Meacham On How The Party Of Lincoln Accepted Trump's Big Lie 1

Meacham On How The Party Of Lincoln Accepted Trump’s Big Lie


Pulitzer prize-winning presidential historian Jon Meacham joins to discuss how Trump's attempts to overthrow the 2020 election – known often as 'the big lie' – has been accepted by so many in the Republican Party.
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  1. Can you fight authoritarianism in a two-party system? In Britain we’re similarly divided and our electoral system is such that it allows a party with 40-45% of the vote (and closer to 35% of the electorate) to obtain 100% of the power. Strikes me that this incentivises parties to divide society and appeal to their base.

    1. Yes, but in order to govern you need a coilition with another party to gain power without a majority.Thats a parliamentary government.

    2. @Borvo Trump has played into Putin’s hand and given him everything he’s been trying to do for years. 1) Put distrust into our election process (Trump has done an excellent job on this! Election was stolen 2020, Elections are rigged 2016) 2) Divide our nation with civil unrest, lies & deception and distrust. 3) enable hate groups and insurrectionists by praising them for their patriotism when the opposite is true. 4) Attempt to overturn valid election results with an insurrection on the capitol on January 6, 2021 5) Continue to lie and deceive the American with The BIG Lie and undermine the democratic voting process by placing more voter restrictions on Americans.
      No wonder Putin LOVES Trump!!!

    3. @jim meeks it’s our UK electoral system. If an MP wins a constituency with 75% in a two-way race that’s the same weight as a rival MP winning in a four-way race with just 35%. I’m guessing it’s similar to your electoral college, gerrymandered districts or even Senate seats.

    4. Well… a two party system is better than a fascistic one-party state. Although, the Canadian political system has a number of parties to vote for. Surely, the Liberals and the Conservatives will always be the two vying for the top, but the options are there and the votes are split a bit more laterally.

  2. This madness is all on the USA. The Russians are certainly happy to see the USA fractured and distracted. There has always been an unhealthily level of “patriotism” and evangelical “faith” amongst your society.

    1. The Russians backed all of this….look at the PICTURES of our SENATORS lunching with PUTIN!! And all of the SECRET CALLS TRUMP MADE! let’s not ignore what is IN FRONT OF US! All of this is an ATTEMPT at a COUP! STILL!

    2. @Gail Sustare Russia is happy as long as the USA is divided. A Hillary victory in 2016 causing massive GOP opposition would also have helped Russia.

    3. You are correct. This madness is a product of America’s greed bigotry arrogance and hypocrisy…karma is coming.. Civilizations like this throughout history are known to implode

  3. If he could just elaborate more on the pros and cons of a two party system, and incorporate countries that have more then two parties in a democracy.

  4. We need everyone to ‘accept the rules’, yet one party is currently changing the rules to their own advantage all across the country. Cos they can’t win with rules of the game as they are, which are already skewed heavily in their favour.

    1. “The enemy is within the gates that is the most formidable; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own civility, our own criminality that we have to contend.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero


  6. Forget about this subject. I want to know why they call themselves the “party of Lincoln” when at the same time they are squashing the black vote (and voting in general). Lincoln believed in this?

    1. Well, actually………….(Look into some of Lincoln’s statement about blacks. Freeing the slaves wasn’t about freeing the slaves.)

    2. @Emsley Wyatt it was about taking over the wealth of the south. i am glad someone else sees that.

  7. The right is no more the party of Lincoln than the left is the party of the Confederacy. Things have obviously changed.

    1. Exactly. They live in their own world. What nonsense it is for the modern day Republican Party to call themselves the party of Lincoln. Today’s Republican Party represents the states that chose to leave the US rather than follow a President Lincoln.

    2. The Republican Party of the past won the war (the Civil War) but lost the peace (the years after Reconstruction … the years of backsliding into the Jim Crow era). It was seemingly content to lose the peace and to allow the backslide.

      The Republican Party stole the presidential election of 1876. That is pretty much accepted history.

      The Republican Party apparently did nothing in the late 1800s and early 1900s to stop all those Confederate monuments from going up in the states of the Old Confederacy. They were too busy catering to the Robber Barons and the business “trusts.”

      After JFK got the ball rolling on civil rights in the 1960s and after LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Republican Party opportunistically courted the Old Confederacy that felt it had been betrayed by the Democratic Party. This was the “Southern Strategy”, begun under Goldwater in 1964 and accelerated by Nixon in 1968.

  8. As Max Boot, the Conservative Columnist put it: “Senate Democrats have to choose between saving the filibuster and saving democracy. They can’t do both.”

    1. Not senate democrats, Joe Manchin must make that distinction. I think Sinima would vote with him.

  9. What an expression Meacham has on the thumbnail. A perfect summation of the current state of the GOP.

  10. The GOP wants a gradual soft coup so they can take power forever. Let’s fight dirty right back.

    1. I agree Trump/GOP want to rule the US forever. However, it’s Russia and China who want to rule the world forever (Trump and some republicans r working for China and Russia, implementing policies which advantage Russia/China and dis advantage the US and our allies), who want/have expanded their borders (Crimea, Ukraine, Taiwan, etc), who have been building up their militaries in recent years, who democracies have been in an information and economic war with trying to weaken democracies, turn one group of Americans against another, and one democratic ally against another, and who r both nuclear powers. Xi has said China’s going to be the super superpower and American experts have said Xi wants to rule the world. China has been loaning $ to poorer countries, knowing they won’t be able to pay China back for the full amount but I think he’s ok w/that in order to have leverage and influence over those poorer countries for future use. Some r also using China’s tracking system, collecting large amounts of data on ppl, which becomes more power and control for China and the government of the country who’s using the software. Xi and Putin r sociopathic, autocratic leaders addicted to $ and power. They have no problem harming or killing others to get what they want. They r the 21st century’s Hitler and Mussolini. They r just doing a lot of activities behind the scenes for now. I’m guessing ur likely a China or Russian troll trying to encourage Americans to fight each other, if ur referring or trying to encourage physical fighting, but in the event u aren’t, Americans physically fighting each other only weakens the US and is one reason why China and Russia have been trying to influence ppl who live in Western democracies to divide, reduce trust in democratically elected governments, and cause chaos.

    2. @Jane Doe lol im a factory worker from Cleveland. I dont make enough money to be able to sit and ponder BS. I work than i sleep then i get up and do it again. What i want to know is why have things gotten so bad since Bidens come to office. Will someone please convey to him that its not working whatever it is hes trying to do.

    3. @Roman Temniuk What, you’re expecting someone to throw a switch and make your life better and easier instantly? I KNOW that supporting the party whose priority is making sure corporations and big businesses are getting richer by the hour is NOT the path to the quintessential American dream.
      Things take time and Biden has the interest of the common man at the core of his agenda. This country needs to be rebuilt from the ground up to benefit the middle class and poor.
      Which programs will benefit you and your family? The ones that create jobs(alternate energy projects and the like)and a feeling of self worth, or the ones

    4. “The enemy is within the gates that is the most formidable; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own civility, our own criminality that we have to contend.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    5. @LD I agree, as would Jon Meacham. Too bad the Trump fans who show up here never had the benefit of a classical education. A lot of them were too busy sniffing glue.

  11. 1 thing for absolute sure is that djt IS NOTHING like Lincoln and not worthy of cleaning Ab`s barn work boots .

  12. The case, I would make is, that the republicans, are at the moment, rotten fruit, and they need pruning back, to the. Root

  13. I love Jon Meacham, he is brilliant, articulate and kind. I pray there are enough rational republicans out there to take their party back from Trump and his cult so we can have a strong democracy with 2 political parties that are serious and constitutional.

  14. How can Flynn have any credit ably when he is pandering to the maga crowd and then changing his tune when he is called out on it. This would be laughable if it wasn’t treasonous.

  15. Jon Meacham authored a great historical book; “HIS TRUTH is marching on: JOHN LEWIS and the POWER of HOPE.” Thank you for educational and insightful guest.

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