Meghan Markle and Prince Harry accept award before documentary release | USA TODAY #Shorts

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were honored for their work on racial justice and mental health in New York City ahead of their ‘Harry & Meghan’ Netflix documentary release.

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are ready to share their story. "No one sees what's happening behind closed doors," Harry says in the opening of the first teaser trailer of their Netflix documentary "Harry & Meghan."

Photos flashed in the trailer of moments between the couple when they were senior members of the royal family and private moments including photo booth pictures and images of Meghan in tears. "I had to do everything I could to protect my family," Harry says.

When asked why the couple chose to do a documentary, Meghan responds, "When the stakes are this high, doesn't it make more sense to hear our story from us?"

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  1. Oh my god, she is LOVING being in the spotlight. She’s even allowing Harry to talk AND finding his “jokes” hi-larious. “Look at me! Look at me and how much I love MY HUSBAND. Look, look! I obviously let him talk freely and this has totally not been scripted. At. All. Later, he’s going to put his arm around me to show you all how in love we are. I believe that’s scheduled for 21.00hrs. We’re so spontaneous and in love. Look at me! I’ve had new teeth and if I laugh with my mouth wide open enough you should be able to see the dentist’s advertisement. Did I mention my dress is Luis Vuitton? It’s Luis Vuitton everyone. Luis. Vuitton.”

    1. On the contrary , I don’t think she copied Kate at all. She is giving a huge and deserving nod to Carolyn Bissett Kennedy with her own spin on it. Well done. 🥂 ……

    2. Remember when Meghan (as a working Royal) was vilified for showing her bare shoulders? You can Google this fact. After Meghan left, suddenly Kate is showing HER shoulders multiple times without criticism.

    3. ​​@Token The Queen wore dresses showing her shoulders. Edit** Look up the dress she wore when she met Marilyn Monroe.

  2. H&M are living their best life, thanks to a deceased Queen giving them a permanent “All Out” Freedom Ticket. Since H&M both know the storms coming from the docu-series and book ‘ Spare’, it’s all laughs.

    1. Megain she so fake either her smile is fake . At least she let Prince Harry talk this time . But still not understand why they where entitled to this award

  3. So Meghan tricked him and brought him in this award show come he didn’t know that he is going for a award function .. what the audience are laughing for 🤔..

    1. Don’t be a smart… you are trying to confuse people, but they are much smarter than you think, Harry is just having fun.

    2. @Mango Juice yeah in this era when you made fool of yr own family with whom one has shared lot of good memories called smart 🤣and then blaming them .. he is over smart may be his mental medication working .. these days people making fun of mental illness everybody seems mental and smart 🤣🤣pure narcissism 🫢

    1. Racism in the in the twelve hundred years palace has been there from the beginning, everyone knows it, no more proof needed.

    1. He wore that uniform, because that’s what he learned growing up in the racist palace, now he knows better

    2. Queen. Elizabeth and queen mother and her Uncle and sister also did the Nazi Salute. Harry did not know any better until he got out of that dysfunctional fake royal world.

  4. She is loving this so much. She’s scary. And I know damn well she did not find her husband’s joke funny at all with that fake laugh. He’s starting to look like Pennywise.

    1. Meghan looks dropped dead gorgeous, and Harry very handsome, they are youthful and exciting, nothing like the other boring dull aging miserable couple, that was in Boston a week ago.

  5. From: Prince Harry….to my lovely wife Meghan. I was blessed to be apart of the greatest legacy and very proud of what my family has done for my nation , but no matter how great my roll is….. I still cannot have it all without you! I do stand proud in my shoes as a Son , grandson , brother and a heir to this beautiful and great country. My roll now is to be the greatest King to my lovely wife & children… that I owe and that’s all that matters….”lm still living a true prince fairy tale!” A.J.

  6. The don’t get much is BS talk. Just this year he went atleast 4 straight months not going home to his kids.

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