Meet Mayor Kim Janey, History-Making First Woman & First Black Mayor of Boston | MSNBC 1

Meet Mayor Kim Janey, History-Making First Woman & First Black Mayor of Boston | MSNBC


Boston Mayor Kim Janey has made history as the first woman and the first black mayor of Boston. Janey joins Tiffany Cross to discuss getting vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus and more.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Meet Mayor Kim Janey, History-Making First Woman & First Black Mayor of Boston | MSNBC


  1. Anyone wanna bet that she never abandons her constituency during an emergency while telling freezing people “they should fend for themselves” and “the government is not here to help them” like a certain Texas repugnicant mayor recently did!

    1. And how does “identity politics” fit into my statement about a Texas mayor who abandoned his constituents during a life and death situation while posting rhetoric condemning them for needing assistance? _do you need a dictionary?_ ROFLMAO

    2. @truth troll everyone knows the only reason she was voted in was because of skin. Dems will vote against their own interests just to virtue signal

    3. So you have no real answer to my question, just more rabid rhetoric, your party has devolved to caveman-like grunts and hilarious antics. America will move-on without your kind.

  2. Congratulations Mayor Janey. Rosa Parkes, President Obama, and you slowly but surely, the US is a country where equal opportunity is becoming reality. Rome was not built in a day.

  3. Watts upj from Pensacola FL!
    Congratulations my beautiful blacc queen ms mayor of boston. Now we need to get one in georgia. Upj topj

  4. I’m a 55yr old white male. I’ve seen a lot of interviews with a lot of different black female leaders, and most of I’ve seen have been very impressive communicators. I may now be prejudiced for female black leaders.

    1. @Equality For All Harris screwed a mayor (married btw) to get where she is. Does that qualify her?

    2. @Equality For All What the Mass Media is NOT telling us is that the vast majority of these so-called “xenophobic/racist” attacks against Asian Americans are being committed by People of Color…not by the “white supremacist” bogeyman so favored by the Mass Media and self-loathing white liberals.

  5. That’s what happens when you don’t earn any income for the work you do. You earn nothing, which allows you to save nothing, which allows future generations to inherit nothing. It’s rather disgusting.

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