Memphis Zoo sends Ya Ya the panda back to China after 20 years | USA TODAY

A Chinese giant panda named Ya Ya is now back in China after spending two decades at the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee on loan.
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  1. 音樂搭配大貓熊
    謝謝所有關心丫丫 樂樂的天使😇
    樂樂 林惠 創創安息主懷😢
    我們繼續關心美香 添添 小奇跡一家三口

  2. America dare not tell the truth? The Chinese wants their panda back because the American Zoo is incapable of looking after these precious endangered species. Shame on Memphis Zoo and shame on America.

  3. Sichuan People said they never seen a panda as bad shape as YaYa for a century
    China will make united states pay for their humiliation on Panda
    it would be about a Trillion Dollars on bonds , investment and sanctions

  4. So sad that Memphis Zoo staff was so cruel, abusive and neglected with poor YaYa and late LeLe. 😥🐼🙏

  5. just look at the young bamboo and shoots they are feeding her. She will be care for and enjoy the rest of her days. Wish LeLe knows he is back home also. So sad to see YaYa going up to LeLe door a week before leaving and just sat in front of it. Like she is telling LeLe that we are finally going home.

  6. Thank goodness this poor panda look so malnourished and abuse, it’s so sad that her spouse Lele died before he could return to his native China with her also, 20 yrs is too long.

  7. Shame on Memphis Zoo😡😡😡Even though the wild pandas in Sichuan have a better life than pandas Yaya and Lele in Memphis 😡😡😡

  8. 孟菲斯沒有專業飼養能力就該早把大熊貓送回中國,該死眼裡就只把樂樂和ㄚㄚ當做搖錢樹,搖到樂樂倒下去,ㄚㄚ半死不活,真該早日倒閉

  9. After 20 years of abused and neglected by the Memphis zoo, YaYa finally go home to live out the rest. of her life in a safe and happy place. Can’t imagine what she and LeLe been through, but so happy that YaYa survive against all odd and going home.

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