Meet Boris Johnson’s girlfriend, Carrie Symonds

Britain's new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, brings a unique personal life as the first single Prime Minister in more than 40 years. He is in the process of a divorce, while his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, could be moving into 10 Downing St, becoming the first unmarried couple to inhabit the residence. CNN's Anna Stewart reports.

Read more about Symonds here:

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    1. @Ronnie Darko 😂😂😂😂 oh goodness, I just realized my mistake.

      I’m sutch a dumbass, but at least it was funny 😂😂😂😂

    2. That voice and accent is considered the bees’ knees over here. Plus he’s loaded, as some have already pointed out. It would be really weird, though, if the poor lass had been fixing to break up, and now can’t because he’s PM.

    1. I N

      The term used to be ‘make an honest woman out of her’

      She would be doing a great public service if she made an honest man out of him! 😂

    1. @Uncle Reggie this guy seems like an angry racist drunk who got abused by his father and now beats his wife 😂

    2. @Will Stewart come on, man… you can at least put some effort into your insults. Besides, when you say, “this guy”? You’re referring to yourself. To you, I’m “that guy”.
      This guy thinks you’re probably a gay athiest.

    1. Both are an example of what can happen if you irritate women or LGBTQ people. We don’t play, we are savage.

    1. J R Listen boy and you listen good, real good. Your gonna respect your daddy trump whether you like it or not. Or you will be banished to Jeffrey Epsteins island for further “hands on assessments”. 😜

    2. @Joey BoX0RoX Um. Puerto Rico is run by corrupt LEFTISTS! Who do you think is protesting in Puerto Rico? Hint: They arent liberals…

  1. To all you single guys out there: If THIS dude can get a girlfriend, you have a 99% chance of getting one, too.

    1. @Donald Trump Hes an alpha male. Feminists are intimidated by this. Not her, though. Shes an alpha female. A hot one, too!

  2. Boris Johnson will be a rock for Britain. A tiny rock in its shoe or a big one tied around its waist and then pushed into a body of water remains to be seen.

    1. Both are an example of what can happen if you irritate women or LGBTQ people, we DON’T play, we are savage.

    1. I N

      Someone needs to slip her a few quid then for proper glasses.

      Maybe some sort of crowdfunding?

      Glasses for her and any leftovers to buy eyeglasses for children? 😂

    1. If you can’t see the difference between the mind and development of a 10 year old and that of a 30 year old you are clearly not well, you should seek psychiatric attention.

  3. Making history? really? come on guys jesus. Who really gives a toss if BoJo has a girl or not? Give us ACTUAL NEWS please, not fodder for the social media nuts. thanks from the UK.

  4. No worries. If God could use a donkey to rebuke the mad Prophet Balaam in the Bible, He can certainly use a Boris to rescue UK from self destruction.

  5. the raw red meat that this relationship offers should keep the slavering british tabloids’ belly full for a few years, if properly played by johnson. 🙂

  6. Boris is obviously red pilled MGTOW he’s not going to marry her you idiots….smash and dash 2019!

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