Biden Looks To Senate To Pass Covid Aid As Trump Vows Revenge | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden Looks To Senate To Pass Covid Aid As Trump Vows Revenge | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The Senate will take up Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid aid bill this week as Johnson & Johnson releases its one-dose FDA-approved vaccine. Plus, Republicans are still taking in the former president using the CPAC stage to vow revenge on members of his own party. Aired on 03/02/2021.
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Biden Looks To Senate To Pass Covid Aid As Trump Vows Revenge | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. The Johnson & Johnson vacin was developed by a Dutch subsidiary Janssen in Leiden in the Netherlands

    1. @Sheila LopezI dont think he put that up here so everyone can be like wheres the proof, show me the proof.. DO YOUR OWN RESEACH.. Not his job to provide proof, he planted a seed of knowledge now water it meaning look it up with your own eyes.. He gave you many keywords type them in you little search bar and bam.. There you go learning for your self

    2. @Nunya Bizness- So, your point is? We’ve been trusting Johnson and Johnson for decades!!

    3. @Matthew Anderson you just told people to thier own research rather than trust the experts. You also told me to shut my mouth. Oops. So do thier own research what is that? My 10 year old did space research. He designed a rocket to go to the moon plans drawn in crayons. Get the drift. Do your own research but by the way, let Matt tell you, no one dies. 500,000 is not enough for the son of Anders. I think we’ll named he is a bit of a thing.

    1. @Kool_Kevin no not most….we won an election againist your boy… not most …..just the stupid one’s

    2. @Dave Clark please Dave step up to the class. After 50 yrs in the government surely you can find something good that Biden has done. We are waiting….

    1. @mountain man Dude give it up ….This isn’t the Trump era anymore….U can’t just use silly labels to spread lies about ppl…I am an American u are an American(I’m assuming) and America is not a Communist country…..Now please come back to the land of FACTS lol….This is the Biden era….Stupid time is over!

    1. @Anonymous Anonymous Wow, I am amazed, that you actually know the word retort, a word not used by many of your fellow leftists

    2. @DPS670950 Just because Trump was acquitted by technicality (a biased Senate,) doesn’t mean he didn’t commit the crime. So stop using acquitted as a shield of virtue and validity. It has neither. Even McConnell conceded that Trump was guilty. But, you hard heads don’t care about right and wrong, only semantics. This, is why The Republican Party and it’s followers have no validity. You’re just a bunch of go along gangsters empowering a sociopath. Fascist cult followers.

    3. @Cecilia Plazolles
      Cicilia, you are a waste of time. All you want to do is trade childish insults, instead of making comments based on merit. You’re blinded by your biases. Be gone troll. You can have the last word.

    1. @Mary Halverson and he is going into a court room over it.stone and trump should have their chance also in a court room..we need to stop protecting people who have made grave errors in judgment no matter who they are..

    1. China’s puppet, and due to 70 years of Fabian Socialist academic indoctrination to ”marxism”, his supporters/the marxist anti-American left and political activist media go right along with it. I call the left the ”hive mind” because they are as that’s what marxism requires-group think. No critical thinking or common sense whatsoever. And certainly no concern over our Constitution, rule of law or our country. 2A time is here my friend.

    1. @Viva La Raza! Your name means “Long live the race”. Meaning hispanics. It is really odd for you to be calling others racist.

    2. @BidenCheatedAndBrokeHisAnkle 123 no they weren’t they were started by Scottish descendants that’s where the clan comes from ,it was a meeting of Scots descendants (non racist) it was taken over decades later by.ppl of I’ll repute in the south who supported confederacy

  2. Where was the revenge ? Clickbait much ? If you didnt bother to see the What went down in Cpac no need for an opinion that’s not even relevant

    1. Hate to say it but don’t put much stock in MSNBC, they are actually fake news. They got caught in several lies when some of the stock stuff was going on and they never corrected it.
      Take what they say with a grain of salt.

    2. @young Mingo at the end of the video Trump names every Republican person who voted against him and said he wants them out of the party. I assume that’s what they were getting at

    3. @Null pretty much.any news with bias is fake news. Instead of reporting the news with factual evidence they just give their own opinion and the sheeps eat it up as “news”. I didnt see him stating any revenge , if Trump said he’s running for president 2024 they will label it as “Trumps redemption” or something similar to paint it negatively.

      I remember they had a headline a few months back saying “Trump refusing to give Newyorkers vaccine” and posted a 5-10 second clip. In reality watching a 2 minute version Trump specifically states he is not going to give New Yorkers the vaccine because Cuomo refused it for New York deeming it not safe. They called Trump a dictator and I laughed cause these idiots didnt bother to do their own research.

    4. @Young Mingo Pretty much, all news is biased just to different extents. You always have to take things with a grain of salt and look into it more. News is not like it used to be because it’s very commercialized now and profits driven.

    1. Revenge is not President Trump’s goal….strength in his loyalty to the freedoms of Democracy for “We the People” of the United States of America is President Trump’s focus!
      As our anthem so proudly states, “and the flag is still there!”

    1. @Sheila Lopez Trump and his third wife had the Pfizer before he left office. So obviously the plan to give it to P and VP were made.

    2. Trump and melania got the vaccine before they left the WH! Check it out! And Trump said he was immune and Covid was a democrat hoax.

  3. Once they get him to where he needs to go and the teleprompter in front of him oh, he’s not looking past his incontinence

  4. I checked these Dr.s out and did not like their very questionable backgrounds and we already know about these bought out networks.

  5. The President of France speaks out against US Democrats “woke” culture, recognizing it is destroying America!
    We went from the proverbial frying pan with Trump and into the fire with Biden. Very sad and shameful.

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