Mehdi Hasan Rants On Ben & Jerry’s Israel Drama

Ben and Jerry's decision to pull their business out of occupied Palestinian territories inspired some interesting reactions. Mehdi points out: "It's either no to the ice cream or yes to apartheid."
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    1. @John Smith It isn’t our job to read your mind and you don’t need a translator. You typed in he comes across a certain way so we need examples of how he does. Not hard even for you to figure it out.

  1. I am craving the day Apple or Starbucks do something which would promulgate a boycott.

    The crickets on that day will be heard from light years away.

    1. @eschur You should lose your account for out right lying. Why are you playing victim, same as the NAZI’s. From my point of view (America), Israel is no different then Germany 1930’s!

    2. @eschur Are you saying ALL Jewish people live in Israel? That would make you ignorant, stupid and a liar. I expect no different from you. You are showing your colors again! Be careful of the seeds you sow, it just may grow!

    3. @John Smith the majority of Jewish people live in Israel, yes the only Jewish State on the planet today

    4. @eschur You’re an awful person for lying about genocide like that. If there was any fairness with TY, you’d be banned for hate speech

  2. For a country that people brag about being the most powerful in the region, Israel sure turns into a whiny snowflake over boycott campaigns that will have next to no actual effects against them. 🤷‍♂️

    1. @Bethany The Iraqi’s are still around, as are the Turks and Egyptians. So what’s your point? It’s time for share and share alike, back yard barbecues with Israelis and Palestinians together in a two state solution. It’ll be great.

    2. @Jon Deibe I’m saying it doesn’t matter ‘who was here first’, and yes, Arabs and Jews once lived side by side. There are 1M Arab-Israelis who continue to do so in Israel.

    3. @eschurAgain, are Ben and Jerry’s in favor of it? Are the Neturei Karta and many others in favor of it?

      No. None of us are in favor of ethnic cleansing. Now answer:

      Are you just an antisemite?

    4. @Bethany Good, so all rancor aside on here, enough with trolling each other, etc, there can be a two state solution, as it appears neither I nor you truly want the hate to continue in Palestine/Israel, we want a two state solution, and believe it is the right way to go. I know I do, because the “I was here first” argument is out the window, it’s time to let all bygones bygones, and now everyone to get along.

    5. @Jon Deibe interesting when Jewish people say that they’re offended by your comments you call them anti-Semitic but it’s clear that you’re a Jew hater you don’t want you to eat ice cream that’s fine get a t-shirt say it loud and proud

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the ice cream at the end. I’m getting some Ben and Jerry’s today

  4. Fascistic Fudge Brownie: the flavor you’re in the mood for when you want Israel to dictate where Ben and Jerry’s sells their ice cream.

    1. The opposite is happening Ben & Jerry’s is trying to dictate that Jews are not allowed to have ice cream

    2. @eschur Nope. Israel: We are democratic and support free market capitalism.
      Also Israel: Ben & Jerry’s will sell their products in occupied territories, or else!

    3. @eschur Also Israel: Ben and Jerry, the two Jwish dudes, are somehow antisemitic, but then we see antisemites behind every tree and bush. Reeeee.

  5. The writers of YouTube’s eternally-indecent algorithms, have ensured that not one minute can pass, without YouTube’s size and reach being used – through selective censorship – to support white supremacists.

  6. When you’re talking normal, you’re talking fast. In these 60sec rant, you’re like a Mercedes Formel 1 Car.

    Calm down, so that people like me, with a German mothertongue, can follow you. 🙂

  7. I think it’s sad that this is what capitalism has become, divide people and get a ton of free advertising🥴
    Ps: I MUCH prefer the brand Talenti!!!!!!!!

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