Meacham: The Best Of Us And The Worst Of Us Is On Display At This Moment | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Meacham: The Best Of Us And The Worst Of Us Is On Display At This Moment | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Historian Jon Meacham joins Morning Joe to weigh in on Raphael Warnock's Senate win in Georgia and the march for Trump in D.C. and why he says the best of us and the worst of us is on display. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Meacham: The Best Of Us And The Worst Of Us Is On Display At This Moment | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @SoNotDown
      The concept of “States Rights” needs to be addressed as well. It made some sense when travel was limited and government was more distant. But now, every State’s decisions affect all other States. The Constitution makes clear that one States “rights” cannot override another States “rights”. However, they regularly do. For instance, in national elections, why are all States at the mercy of each individual State’s election laws? Why should President – or Senators and Representatives, who affect us all – be decided by local political appointees who enforce election laws put in place by the ruling party and designed to benefit them? The entire Constitution needs to be updated. It was a compromise document to begin with – that’s why they included the means to amend it.

    2. @CommonSense Completely agree. Just take a look at who the comprises were made to appease—and all the crap that our country has had to deal with and is still dealing with because of them. (The fact that the entire country spent last night anxiously awaiting the results of one [southern] state’s US Senate election is ridiculous.)

    3. As a puertorican living in my colony (because that’s what Puerto Rico is)i hope that the senate will resolve this centenary issues i know for fact that republicans will fight till the bitter end because Puerto Rico is way too democrat for their taste,the know if Puerto Rico and DC get statehood they lose all their power and elections thereafter and they know

  1. All this, even with voter suppression at it’s strongest. The GOP is finally on it’s way out. The GOP needs to start listening to the people instead of enabling the rich to exploit the people.

    1. Think of the rout had that suppression not occurred. That should be in our sights to fix before the next election. We cannot relax now. We have to keep working to fix this broken system.

    2. We can’t stop now. You KNOW those ruthless criminals will try everything, both legal and especially illegal, to hold onto their ill-gotten power as long as they are breathing. Lets keep up our guard!

    3. This is exactly why you guys have to abandon this ridiculous 2-party system. The system you have is like as if you could order many different books on amazon but only 2 of them can be delivered while all the others are currently not available and you don’t even get your money back. I thought that Americans are serious about freedom and choice. You would sue amazon in millions of cases if they ever did that.
      You would go on the baricades if there were only 2 meals in restaurants, only 2 TV shows to watch, only 2 computer games to play, only 2 sorts of ice cream to eat. But you stay silent when you are served with the same 2 sorts of crap since over 100 years.

  2. A special day to be sure! There are two types of politicians: those who work for the People, and those who self-promote – feathering their own nests…

    1. Yes and it appears that the majority of the Republican Party are in it to feather their nests. They don’t care about America.

    2. @ginkinky Trump’s GOP adores America. The more well-heeled you are, the more they will adore you. Have to actually work for a living, struggle to get by, and work hard to avoid contracting COVID-19, they could care less.

  3. The far-right unAmerican fascist GOP’S grip on our democracy is crumbling…. democracy and the Constitution will endure as long as We the People keep fighting for them!

    1. Fascists don’t go away, they want power at any cost.
      You need to shore up the foundations of your democracy.

    1. I can give you a few clues on some key words to look for:
      Unfair, just to name a few. All of which are a description of himself and followed closely by the GOP

    1. This is very true. The “Republican Voters against Trump” and the “Lincoln Project” prove that this division is not between progressive / conservative but between common sense / cult

    2. Because c’mon, imagine there were only two meals available in restaurants, or only 2 TV shows to watch, or only two computer games to play, or only two sorts of ice cream to eat… You guys would rightfully freak out. Why don’t you go on the baricades when you have only two choices on a ballot since more than hundred years?

    3. The system you have is like as if you could order many different books on amazon but only 2 of them can be delivered while all the others are currently not available and you don’t even get your money back. I thought that Americans are serious about freedom and choice.

  4. Our truth goes marching on. Good bye to the 30,000+ public lies president and welcome to our opportunity to build back a better America.

    1. Yes, for two whole years, until the next election. These people, along with the Murdochs the other deplorables, are going nowhere,

    2. @Shih47 As long as even the most downtrodden of society understand and utilise their democratic rights we might be able to keep them at bay.

  5. If your looking fwd. to the day the mob boss & his wretched family be summoned for tax evasion and/or other federal crimes by the NY-Southern District Court, give me a “Thumbs Up!”

  6. The Republican party should be embarrassed for there self falling a cult letter like Trump.Don’t they realize what there doing to there own party. Shame on you!

    1. They don’t care. I can’t believe the number of people that voted for this loser. Trump couldn’t qualify for a job as a mailman with all of those bankruptcies. 74 million people wanted to place this guy in charge of our country’s budget for 4 more years? How about background checks on all candidates for federal office. It never should’ve come to this.

  7. Blue is such a “COOL” color and RED is just evil,, so I am Happy this morning, and Congrats to our New Senators #warnock and #osoff

  8. The republicans just seem like they want a dictatorship. Even after court battles they still won’t accept the results

    1. @chucker Listen, I love America because it did so much for us, such a positive country. Please guys, you have to stop this madness

    2. @Piotr Trebisz those are the people that like to be lied to. Bill Barr, mitch McConnell, the Georgia governor and secretary of state all said it was no fraud and they called them liers. Fox news said Biden won so they turned to News max who will keep lying to them.

    3. @Jovon R. I know, Fox News, NewsMax, OAN, Breitbart, InfoWars, they all have to be sued out of existence now. They made it possible that your country is now perceived as a banana republic. For China & Russia this was a great day.

    4. @Piotr Trebisz I agree – what I saw today on the News was terrible — we need to be an American family again

  9. And this is why the deplorable were desperate to suppress the vote with collusion and mob rule. They are profoundly affected with a poor losers complex.

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