Media visits site of collapsed condo for the first time | USA TODAY

Local officials provide update on the ongoing search and rescue effort after a collapse of a building near Miami. More than 150 are still unaccounted for.


Rescuers sifting through the debris of a collapsed Florida condo building continued their meticulous work Monday as town officials held onto hope of finding survivors in the rubble.

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    1. It’s been 10 days and you have no idea what their conversation was even about snap out of it

    1. You’re politicizing the tragedy to take a shot at the media. Like you’re any better.

    1. Where are the families of the so called victims!!!!!!???????…..another hollywierd production!!!!

  1. (10:41) media laughing and joking around while bodies lay in the rubble. They should be banned from ever coming back. They should be ashamed.

    1. They control what you know and your powerless to do anything. They know that you think its bad because they don’t care and think that’s funny.

    2. WHERE ARE THE FAMILIES of so called victims??? I guess crisis actors on strike due to Corona!!!!!!!!

    1. How do you know that they’re laughing at the dead people? Like all idiots, y’all make asinine assumptions.

    2. @SweatyVanHalen no because they want it first to be out. Also other reporters don’t know whose mics are hot and whose aren’t. They have been caught saying they hoped for bad news because it would prolong the coverage and make more easy stories for them when they were mic’d up not realizing it a week ago.

    3. They are disrespectful as individuals, but I don’t get the “hating the media.” That’s become a political issue since 2017.

    4. You seem to hate the media more than having respect for the dead. Just my two cents…

  2. Until all of those people are removed, this is a gravesite. Absolutely disgusting to hear the cackling reporters. No dignity to be had for the dead. Have some g*ddamned respect for the families.

    1. Well if you want your neighbors to respect you, don’t move to the shorefront of Miami to begin with. This is a very busy street and for the locals, this building collapse is already old news. In case you didn’t notice, people die every day on the streets your cars leak oil on. I don’t see any of you people whining in the comments actually out there laying flowers. You know how blood is cleaned up from a shooting? The fire department hoses it off. This is reality, grow up.

  3. Media– Idiots… Liars… their in an area with human life loss, and that jerk is laughing it up. No RESPECT. What are they going to make up next???

    1. Yes, like you actually care about the victims. You just hate the media, you don’t give af about the dead. Keep politicizing the tragedy, trump lost btw

  4. MEDIA people …. background laughter is VERY disrespectful !!! This is a site that is still active and mournful for families and many of us. Please have respect no laughing at this area

    1. Please this is a lie….media not interviewing family members of this so called horrific event!!!!!!…I guess all victims are orphans!!!!!! This people are sick!!!!!

    1. Exactly makes u wonder if McAfee and his 31 terabytes story was real…they demolished the other parts so fast and easy…a little to easy

    2. @me myself and i… Yeah… Ten days to demolish half a building. It’s an incredible feat, comparable to landing on the moon… FFS. Does it hurt being that dumb?

  5. Why are people laughing and talking about “until your brain dies” this is so disrespectful and sad. How would those people feel if it was their own family/friends still trapped in there?

    1. Makes me so sad to see this. Praying for the lost and family. They should not have this video on YouTube so tacky.

    2. People often joke when they’re nervous and excited around each other. Probably a neural relief response from dealing with the tension created by excess excitatory neurotransmitter release. Mouths run, Lulz abound, brain flits about like a hummingbird on meth.

      [Not really. 😝 Holiday Inn Express moment]

  6. What a lie, MEDIA has been there since day one. What a joke! Listening to that pathetic reporter using fancy words asking dumb questions . Leave them alone and let them do their job.

    1. They haven’t been allowed within 2 blocks of the building until yesterday is what they’re saying.

  7. Imagine being rich, being too lazy and ignorant to come to even the slightest agreement. Let’s petition to fire the government or take from their pocket

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    3. That’s is really great, please how can I reach him, I have lost a lot of money trying to tra’de myself

    4. @Isabel Roland His available on WhatsApp you can contact him for more information. I’ll leave his number just below this comment.

  8. This is a prime example of the contempt media has for the people.They actualy start this video with laughter at such a tragic and somber occasion.

    1. Good job on politicizing the tragedy. You just hate the media, you don’t give af about the people

  9. China: We will get any professional resource to rescue people under the building in the next 72 hours. Hospital is ready for help.

    USA: Let’s discuss if Mexico team is needed for this time, and rescue workers must have a max work time about 45 mins. And there were about 50 people trying to move some rocks away. That’s it. No more rescue force can come in. No hospital will be needed, cause we wont find anyone while they alive.

    — people
    China: Do we need blood donation?? Where we do it? Let’s go.

    USA: Selling tickets, candles, flower around this place, and mourning them when still in the golden saving hours and those people are probably alive. Shameless people even take a speech in the 72 hours.

    (Come on, they were not even died at that time, You people didn’t try to save them and do nothing except mourning them? At this time? Seriously?? How can you help anyone with your speech at this emergency time????)

    — result
    China: We saved XXX people, We will try to save more in the next couple days, and we will find all of them in next week whether if they are alive.

    Officials who is in charge of this will be punished.

    USA: Begin rescue after 10+ hours, and Stopping rescue couple hours after beginning, then, “This is wasting time, we will blow up the rest of this building”.

    — We found last died bodies after about a year.
    –China is the reason that this building collapsed.
    –Take a photo to show your friends that you are a nice person.
    –Gain some social resource after the shameless speech.
    –Still do nothing to prevent this kind of things happen.
    –Building a park to show KINDNESS for those unlucky people who can and should be alive.
    –Nobody was held accountable.

    This is China’s fault, Chinese people should pay for this.

  10. It makes me sick hearing the reporters, but makes me even more sick watching this knowing that there could still be potential survivors in that rubble let alone bodies.

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