Warnock defeats Walker, growing Democrats Senate majority further | USA TODAY

Democrat Raphael Warnock won reelection against Republican Herschel Walker in Georgia. This gives Democrats 51 seats in the Senate.

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  1. 6 more years! Congrats to Warnock and every Democratic Senator for maintaining their seats. Also, congrats to Biden for being the 1st President since FDR to not only maintain every 1 of his Party’s seats in the Senate but also expanding their majority. This means if either Thomas’ or Alito’s seats on the Supreme Court open up Biden will be able to nominate a 2nd Supreme Court Justice that the Democratic majority Senate will vote on.

    1. Unbelievable how f ignorant I, m embarrassed to know that you are Latino can’t you see the way this disgusting crooked democrats are destroying our country come to s Texas and see what’s going on in the border you must not worry about the future of our kids and grandchildren

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