Meet The NJ Plumbers Who Went To Texas To Help During Power Crisis | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Meet The NJ Plumbers Who Went To Texas To Help During Power Crisis | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to Andrew Mitchell and Isaiah Pinnock, two New Jersey plumbers who drove 22 hours to help Texans dealing with a lack of power and clean water. Aired on 03/02/2021.
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Meet The NJ Plumbers Who Went To Texas To Help During Power Crisis | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. What is it your wanting Ted Cruz to do? Well golly geee he could be helping like AOC did and take some pictures distracting from the real aide workers. Or maybe he could shimmy up one of them their electric poles. Oh, oh i know he could remove ice from the highway with his own shovel.

    2. @Christine King hahaha that was kind of funny. Then we would gave one less politician to fight the chinese cultural differences laid out by Biden.

  1. President Biden’s message of Unity during times of crisis is what heals a Nation. He doesn’t resort to boasting and bullying. That’s a sign of a leader.

    1. Diana Hulstine – clearly you don’t watch the news then, cause you would have seen him sitting down with officials and letting them talk on TV to everyone.
      For Texas, we got partisan shenanigans over power systems and stories of death.

    2. Diana Hulstine – Texas isn’t my state either and I’m happy democrats did help. AOC boosted her public image and she also made Ted Cruz look bad so it was a political stunt, but still good

    3. @Crimdor Omg, a Politician tried to boost their image and attack other politicians for incompetence .. I’m shocked because that never ever happens.

    4. @Crimdor he didn’t want to be a distraction,he needs secret service and lots of the things texan didn’t need to be void of. You should really check your timing. President Biden was proactive not reactive. He actually dispersed emergency declaration for the state on 02/14/21. The storms didn’t make impact until 15th. It’s hard to judge outside of the stairs. Take it from us, President Biden did what we needed done,and put it into motion ahead of time. I guess he reads his briefings

  2. Hey Texans,
    When Jersey plumbers do more for your State than your Harvard educated Senator Ted Cruz!

    1. I say this as a Texas Democrat; the people in my state who have suffered and are continuing to suffer have no part in our governing. If you want to crack jokes about the storm remember your cracking jokes about Americans trying to recover from a natural disaster not a state government you disagree with. I assure you our state government and the people that run it deserve to be made fun of but they did not suffer during the storm as most of them ran away anyway.

    2. @Stephen Trantham From central Texas, I know it hurts to have these haters in our government here! I get it but the one that really bothers me is that “We” elected them! I did not and I fear that they are removing our rights to vote right now so only gQp can ever win!! Please take care neighbor!

    1. You mean knowledge is powerful. Its so true l’m telling you its an indisputable fact here. Cool.

  3. Yaaayyyy for goodhearted people!!!! They’re still plenty around. Good job guys!!!! Doing the right thing!!!!

    1. Completely political reaction to 2 men who went to Texas to serve an area in need how they were best able. I’m sure the people giving this a “thumbs down” gave media coverage of AOC raising nearly $5M for Texans and Beto organizing a phone bank for wellness checks on seniors a “thumbs down” too.

      As for the men featured in this story, thank you for putting your lives on hold for others!

    2. They were at the capitol and the FBI hasn’t arrested them yet, so they’re pinging at anything to feel righteous? : )

    3. One was Ted Cruz – if hed thought to bring back a couple of plumbers from Mexico, he’d be admired right now.

  4. Texans should try and talk AOC into changing her residency to Texas, and becoming their representative. She’s already proven herself to be a better leader and representative for them than their actual reps.

    1. @Bag Of rats
      How is it a freebie if you’re actually working for it? And the majority of Americans in this country make less than $15 an hour, and they’re not working at McDonald’s.

  5. Meanwhile in Florida… Fled Cruz is doing a stand up routine making light of his trip to Cancun!
    Take note and keep scores, Texas. DON’T FORGET!!!

    1. @Fred A Texans are blind to all the bad behavior and shortcomings of their Republican leaders. They would instead blame it all on the Democrats. That is the level of their stupidity.

  6. This is when being a humanitarian regardless of political affiliations matter. Helping people just because you’re kind and caring is what matters. Now we have to be our brothers keepers for the sake of LIFE.

  7. I was beginning to wonder if there were good selfless people left in the U.S. Those men restore some faith.

  8. Cruz meanwhile went to Mexico got caught, now he’s at a Trump rallie yelling out the words freedom WTF

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