‘Democracy Itself Is At Stake’ In Fight For Voting Rights: Katie Hobbs 1

‘Democracy Itself Is At Stake’ In Fight For Voting Rights: Katie Hobbs


Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss what’s next in the fight for voting rights as pressure builds for Congress to act on the federal level. Hobbs says Democrats must “use every tool in the arsenal to make sure that we’re protecting voting rights in states across the county,” and Castro says individual states will do their part, but “we need the help of Washington, D.C.”
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  1. There are two of the enemy in are mist in the congress , they are stopping the reform of the filibuster ,payed and bought for , not are kind !

    1. Click the 3 dots to the right and choose report ——->
      Select option.
      You tube does the rest.

    2. Report a channel by clicking on channel art.
      Leave your bs comment if you must.
      You tube makes the decision.

  2. AZ republicans: “This is a serious audit! Very serious!”
    Everyone: “Go on…”
    AZ republicans: “But we’re going to have to put it on pause for 2 weeks, while the space rented has to host some high school proms.”

    1. @Susan Wojcicki Is Asshoe you are true psych. don’t waste your valuable time posting, psychiatric ward is awaiting with their open arms.

    2. @Susan Wojcicki Is Asshoe the current math problem appears to be trumpanzees unable to understand trump lost.

    3. @Susan Wojcicki Is Asshoe
      306 to 232 which is bigger?
      81,281,888 v 74,223,251 which is bigger? If you can tell me , I’ll solve your math problem genius.

  3. You can’t teach epimetheans foresight, and it’s immoral to wait until they commit atrocities for them to learn their lesson in hindsight.
    Treat MAGAs as SCPs.

    1. ~~MSNBC is Satan’s propaganda machine. The Peacock is Satan’s symbol.
      Satan is known as the Peacock Angel Melek Taus/Shamash/Utu.
      The castrated Crown Prince of Allah/Nanna Sin.

  4. How does the human body manage to survive without the use of BRAIN CELLS
    Rid the USA & the WORLD of #45

  5. If they are concerned about their re-election, they need to get voting rights passed. They will not be re-elected otherwise, and knowing a judge can just simply say “No buddy, you lose” at any time, it means they need to consider this top priority to get passed. Even if they lose for doing the right thing in the end, they would lose anyway. Republicans are too busy trying to put Donald Trump in power as an autocracy and to ensure his family can take over the country. Don’t let them.

    1. All the states these laws are being passed are in places that republicans won so your comment makes no sense. You’ve been brainwashed to believe these laws somehow keeping voters suppressed because there is no way you’ve read any of the details of this law based on the comments you just made. Maybe read the law for yourself instead of letting biased media determine what you should think.

    2. @FirstName Basis I’m being brainwashed? You think I’m the lost child here? OK, when thousands of black voters turn up and are not allowed to vote, or when the working class show up to vote and the polling station is closed at the time they are able to go vote, or when mail-in voting is eliminated, or when THE GOVERNOR IS ALLOWED TO JUST FLAT-OUT DECLINE THE ELECTION AND HAVE A JUDGE OVERTURN IT AT WILL – sorry, I’m not the lost child here. They are rigging it so they win. This is not fair to the American people. And I hope there are enough moderate people who they WANT voting who say no, I’m against this. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I just don’t want the Republicans eliminating your democracy. That’s my concern.

    3. @Cyclone are you making the case they are too dumb to figure out how to vote? I think we found the racist, folks. It’s cyclone



    1. Absolutely! You’re 100% correct!!! … we the independents need to go out big time and VOTE!!! … let’s humiliate the Cheeto!!!

    2. @J M America 1st! you people are mental….this is about our Voting integrity not orange man bad & Beijing Biden is a Chinese asset you morons! But when you pay 5 dollars for a McDonald’s cheeseburger it will be to late just go jump off a high spot!

    3. @Tony Smith : Thought you racist types didn’t like, “woke,” people? Make your mind up? Screaming baseless allegations is typical Karenage, but it’s short road between that and directing traffic and screaming at squirrels . . .

    1. Clinton bought Russian Propoganda and the Democrats used it to remove a duly elected President… That Russian interference is what you’re talking about right

  7. We must protect the rights of every American to vote. If not we’re no longer a democracy.

    1. @Colin price Rowling I am who I am! No need to lie because I’m proud of the man I am today! Say this for me ok? …… I am human goodbye

    2. @Colin price Rowling there is no need to try to reason with Adolf Trump supporters like Tony Smith. They are delusional and do not have a very tight grasp on reality.

    3. @cindy o yea ,, deep down I think they know they are fos ,, but they get a kick out of irritating people !

    4. @Colin price Rowling exactly! And Adolf Trump is the poster child for irritating people. They’re like parrots who can only do what their cult leader tells them to do.

    5. But are we still a democracy if we don’t bother to ensure that only legal votes are counted?

  8. Trump: “In August, I expect to be reinstated as the president.”

    Me: “And any day now, I expect to be reinstated as the 14th Dalai Lama.”

    What’s so crazy, is that me becoming the 14th Dalai Lama is actually more likely than Trump being reinstated as president in August.

    1. @David J This kind of stuff comes naturally to evangelicals (Trump’s base). They’ve been crying wolf for 2,000 years now.

    2. @Ash Roskell – YOU. ARE. AMAZING!!! You’re right. It’s up to us. What they’re trying to take changes nothing for them, but EVERYTHING for us. There will never be a free and fair election again if they get what they’re going after. Our plates are full, we’re tired, we’ve had an impossible 15 months. And voting rights aren’t elevated to the top of our problems when feeding our families is also in there. But that’s what they’re hoping for. If they get what they want, we are facing a future of one Donald Trump after another, ignoring our needs for money & power. They’re setting the stage to steal 2024 by invalidating our votes & stripping our rights.

      Anyone who watches Handmaid’s knows what happens when we just acquiesce & accept what we’re told, until it’s too late. While it seems laughable that we could face a Gilead style future……that book was written using real world examples of ways in which positions of power were stolen & used to commit acts of genocide and tyranny. History is a living example of what happens when it’s too late. We’re governed by a piece of paper that we all put our faith in. I’ve seen enough over the past 5 years to convince me that if someone said to stop believing in that document….enough of us would. I’m proud to know that you’re out there, too. Helping fight to protect democracy. You rock!

  9. I keep saying it, America. The GOP are attempting to CONTINUE their Coup! They never stopped since Jan 6th. They MUST BE STOPPED.

    1. @cindy o : Seems a lot of people hate America these days? We just never realised that some of them were Americans. Perhaps we can deport them to, “Russier,” with Donny?

    2. @Ash Roskell Misinformation ?Talking about things that didn’t occur is accuracy ? Again armed with what asked the retired war vet

    3. @Ash Roskell btw a coup by definition is successful not half a$$ed , so there’s not even a hair to split.

  10. Democrat voters need an even greater turnout in ’22 and ’24, put the final fork in Trumpism!

  11. Problem is: GOP is using “every tool in its arsenal” precisely to prevent any measures that could protect voting rights. Don’t expect anything resembling fairness from the Republicans of today.

    1. What voting rights? All American citizens of age can vote if they provide an ID. Thats all u need if you are to lazy to vote in person or you aren’t responsible enough to carry an ID then maybe u shouldn’t vote. All response and rational adults carry identification

    2. @Sea Toe i think when they say voting rights they mean the rights to cheat or something.

  12. @ Katie Hobbs. No more spending money on Perkins Coie – wasting tax payer money to prevent transparency! She is the poster child of “Karen”.

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