‘Republicans Are Standing With Chaos’: Eric Swalwell On 1/6 Commission

California Congressman Eric Swalwell joins Joy moments after the House voted to authorize a bipartisan Commission to investigate the January 6th insurrection. Rep. Swalwell tells Joy, “Republicans are standing with chaos.”
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    1. Let’s not make the mistake of NOT EXECUTING ALL TRAITORS CONNECTED to the murder and conspiracy to commit ! We Americans (as we all well know that doesn’t include traitors) neglected to execute each and every confederate soldier and sympathizer….. had Americans just held on to execute all white supremacist in 1868….. we would have no rethuglicon party to begin with. Teaching children white supremacy should also carry a death sentence. Good day !!! BIDEN/HARRIS 2024 – DEMOCRAT HOUSE AND SENATE 2022 !

    2. China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden‘s crisis :
      ✔️Crisis with the cyber attacks on our pipelines
      ✔️Crisis in Israel with Terrorists
      ✔️Crisis with rising inflation on everything from groceries to diapers
      ✔️ crisis at our border/ massive invasion, highest crossings of illegal migrants in US history
      ✔️crisis with rising gas prices
      ✔️Crisis with fuel shortages
      ✔️Crisis with democrat states still keeping businesses shut down
      ✔️Crisis with employers unable to find workers because of China Joe’s paying Americans to sit home
      ✔️Crisis with major tax increases looming
      ✔️ crisis with China Joe Biden and Democrats destroying the country in only 100 days.

      “There will be no more America first” – said China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden on 1/8/21

  1. I’ll always give credit where credit is due. Today credit is due to the 35 Republicans who had the guts to stand up for their country and for the men and women who put their lives at risk to keep them safe in the Capitol building.
    I’m thankful to the 35 but there should have been many many more.

    1. It would be nice to know who the 35 were that voted for commission. So we can vote the others out when their terms are up. 35 brave Republicans, thank you for your decency and for doing the right thing. The other 177, hope you don’t ever need anyone to come to your defense. You are traitors, and we all know it.

    2. @sean wu Only the Republicans, Wu. Hey, are you related to “Tricky Wu” on ‘All Things Great and Small?’

    3. @Luke_SkyWanker so only a tiny part of ur country. it’ll be ok its not alot of people who believe it there right?
      like who cares about what 50% of a country thinks. enjoy your civil war. i think the blue guys are snowflakes and gonna get stomped by the cavemen red guys.

  2. Good luck to those 175 republicans who voted no if their safety or life ever depends on the willingness of a Capitol police officer to come to their aid in the future.

    1. @Steve Austin I got news for you, every member of that elite, exclusive and establishment club called the U.S. Congress, is a card-carrying member of your so-called swamp.

    2. @KATHY MC allister If you’re suggesting an active plot by congressional democrats was perpetrated to hinder police in arresting protestors and to undermine the efforts of prosecutors to charge criminal defendants suspected of engaging in property damage or violence associated with BLM anti-racist protests, you’re the one who’s genuinely stupid. Raising and posting bail is still legal in this country.

    3. @StephBer1 That “push the old man” thing and the way he cracked his head. If I’d have been there I know I’d have been shot down by police, but I’d have taken at least that one with me. That whole little group of F’ers will eventually get theirs.

    4. @Steve Austin Sure you will. Sure. Did you ever think you might not even have a Republican Party by the time the mid-terms roll around?

  3. Beau of the Fifth Column YT Channel has a thought for you and a good explanation to the question WHY oppose it

    1. Absolutely Beau is ta man. But its called Beau of the fifth column. Highly recommend it.

  4. TRE45ON is the GOP’s legacy. Never, ever let them forget it. I’ll remember at the polls.

  5. Those who voted yes, stand with America, and will be known as true Patriots.
    Those who voted no, stand with the insurrectionists, and will be known as the Sedition Coalition.

  6. A number of Republicans in Congress are complicit in the insurrection, and they aren’t about to investigate themselves.

    1. All the Gods, all the heavens, all the hells are within you.
      Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

  7. Well, I’d hate to be them IF something happens and they need protection from the Capitol police!

    1. @MK Self “Your kind” is Democrat and yes I’m bigoted toward them.They want my kids to have a lesser quality of life then I have. Comrade Biden is doing even worse than Obama!!

    2. @Dwayne Arnold Well, Dwayne… It’s like this. You see, there are only so many Law Enforcement Resources available and that means they can only investigate so many things at one time. So, they tend to go after the most egregious criminals and criminal organizations first. Basically, they start at the top. Kind of like the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list. So, at the TOP is the Trump Crime Organization and their “associates.” It’s going to take some time, but — eventually — if there’s any truth to what you’re saying in your post, they’ll get around to that little “TrumpChump Change” stuff.

  8. The G.O.P. is now known as the Trump Nationalist Party 🎉
    The German pronunciation of nationalist (nä ‘ tzee oh nä ‘ list) is preferable.

    1. @MJSbydesign Or having one of their anchors constantly say thanks for watching and download the NBC app. Just show us some other videos to tap, we know what to do. 😌

  9. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of Congress.

  10. I will not put myself in danger to protect who don’t protect me.
    Throw them to the tigers.😡

  11. Fang Fang’s most asked question of Swalwell: “Are you in?”
    Fang Fang’s second most asked question of Swalwell: “Are you done?”

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