Mehdi Hasan Clashes With GOP Rep. Crenshaw On Immigration | MSNBC 1

Mehdi Hasan Clashes With GOP Rep. Crenshaw On Immigration | MSNBC


The Biden Administration is attempting to solve the influx of migrants at the border. NBC’s Mehdi Hasan presses Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) on his claims that Biden brought this on himself after eliminating Trump era policies. Aired on 3/22/2021.
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GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw Talks Biden Immigration Policy | MSNBC


  1. I’d be asking him about his sudden stock trading during the pandemic when he was getting insider info.

    1. @I Voted – if you voted democrat, you are responsible for all this illegal immigration, put some make up on that

    2. @Kegan Vlogs Sometimes
      Is a Bull Shivic
      (Bolshevik, bull, civic- minded, demagogue), someone who gains political power by appealing to people’s emotion’s instincts, & prejudices in a way that is considered manipulative & myopic; someone who incessantly reiterates the same petty complaints, until they are taken seriously.

      There are citizens with valid complaints & issues, but invariably the meeting will have to deal with some Bullshivic & his personal gripe of “supreme importance”.

    3. @Uncanny Valley Well, if he is a Bolly, or not, someone needs to teach him how to put eye shadow on so he doesn’t look like Buffalo Bill’s apprentice boy.

    4. @Kegan Vlogs Sometimes you seem, on your vids, like an abused little boy. Do you need someone to call #Interpol for you?

  2. It is a wonder his nose doesn’t start growing as the letters appear on his forehead as he sweats KKK.

    1. @Rod,
      Those Dems were Conservatives, just like today’s Republicans.
      Read a book once in a while that wasn’t written by a revisionist.

    2. @Rod,
      Hey Rod, go to a KKK rally today and call them all a bunch of tree hugging liberal Dems and watch what happens.

    3. The Republican party only have three black Congressional Reps. Their party waves the Confederate flag and are robustly endorsed by the KKK.

    1. 28,000 is a wide open border. Open borders doesn’t mean open to everyone. It means that it is open for too many people. What is your limit? It should be ZERO. The incentives that are bringing them all here are countless. Which Trump had to deal with. The minors and families is obvious. They get caught and released. The single males adults try to because the border is looser. They try multiple times. If they get in, they get benefits and sanctuary and won’t get deported.

    2. A shameless liar hiding behind his military service as cover. It’s an embarrassment to our country.

    3. @MaskedMarvyl Putting police and military servicemen and women on pedestals is a bit of a problem in America. It doesn’t and shouldn’t make them better than anyone else.

  3. It’s funny that 5% being sent back for asylum under Trump is “incentive numbers” while 72% being sent back under Biden is an open border.

    1. @Kunaal Jagtianey Your reply is utter garbage. All you are doing is pointing the finger at Republicans when Biden is the one changing policies that incentive illegals to come over. Go watch any real interview with actual border police and listen to what they are saying. Interestingly enough, it lines up with what I ly one side is saying the Republicans. And if you don’t want to trust the people on the front lines, then watch the video from the media when they go into the detention centers. Oh wait, you can’t. Biden won’t allow the media there. You k ow, because it’s the Republicans fault.
      So dumb.

  4. Revealed that he knew nothing about healthcare, now this clown wants to show how little he knows about other issues.

  5. When I see “The Eye-Patch PissyPirate”, I want to shout: “Demagogue”. DEMAGOGUE. And no, I didn’t listen to his swill. 17-seconds & OUT.

    1. @Woke Wokerman Back again, the basement bittiebot gamer on mama’s couch. The Justin Bieber of the internet. What’s up, biebs. Takin’ a break from hmwk? Want me to check it for ya? Pfffttt (that’s called Derision).

    2. @John Galt009 …more witlessness…ouch…the JB of the internet…!!!HAHAHAHAHA…WAKE FROM WOKE before more than just your brain jellies….HAHAHAHA

    1. Not sure what is correct. I was disappointed when he said he wouldn’t return a 4 year old. They should all be returned no matter what their age. End the incentives to make the dangerous journey with cartels and smugglers and be split up from their families. Let their families take care of their own children in their own country.
      28,000 is a wide open border. Open borders doesn’t mean open to everyone. It means that it is open for too many people. What is your limit? It should be ZERO. The incentives that are bringing them all here are countless. Which Trump had to deal with. The minors and families is obvious. They get caught and released. The single males adults try to because the border is looser. They try multiple times. If they get in, they get benefits and sanctuary and won’t get deported.

    1. @Uncanny Valley Ahhh now you’re in the business of mind reading. You know who has a “racist attitude”, despite not having a scintilla of actual evidence to support it. There is real racism in this world – you are destroying the meaning and significance of the word.

    2. @A C so what would you call “racist” bud? You know that’s called gaslighting, everyone can see republiklan talking points all orientate around identity politics, from Mexicans, to Chinese, to Muslims, Blacks, Transgenders, basically anyone who isnt a straight white male, and we have the mass shootings to prove it, if you want to turn a blind eye to reality that’s fine, but dont complain about being identified as racist when that’s literally all your rhetoric is about.
      Even your denial is proof of racism, but all of that aside, we can look at the statistics, the history, the double standards, comments on right wing videos, their subject matter, the dog whistles the language around gun rights, abortion, law and order, all mechanisms for maintaining the apartheid state. So if you’re looking for specific quotes take any right wing talking point and walk through the logic in terms of race and you can see it’s rooted in racism, so it doesnt require your permission, or approval, it requires honesty and objectivity, something the right clearly lacks and the left can also be guilty of.
      You’re pretending unless someone is going around using the N word and other epithets that they cant be racists, which is childish and disingenuous, a bad faith argument.
      Not that we dont have enough examples of actual racism, esp in terms of what trump has said, asking for “proof” is just an exercise in gaslighting, as you’re claiming to be the authority on what is and isnt, when you’re just a nobody in a you tube comment section pretending everyone needs his approval, which in itself, as I already said, is also racist.

    3. he didn’t say that. “Biden is not deporting any of them” is difffenrt than what he actually said and that is “we won’t deport you”. listening is not your strong point.

    1. @Cole C no way! Seriously? Wow! How lucky we are for you to point that out. Is he allowed to be stupid or does being a seal prevent that…

    1. @Lucky Larry liberal dopes at msnbc mad that people are criticizing Biden’s idiotic policies that created a border rush.

    2. @ALCLOL did you not watch the interview and see that the increase has been inherited from Trump since covid hit, direct from custom and border patrol numbers, or are you playing dumb and dishonest just like Dan was??

  6. I cannot wait till we get new Congress as a Texan please I’m so glad I started voting

    1. @Blair Haffly Again, every time I bother to do that research to verify the accusations of “muh white supremacy”, I end up finding out the opposite. Every. Single. Time. It’s the people making the accusations of supremacy and racism who are the real supremacists and racists. It’s always some form of projection. What they accuse others of is always what they themselves are.

    2. @Peak Shlomo Since you have never ever even once encountered or discovered a racist in America look up David Duke, former grand wizard of the KKK, former congressman. Just so you can know that such a thing is an actual human possibility.

    3. @Blair Haffly So all members of the KKK are automatically “muh white supremacists” and “muh racists”? How about Joe Biden’s buddy Robert Byrd? Does that qualify for him as well?

    4. @Peak Shlomo I didn’t say that but it seems likely. I’ve never joined a group whose primary purpose i disagree with. Yeah, I think Byrd held those views and maybe recanted late in life, I don’t really remember. How would you characterize the Klan? By the way, what’s that accent you keep using?

    5. @Blair Haffly I don’t really think about the Klan or believe “muh white supremacy” and “muh racism” are actual problems. To me they’re just fictional wedge issues used to divide society against itself. Buzzwords designed to do nothing but subvert and destroy nations and groups of people.

    1. In 2017, the Center for Immigration Studies found that on average each illegal immigrant that crosses the border costs American taxpayers $94,391. This is because on average illegal border crossers create significantly more in costs for government than they pay in taxes over the course of their life. That means that for every 100,000 illegal immigrants stopped by a wall the saving to taxpayers would be nearly 9.5 billion. Trump spent only around 15 billion total on the wall. The number of people currently crossing the border illegally is estimated to be around 6000 per day. At this rate that would be 2,190,000 people illegally crossing in a year. If a more complete wall can stop even just a small fraction of these people from crossing illegally it would pay for itself in a short time period. We need to keep building the wall. It will save American taxpayers a lot of money over time.

    2. @Bryan B border crossings surge seasonally, which has been observed in recent years. Border crossing rates are not dissimilar to what we saw during the previous administration. In addition, due to the remain in Mexico policy there was huge pent up number of migrants waiting to come in. Now, based on messaging from the previous administration, and a more humane massage from the current administration these migrants have decided now is the time to cross. There is no reason to believe that the current rate of crossing will continue indefinitely as you predict with your irrationally high prediction of 2,190,000 annual crossers.

      The wall may stop some crossers, but it’s not the magic bullet. A wall in some places is warranted, sure. Few elected officials deny that. But in other places there are better solutions to border security.

      Let’s not forget that 100 years ago, that section of the border you want to build the wall on was inside Mexico. When you take a part of someone’s county by force, expect to have problems.

    1. Mehdi has had a training that few have had. His vast experience dealing with not only politicians of every colour but also his quick wit make him a formidable challenger to any person yielding power.

  7. Crenshaw: “I’m not sure where you’re getting your numbers from so I’m just gonna pull a bunch of crap out my arsehole.”

    1. first if you looked at that graph there was not a huge increase for the last 9 months. Crenshaw said I can’t see the graph. second the immigration organization took numbers and made a graph. that graph can be manipulated and would need to be analyzed.

  8. Crenshaw is not even aware of the district he’s “representing” but his eloquence is spot on.

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