Mom and daughter sob with joy after 17 months apart | Militarykind 1

Mom and daughter sob with joy after 17 months apart | Militarykind


"I missed you Mommy!" This kindergartner's cry out for her mommy will leave you in tears.
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Chief Yeoman Diana Martin reunites with her daughter, Raniah, who sobs with joy after 17 months apart. Diana was deployed on the USS Ralph Johnson.

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  1. This reminds me of my dad and I cause my dad used to be away for months on end (longest time he was gone was about a year) and seeing this hits right at home

  2. Darling Girl Momma is home. Beyond fabulous. Kind deeds change Lives. The universe was showing off when this child was made.
    Thank you for your Service and Sacrifices.


  3. Build a wall and throw Joe Biden over it, damn shame how this man has destroyed this country in less than 2 months.

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