White House welcomes hundreds of kids for Take Your Child to Work Day | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden fielded questions from hundreds of kids in celebration of Take Your Child to Work day at the White House.
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National Take Your Child to Work Day 2023 is Thursday, April 27th.

Observed on the fourth Thursday in April, the day serves as an opportunity for parents or guardians to expose their children to the workplace, providing them with an inside look into the daily responsibilities of the adults in their lives.

More than 40 million youth and adults in over 4 million workplaces around the world have participated in the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work program since its inception in 1993, according to the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation.

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  1. best part of being president .. #1 it’s a honor, #2 meet people, #3 get to live in this great house …. ( nothing about helping Americans ).. FJB

  2. It was disgusting that he wouldn’t even bring up his granddaughter navy. I feel so sorry for that little girl. She’s gonna wonder her whole childhood why her Dad and grandpa didn’t wanna have anything to do with her not invited to the Easter egg roll not invited to the White House. Not asked to be a part of the family. Just disgusting on so many levels but I’m not surprised because that’s how the Dems roll.

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