Mehdi: False Narrative About Greatness Led Us To 'Fail The Test Of Goodness' 1

Mehdi: False Narrative About Greatness Led Us To ‘Fail The Test Of Goodness’

Surveying the news out of Afghanistan as the Taliban retakes control of Kabul and the rest of the country, Mehdi Hasan considers how a false narrative about American greatness "has led us to fail the test of American goodness.

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Mehdi: False Narrative About Greatness Led Us To 'Fail The Test Of Goodness'


    1. @Bill Rodriguez and you had best stop commenting as it makes you a hypocrite so run along and comment to you bum buddy Alex

    1. Unlike the last ex, Biden acted with the most current information at his disposal from the military generals, CIA, and other agencies intel. Hindsight is a b’ itch.
      Like one reply said “it’s war. It never ends well”.
      We all know it could have ended much worse.

    2. @Cindy Pomerleau Biden neglected Afghanistan he has concentrated on Jim Crow since inauguration. What he knows?

    3. @VanGiai Do
      Hmm…and appointing his cabinet, or dealing with the pandemic, or relief for citizens during quarantine, etc., etc., basically trying to fix everything trump touched and turned upside down. It’s been a busy 7 months for him I’m sure.

    4. @Cindy Pomerleau oh, so how has Joseph Biden handled the pandemic any differently then Trump did though?
      Biden is even talking about shutting the Country down in 2 more weeks.

      Not to mention, Biden has allowed OVER 1 MILLION Illegal Immigrants to cross the Southern Border WITHOUT authorizing them to be tested or vaccinated for Covid-19 since January 23rd 2021 (the day he opened the Southern Border).

      That’s the 1 and only difference of how Joseph Biden has handled the pandemic and how Donald Trump handled the pandemic.

      Next, your so called “relief for citizens during quarantine”, that comes from your employer that you work for.
      Not from the Government.
      Many businesses aren’t even offering any quarantine relief plans.

      Plus, Biden said lied during December 2020 to Georgia as an illegal bribe with OUR money.
      Remember that $2,000 stimulus check that Joseph Biden used on Georgia as bribery to influence the citizens of Georgia to vote for him?
      Well, what stimulus check did you recieve from the bribing liar?
      Just a $1,400 stimulus check, correct?
      Yes that is correct.

      Then, January 24th 2021 Joseph Biden made restrictions to who recieves the already reduced stimulus check, making EVERY American Citizen have to register and qualify to even recieve the stimulus check.

      Then, that same day, Joseph Biden ends his Stimulus Check Speech by informing the public that the stimulus check will also be taxed on our Annual Income Taxes.

      Then, on March 18th 2021 Joseph Biden DEMANDED that ALL American Citizens who recieved stimulus checks to send the Federal Government back $600 of the already reduced $1,400 stimulus check.
      Regardless if you sent the money back to the IRS or not, the IRS WILL take that money back from you when you go file your Annual Taxes.

      So, we truthfully only recieved an $800 stimulus check.

      So, what truths have you even typed sweetheart?
      I see none, especially considering a mere Youtuber such as myself literally just fact checked and debunked every topic you attempted to type conspiracies about.

    5. @Cindy Pomerleau yea, Biden is so trying to fix everything Trump touched…
      Trump wasn’t allowing illegal immigrants across the Southern Border WITHOUT them being tested and vaccinated for Covid-19.

      Are you in denial of the Border Crisis Joseph Biden began on January 23rd 2021?

      Are you entirely oblivious to the Biden & Harris Administration beginning to finish the construction of “The Wall” that they and all of you jobless liberal democrats condescended, patronized, and ridiculed Trump for building?
      Take YOUR pitiful hypocrisy elsewhere please.
      You obviously have a severe case of TDS.

  1. This was always how things were going to end. Afghanistan cannot be effectively occupied, as every competent general since Alexander the Great has known. It was foolish to have stayed for 20 years, and even more foolish to have gone in in the first place. There are no surprises here.

  2. The 300,000 American backed Afghani Army is like Hitler’s phantom divisions at the end of WWII, they only existed on paper.

  3. 20 years of tax money gone to private defense companies. War makes a few rich.

    Just like Vietnam….
    We lost!!!

    1. That maybe true Vicky… But it helps keeps our men and women alive during a fight. Would you prefer we fight in tank-tops and slippers, wielding a broom stick? Pfff civilians

    2. @NotEnuF I have work for the aeronautical industry for just about 20 years, you’d be surprised if you knew how much our gov. Is paying to their buddies for military equip. Ridiculous amount of money. We do need a boogie man to send the brave to fight though… ( Sarcastic?) Lol

    3. Siphoning off the money for the Afghan government and army destroyed the army and the peaples faith in government and the USA never said a word they just kept paying to keep the corrupt regime in power the same as Vietnam with the same results in Iraq Iran replaced you and saved you from a humiliating defeat and as to saving the interpreters ect you will save a few for the photo op but the rest you will hang out to dry and I know this because I see how you treat your own veterans

  4. The only reason we (the USA) were in Afghanistan is so that military contractors could make trillions of dollars. Period. To think otherwise is to dwell in delusion. From the standpoint of the military industrial complex, this war was everything it was supposed to be; it just didn’t last forever.

    1. accurate and to think otherwise is delusional as you said. All of our wars except WWII (which was definitely necessary) were for this reason. They saw they could make $ off of war and killing people. After WWII there wasn’t anyone left to fight, so they made up reasons to fight and keep that money they got used to, flowing. Eisenhower even told us beware of the military industrial complex.

    2. @N K Absolutely! After World War II, in 1947, the U.S. Department of War, an institution of American government since 1789, was abolished and subsequently reconstituted as the Department of Defense; the Secretary of War was renamed the Secretary of Defense. And from that day to the present, the United States of America was never again in danger of war. It was in danger of defense. From “Picture This” by Joseph Heller

  5. The same generals that say they should have stayed, are the ones that told the US people the afghans would defend their country

    1. if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
      why would we ask military generals how to solve a failed-state problem?
      If we wanted to build up Afghanistan into a functional self governing stable country we needed to spend those trillions on hospitals, schools, small businesses, mining, transportation infrastructure, fair elections, a functional fair law enforcement system and a robust system to deter the types of fraud corruption and political cronnies that have plagued so many failed-states. However, we are not in a good position to comment on many of these woes, are we.

  6. I’ll say this , I’m pleased seeing liberals holding their own to account , something I have and continue not to see from the GQP… the ppl who were exclaiming “ THANK YOU TRUMP” are now more than happy to screw Biden

  7. “The Taliban regime” was created by Washington back in 70s in order to destroy the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

  8. The British Empire, Soviet Union, et al were defeated in Afghanistan before the USA. Ample documetation on Soviet failure for US leaders to learn from but they didn’t.

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