Medical Facility Operating in a Residential Community | TVJ News – Oct 28 2021

Medical Facility Operating in a Residential Community | TVJ News - Oct 28 2021 1


  1. Lawlessness at all levels in JA. Every man is trying to hustle any way they can get away with it. I hope the authorities do something to nip this one in the bud! It’s past time that the culture in JA shifts to one where most (if not all) people are following laws, procedures, and protocols, instead of this “free for all” nonsense!

    1. @Grantly Adams this is one of the examples of why so little gets investigated and dealt with in JA. Everyone wants to say that bigger things need to be investigated. What is big today, was small yesterday. Do you want there to be an army of doctors like him before something gets done?! SMH! NIP IT IN THE BUD!! Discourage lawlessness, not support it!!

    2. @lamindy same suh. Many can’t understand little things but they think they understand big things…😅🤣😂🤡🌎

    3. @ lamindy, is it unlawful for him to operate in the zone/ region? Is it a only residential area or is it a mix zone? If it is, and only homes has been there for the longest, then no law is broken.

    4. When gunmen n scammers live in dem residential zone dem haffie put a sock in it. He can get rid of waste the same way hospitals do. Leave de man alone, him a do weh unno naa n caan do.

  2. The whole of Jamaica is free for all. The head stream is muddy so what do u expect from the tail end? If prisoners can keep dance in n order hits from prison then doctors can operate from their homes. At least they’re giving medical assistance.

    1. @Simpler Sample u a chat bout tax when the government a scam??? Lmfao no wonder why they evading taxes coz it only fills up government belly

    2. @MvtteBlvk Jamaicans need to rise up and demand peacefully that all manner of bad governance be stopped immediately. If this order is not adhered to then Jamaicans must rise up again and by any means necessary see to it that those who enjoy bad governance are deprived of oxygen.

    3. @Simpler Sample exactly because is too much times i see government projects costing 100 of millions when it doesn’t even look like it take 1mil to build it (talking bout that cheap looking mobay sign)

  3. Gun runnings and gun men living with and associated to high so called prominent figures in the legal and political sphere and it’s a doctor or Covid that is the issue. Leave the man alone. If he had virtual visits it would still be from home.

  4. This doctor should be applauded for his efforts in trying to restore public trust in the medical profession he is not breaking any laws and he has the necessary license no board no government body can tell his he cannot use a section of his dwelling as he see fit if it’s not encroaching on others an people nah dead


  5. Wow doc intelligent in it’s highest form!!!!!! A simple question, simple yes or no answer that a 3 years old could’ve answered…. no comment.

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