An AG With More Powers Than DA | MSNBC’s The Beat

Donald Trump has avoided legal trouble in the past by claiming he “doesn’t know” because he relies on others, and may plan on using the same defense in the NY criminal probe the Trump Organization now faces. Former U.S. Attorney for the SDNY David Kelly, who successfully convicted the infamous Bernie Ebbers after he used a similar defense, joins MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the growing legal storm Trump faces and why the Attorney General has even more power than the DA.  (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @mdo686 Under President Trump the Middle East was contained, just as our border was contained. There were no spiking gas prices, no fuel shortages, no inflation to be found,
      Trumps ‘ America First’ policies gave us the best economic numbers in 70 years with his tax cuts, and by getting rid of Obama and Biden‘s business killing & oppressive job killing regulations.

      Trump also opened up Federal land drilling, fracking and offshore oil drilling which made us energy independent for the first time in 65 years not dependent on foreign oil from nations that chant ‘ death to America’

      A staggering 500,000+ ILLEGAL migrants have entered the United States illegally, since China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden’s presidency. It’s increasing daily and he does nothing.

      1000,s of rockets 🚀 from the terrorist group Hamas is being launched into Israel 🇮🇱. Is this a coincidence? They did not do any of this when Trump was in office for four years. But they’re doing it now.

      This is not a ‘pro – Trump ‘ analysis, these are just simple FACTS !

      In just over 100 days China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden has completely destroyed all of this.

      As a former registered Democrat of 15 years myself, I walked away from the party because of China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden’s America last’ policies

    2. @Steve Austin 1. The middle east was not “contained.” He increased tensions with Iran, got out of the nuclear dela eliminating supervision and allowing Iran to reach unprecedented levels of uranium enrichment
      2. “Border was contained” nope. 2018 (under trump, AFTER all his policies) had higher levels than right now, and he implemented unconstitutional and harmful policies, not to mention the “stay in Mexico” crap, the Muslim ban, anti-immigration rhetoric, etc.
      3. Inflation was still going on, albeit with ~normal levels with the mediocre economy growth (less than half of his goal), until the pandemic.
      4. “Best economic numbers” like mediocre growth, LESS jobs created annually than his predecessor, DOUBLING the annual us debt increase, and lies?
      5. “Tax cuts” helped the rich, and the rich only. The irs reports that average Americans paid MORE under trump. He got rid of many refunds, diverted irs resources to going after small prey, all the while spreading lies.
      6. “Trump also opened up federal land drilling, fracking, and offshore oil drilling.” ALL of those are bad things! If his goal was “energy independence,” why not go for the cheaper energy source in HISTORY? (Solar)
      7. As I’ve mentioned before, immigration is seasonal, but affected by some national disasters and economic/polticial factors. It has NEVER been correlated to increase or decrease with specific foreign policy. Do I think biden could have done better, quicker? Yes. Are literally all the immigrants his fault? No.
      8. Biden is probably Israel. So was Obama. Hamas is not his fault, and correlation doesn’t equal causation.
      9. “China joe” despite your obvious lie in claiming that you’re not pro trump, and your childish name-calling and splicing, it’s important to note that biden rallied the allies trump alienated against the common threat of Russia and China instead of warming up to dictators like trump did. He’s been tough on foreign dictators since the start.

      Does all of this mean biden is my favorite president? No. Does this mean trump is the worst? No. Does this mean that I think you lying and regurgitating talking points is bad? YES!

    3. @Gary Campbell oh no you don’t need to state the obvious! This person will get to the TRUTH uninhibited by political party and find and prosecute those that are guilty!!! Well said my friend and thanks so much for your support for getting justice for all these government criminals!👍👍

    1. @Louis Tully President doesn’t set prices. My gas only went up .20. Trymp murdered almost 1 million Americans and tanked the economy.🇺🇲😂🇺🇲 God bless President Biden

    2. @Jon What is your fave biden policy?
      trump is responsible for a virus from china? do you have a brain ?

    1. @J Groovy To steal (partly paraphrased) a line from the Coroner in The Wizard of Oz: “Trump isn’t only merely screwed; he’s really most sincerely screwed.”

    2. Bring it on man… the circus is in town, the show is about to begin 🤸🏼‍♂️🤸‍♀️🤸

    3. I have some popcorn ready too. I actually once found a piece that looked just like Trump. I was so sickened that I threw it in the trash. Just like the American electorate.

  1. I can hear the US Marshals clicking their handcuffs & it’s about time Trump was given his day [s] in court

    1. @Steve Austin OF COURSE Trump said this — I’m sure most of his co-conspirators would, too. In fact, most criminals would probably agree!
      While not as bad as Giuliani’s, Trump definitely has loose lips. He’s literally told us of about more than a few crimes he’s likely committed,, inuding crimes he ordered others to commit on his behalf. If Trump is innocent, he will welcome having his day in court, won’t he??

    2. @Steve Austin “Fail once again”? They won the election and trump’s never going to run again. It’s over for you nut jobs.

    3. @B Bodziak why would trump welcome a day in court? When there’s been no crime committed? Yet you communist Democrats overlook the obvious crimes by China Joe Biden in Ukraine firing a prosecutor investigating his cocaine addict son Hunter Biden‘s $83,000 per month job. And we haven’t even gotten to the crime ls in China when Hunter walked away with billions for his firms after he flew over with his daddy China Joe in 2008.

    4. @James Smith both sides say the same thing about each other history even shows both Parties having dishonest tactics, democrats have been more so proven to be more corrupt and dishonest

    5. @Steve Austin I love the trumpie whine, it’s music to my ears and brings joy to my heart, please don’t stop whining cupcake. bartender I’ll have another mug of those trumpie tears please.

    1. @Dale Nagel China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden‘s crisis :
      ✔️Crisis with the cyber attacks on our pipelines
      ✔️Crisis in Israel with Terrorists
      ✔️Crisis with rising inflation on everything from groceries to diapers
      ✔️ crisis at our border/ massive invasion, highest crossings of illegal migrants in US history
      ✔️crisis with rising gas prices
      ✔️Crisis with fuel shortages
      ✔️Crisis with democrat states still keeping businesses shut down
      ✔️Crisis with employers unable to find workers because of China Joe’s paying Americans to sit home
      ✔️Crisis with major tax increases looming
      ✔️ crisis with China Joe Biden and Democrats destroying the country in only 100 days.

      “There will be no more America first” – said China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden on 1/8/21

    2. @NAD SNATCHER Joe Biden wants to be the next FDR.  But what we are now seeing is the second coming of Democrat President Jimmy Carter. 

      Jimmy Carter 2.0 ….

      Joe Bidens ‘bundle of crises’ look EXACTLY like the 1970’s.
      “Joe Biden is the NEW Democrat President Jimmy Carter.” 

      -Higher taxes
      -Rising gas prices
      – Middle East conflicts
      – Higher prices
      -Fuel outages

      2021 meet 1979.
      The ‘worst’ period of the 1970’s under a democrat President is roaring back today –

      Joe Biden “really is doing his best Jimmy Carter ain’t he,” Fox News contributor Joey Jones said.

      Americans are angry about the jobs report that came up hundreds of thousands of jobs short, prices spiking for everything from chicken to diapers and gasoline, and a president who continues to push trillions more in spending while at the same time threatening enormous tax increases.   

      “There will be NO MORE AMERICA FIRST”
      – Joe Biden

    3. @Steve Austin You are just parroting Fox News/OAN propaganda here, verbatim. Biden and Carter have nothing to do with criminal conduct of your orange messiah.

    4. @Steve Austin Sidney Powell and rudy goulioni said hello, and said you are a special kinda stupid for believing their lies about election fraud. Release the kraken. lololololololol. take a bow trumpie, you’ve been duped.

    1. @Randy Couch i lost my job cause of trumps border closings he was a disaster.. for both country’s

    1. @Steve Austin And his incompetence, lies and self interest got hundreds of thousands of Americans killed. Trump was handed a booming economy from Obama and it persisted in spite of Trump not because of him. Obama caught Osama Bin laden.

    2. For me, the big payoff would be to see all the trumps in Court testifying AGAINST each other. Pretty please ???

    3. @mdo686 Obama caught Osama bin Laden? But he could not destroy Isys. Who did that? Trump did. He also rebuilt the military that Obama had decimated. Face it, Obummer stood with terrorist Iran that chants death to America. Trump stood with our greatest ally Israel 🇮🇱

      gods people.

    4. Me too. The prison should build bleachers so the public can come and laugh at him as he performs hard labor!

    5. @Steve Austin nope. Just rich people and companies not paying taxes. Brazos celebrated by buying a 500,000,000 yatch ALL CASH.

  2. He gave us an 18 page letter, who does he think he is Rachel from friends! 😂 Sorry Donnie but america is on a BREAK from you!

    1. looks like mccarthy just helped his party tie an anchor around its neck. trump is a sinking ship and the republicans want to go down with him.

    2. @Juan Fortharoad you’re the kind of person i would not Go Hunting with might shoot me in the back

    1. Just watched the first purge.. The purge movie that is called the first purge.. I see that happening in America in the near future..

  3. It’s not often you see an AG or a DA investigating a former president. When Trump lost the election, I said “I”going to be so bored, what am I going to talk about?”. I was sooo wrong!!!!!

    1. How do Prosecutors get people to flip ? What does it mean when they say that they get someone to cooperate like Weiselberg ? I’m not a lawyer. I don’t really understand the criminal legal process

    2. @Nick Offerman “I don’t really understand the criminal legal process” … Then WHY are you commenting on this message board???

    3. @Nick Offerman “Flip” means to get a defendant – meaning one of the accused people who are being investigated – to come over to the prosecution side and tell them everything they know, provide extra evidence, etc.

      Obviously the main reason why someone would “flip” is if they know the case wasn’t going to end well for them if they remained as a defendant, and because they’ll be cut some kind of deal (like immunity or reduced penalty) in return for spilling the beans on their co-defendants, making the case a lot easier to close.

      The fact that someone would “flip” shows that there is a real case there and the outcome would’ve been serious enough for “flipping” to be their best option.

    4. I’m not sure it’s ever happened with a former president. Now, Trump has another thing he can think he’s the best at –although, in this case, he’ll be correct.

    1. Cohen would be still rolling with Trump if Cohen’s transgressions had never come into the public eye. That includes campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud over the course of 12 years. Don’t award Cohen the Nobel Peace Prize just yet.

    2. @Jake McCoy That is very true but I dont think anybody thinks that Cohen was always a good guy or deserves any sort of medal for what he is doing. I has pretty much said the same thing himself.

    1. @Colin price Rowling He deserves what is coming to him IF its a fair investigation. From what I see from the Dems, it will be anything but fair. The rhetoric of him inciting the insurrection on the capital is pure nonsense. You’re right that he will be a thing of the past if/when he’s convicted. But if his conviction is perceived as a hatchet job as is everything else the Dems are currently doing, the Dems will have exposed themselves as the “win at all cost” hacks they are, and that won’t likely sit well with voters.

    2. @Eddapults Tab No, my argument is your argument is idiotic because you described precisely what every POTUS does.

    3. @Dale Cash not every president uses the government branches as their personal defense or hit squads, if anything Trump is the only person who did, nakedly at that, with an emphasis at personal profit. It has been well documented that presidents before Trump rarely gave direct orders to those institutions and they work in the background without being politicized.

  4. As long as he is being aggravated, stressed out and/or bothered by any of this it’s totally worth it…

  5. You guys are getting my hopes up. I’m gonna be let down again. But cyber ninjas looking for bamboo is funny.

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