Mehdi Hasan: Biden Has Made Fighting White Supremacy From Day One | MSNBC

Mehdi Hasan: Biden Has Made Fighting White Supremacy From Day One | MSNBC 1


    1. @hector heck So…we’re just going to pretend there’s no video of white people burning buildings during BLM protests. They also brought the bricks. BLM protests are about protesting the violence…that’s why they are “unarmed” protests. No one ever gets harmed but the black people…unlike January 6th.

    2. @far more Lots of people harmed and deaths over the last 8 months and billions in damages. There are white people causing mayhem, too. BLM supporters and ANTIFA.

    3. @David Rodenborn Kamala called Biden a racist on the debate stage in front of the world and now she’s his guide dog. She was not his choice for VP. He despises her but was forced to pick her by the people who control him.

  1. God bless Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and God bless America…from South Africa 😇🙏🏻💖🇿🇦🍀🐞🍄🦄

    1. God Bless y’all too. Up with biodiversity !! May we all see green lands and content wildlife someday

    2. Let’s see.

      Biden is a racist, and Kamala Harris sent black people to jail, over marijuana charges. Then, Harris admits to smoking weed.

      That was nice of her!

    3. @Neil Lynch religious extremism yes. You don’t have to believe. Your choice. But there is good in religion as there is bad. Just like anything in this world. Did you think extremism only existed in the Muslim faith? It is in politics. It is in culture, and ethnicity. It is extremism we have to somehow stop. 50% is based on fear. Fear of something you dont understand. Or goes against your religious or cultural norms. The balancing 50% is hate, power over others, arrogance, and a false sense of being a dominant people. Manifest destiny comes to mind.

  2. From marching with tiki torches to breaking into the capital with weapons and handcuff ties. All in 4 years.

    1. @Mike Flowers it violates section 203. They will be broken just like the rest of the establishment and big tech and big pharma. But it want be democrats doing it because its clear now. They elected it

    2. @Gabe Dudley Well we definitely know Republicans wouldn’t do it because they did have full control only 4 years ago, For the first time in like some 70 odd years too. How fast that fell through.

    3. @Mike Flowers – And it’s unctuous GOTPers that have *kept the “Fairness Doctrine” from being reinstated.* 📑
      #TheyCanGoogleThat 📲

    1. Because your media has switched from vitriolic brainwashing to fawning over their chosen candidate. It’s clear, right?

    2. Happy that you’re calm. Watch out when walks outside with real 75 mil pple in flesh supported Trump.

  3. Sad to say but it was helpful to see them raging, in living color, literally invading the symbolic center of American democracy. It destroys the “liberal media” conspiracy theory, because the Trump supporters were recording the same footage on their phones as the professional journalists.

    1. Some think it was a victory. Unfortunately, they will use the exorbitant amount of coverage to their benefit to recruit more people to their ideological movement.

    2. Madam, your observation is on point. The truly delusional among us will not care. But those that are still fence-squatting, will have no more excuses.

      Brilliant post!

    3. @hector heck You obviously missed my point! I am not focused on these other groups! I will leave that up to you! You said you condemn the violence! Let’s leave it at that!

    1. @Matt Doe they bailed out the peaceful protestors. No on condoned violence. And just because Biden is 78 doesn’t make him senile. Trump is a crazy, delusional , liar. And is not in nearly physically fit as Biden.

    2. @Landon’s Channel hey Koin said businesses are boarding up over there why is that if none never got destroyed

    3. Wonderful, all the immigrants would be are grateful to Biden, they are packing and will be coming in droves. A big THANK YOU to Biden, See you in America soon.

    1. As a Canadian who respects all Americans…yes you are fight..America will come out of all this and continue as the great country you are and have been …god bless all Americans ..

  4. Right, the only reason that was some sort of normality is because the national guard was present for a week taking control of Washington, please let’s work together for a better Country, no time and or room for reprehensible actions.

    1. @warpedjaffas1 This wasn’t about overturning an election. It was about our government not providing a transparent and credible election. There were some bad actors and I’m sure some glom-ons but you don’t show up to overthrow your most powerful in the world government with a few weapons. LOL. For 99+%, that wasn’t what it was about.

    2. @hector heck as a matter of they did condemn the violence and NOT she did NOT say they should continue

      Nope, the dems and hollywood did NOT bail them it was money raised for the protesters.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis “…Kamala Harris saying that anti-racism protests will not and should not stop…” Except they were a lot more than “protests” weren’t they?

      Shout outs were made for Hollywood and Democrat leaders and supporters to donate for bail. Your links says “city bail funds donations”. You’re making my point. LOL

    4. @hector heck you don’t get it do you, she was NOT talking about those protest, she was talking about protests in general moron. god you people are dense. the riots well that was far right who caused the problems. she asked them to donate to the freedom fund, in Minnesota, NOPE, I don’t make your point, Like I said the funds were for protesters, once the money went to freedom fund they deal with whom they bail out NOT Harris. so you lost your point

    5. @psycobleach46 tullis – After watching MAGATs *beating Capitol cops* with ballbats, fire extinguishers *and* an American flag-still-attached flagpole, I *never* want to hear their ‘Blue Lives Matter’ spiels again. 😒

    1. No no no, now we know who they all are 🙂 you can’t let them get away, the problem has always been man only if we knew each individual racist p o s and now we know, the question is what happens? What do you do when you find out someone is a monster?

    1. Yes! Seditious Propaganda used to be ILLEGAL. It should be again! We used to hunt down and HANG seditious propagandists and traitors after WWII! Now? We let Fox broadcast on American soil and give them shares in the company! WTF, America??? Are we really calling it, “free speech,” when people get to scream, “Fire!” in a packed theatre, and sit back to watch people DIE in the chaos that THEY CAUSED??? According to Conservative analysts, Fox cast doubt on the election over 700 TIMES! They KNOW THEY’RE LYING AND PEOPLE ARE DYING! Lock them up! At the very LEAST, ban the dangerous LIES!?

    1. That’s like telling little kids at school shun bullies. Don’t respond to them. Don’t tell on them to teachers. ……. Does that work? Has it every worked? How many children every year commit suicide from being bullied? Now let’s go a step further. Shun human traffickers. Don’t respond to human trafficking, Don’t mention it to the leaders, put it in the news, or enforce the law? See how the mind set is off yet? I could go much farther with this. To dramatically underline how what your saying does nothing to end insurrection, to keep responsibility, accountability, and leadership aware of the situations. Leadership should always be under the scrutiny of all lest it become corrupt. But I do not like drama. I like truth, and well thought out communications between people. People just like how simple you wrote that, they are tired from the drama, and want sweet short answers to problems. Life don’t work that way when people are involved.

    2. @A. Settje You’re right. I was thinking of the trolls and MAGA dregs sloshing about on social media, and the higher profile insurrectionists in Congress and elsewhere, reaching for an audience.

    1. Good day because the main stream media don’t have anything to spread their hatred towards Trump anymore. Your flattering ear will be safe in quite a time.

  5. It’s been three years of “what the h*** is going on!!” I say three..because I TRIED SO HARD TO get it! It’s been a nightmare of crazy…just deadly CRAZY!

  6. What is this title? “has made…”? You mean he made it his priority? He addressed it on day one? Poorly written.

  7. Remember, the devil is a liar and would never take accountability for his actions. He just does what the devil would and lies about it

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