Message To The Trump Family: ‘It’s Time To Separately Lawyer Up’

Former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi weighs in on the New York Attorney General opening a criminal probe into the Trump Organization and what that could mean for the former president’s family.

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  1. Ivanka? Don Jr? Eric? I barely know them. They showed up to a few rallies and I might have a few pictures with them. – Donald

    1. @DJ C and you know what you are innocent until you are proven guilty or doesn’t that apply to you socialist democrats

    2. @Chaos
      For the last 4 years he was pretending to be the President of the United States
      A sitting President cannot be indicted
      But he can when he’s no longer President The time is now

    3. Oh, yes, Ivana had some kids. But we weren’t very close, I mean, I knew they were ours ,but then we divorced, so I’m not sure they are mine anymore.

    4. @Becky Estrada sounds like hunter Biden, grandpa Biden doesn’t even no his grandkids or where they came from

  2. This is the episode Americans waiting for……criminal investigation of the mafia family!! Frank loving what u saying!!

    1. @Chaos MSNBC pundits and Trump were well aware that being president gave him executive privilege. Trump committed next level cheating to try and win a second term because he needed to continue to hide behind EP. Now that he can’t, MSNBC talking heads are saying that there’s a possibility that he could face jail time and I for one haven’t stopped smiling since!

  3. Not just New York, add Georgia and Washington D.C.! Hopefully, one of these entities will put that evil, grifting crime family in prison where they belong!!

    1. @Jesse Hynes lmao So you know for certain that the corrupt, criminal monster doesn’t lie bc well, just bc I choose to believe he’s a lying sob but I Resoect your decision to believe him. I predict he’ll lie under oath bc the news coverage had proven it time any time again. Truth is based FACTS. It’s the foundation of Truth that and faith and empathy. Youre theory for Truth is not valid, sorry _

    2. @Kavami11 Jams I think you missed the point of my comment? I don’t believe trump and I don’t think he is innocent when it comes to a lot of things

    3. @Chaos That’s funny….LAST TIME I CHECKED MSNBC WAS RIGHT ABOUT trump LOOSING THE ELECTION !!!!…..FACT so you have my sympathy for listening to trump’s LIES.

    4. @Bi Deng I’m British and agnostic so why would I pray for Trump to have a 2nd term? Anyway it’s much funnier watching Biden make a mess of everything and seeing the fake news making excuses and blaming Trump. Fact!

    1. @Mikey Masters I think a lot of people voted for Trump cos they come to the conclusion that Hillary’s a complete psychopath.

    2. @Chaos DOUBLE JOKE ON YOU : trump may be laughing, but he’s doing it in Florida, UNPROTECTED cause he LOST THE ELECTION !!! 😅😅

    3. The thing is he doesn’t lose. He was always getting sued before he became President. Investigation up the yang yang during his Presidency impeached twice but never found or convicted guilty. He’s not tired of winning he said. Lol!!!

  4. Trump: “Hey Vladimir, do you mind if I come hangout at your place for a while? I can crash on the couch, if that’s okay with you.”

    1. @Greg If I’m correct Trump hose Russia over $400 million so I’m not sure if Russia will take him unless he gives them the 400 million plus more money in advance for him to stay there but I’m really hoping that Trump becomes homeless so he could be treated the same way that he treated the homeless people because Trump didn’t care about the homeless people

    2. @Zaphod Beeblebrox Well Vlads can tell Trump to stand down and stand by and wait to see if he is called on to be a threesome but I honestly believe that Putin is done with Trump

    1. Yea how many times are they going to strike out, before they start using their brain and just give up.

    2. I agree but I find comfort in knowing there will be so many more cases to come. He has law suits out the wazoo! So if he wins this case (nut I think this a big deal and (their going to try very hard to burn 🔥him.) I doubt he’s going to be able to defend himself and he’ll be going to prison for fraud. Cross our fingers!!

    1. We’re going to see some JUSTICE here. So many defendants. Hey, where’s Kushner ? Did he take a dump in Israel ? (5/19/21)

    2. @Mark G. yea so are the Biden’s what’s your point, just ask around in Delaware of all the companies he’s stiffed on payments

  5. Trump: “Don’t look at my businesses!!!!!!!”
    Prosecutors: “Well, it’s time to look at his businesses.”

    1. @Nina Nina he should know, tell a woman not to look at your businesses thats the first thing she’s gonna look at. Hahaha

    2. @Steve Austin po baby, out of your meds this early? Not to worry the first will be here soon and if you are smart, this time you will buy the right kind of drugs instead of that mack (with a c)

    3. @tony u trump has been the one profiting from china, NOT Biden. and how about prove the news is fake.

  6. His lawyer Cohen literally went to jail doing illegal things for “Individual 1.”
    And his current lawyer Rudy was raided by the Feds.
    And Stable Genius wants us to believe this is a “witch hunt.” 😅😂🤣

    1. Yet the left can rib and steal in open sight and nothing happens to them, yet . The left tries to show strength by acting strong, yet the right appears weak, but the left is worried about how strong we truly are. This is why they’re trying to take all of our rights away.

    2. @Ur2ez4me81 No, but evidently YOU can make it up, because your statement held zero facts. No reality seen there. Sadly, totally deluded.

    3. @Ur2ez4me81 Knuckle Dragging Backwards Republican Base Logic: saying what you just said while blaming everyone else and REFUSING to take personal responsibility, and acknowledge one’s own fault. Also accusing everyone else of playing victim, WHILE YOU YOURSELF ARE CLAIMING VICTIMHOOD. Also accusing everyone else of trying to cancel you, WHILE YOU YOURSELF ARE CANCELING EVERYONE. Also DENIAL, LYING, SYCOPHANTASIM, GRIFTING, OBSESSIVE BEILIEF IN CONSPIRACY THEORIES to name a few things.

    4. @Ron McCall Wow, deluded much? The left can rob and steal WHAT in the open, exactly? The LEFT has not been robbing or stealing ANYTHING. The right wing, particularly the white nationalists in the right wing, are fomenting the violence. They are the ones looting and burning places after civil, peaceful demonstrations have taken place. Then the GOP comes along and gives their mantra : BLM and antifa. BLM is anti-violence, hence demonstrating around the violent deaths of blacks at the hands of law enforcement. Antifa is anti-fascist, they are against Trump because he is a wannabe fascist dictator. Every patriotic American is anti-fascist. Do YOU support fascism? They do not condone violence either, though they get blamed for a lot of it. So you blame two avowedly anti-violence organizations for violence that (the FBI has evidence showing) was perpetrated by a white nationalist group? You are not paying attention to what is happening in the real world.

    1. @Mark G. “Brad, nobody knows orange like I do. Let me tell you, Brad.
      Brad, I know orange better than anyone. I’m so orange, Brad” -donny

    2. I wish he would get locked up, but they will never lock that psycho up! 😭😭😭😭😭😭Whahhhhh the media…the media…..whahhhhh whahhh the radical left are on a witch hunt!😂

    3. @Fifer McGee I’m waiting on the episode of American Greed. The rise and fall of an American Lunitic

  7. Uh oh. The reckoning finally. I just can’t figure out why it took so long for the guy to be indicted? He’s been crooked for so long!

    1. Yeah, he was a known crook, and should have been locked up long before he managed to finagle his way into a position of power.

    2. In America if you’re a white collar criminal and it’s civil you can usually get away with things with enough money, criminal matters are much different.

  8. That’s the most animated I’ve seen Frank on this show. He seems pretty stoked about this announcement

    1. Domain knowledge. He knows his stuff. And Neil is genius level. I’m always in awe of people who’ve dedicated themselves to excellence.

    2. What do you expect from a room full of Political Zionists? They speculate on behalf of PZ Media Bosses and the likes of Schumer Feinstein Pelosi etc. Trump will roll unscathed!

  9. Everyone in NY knows that family isn’t on the up and up, it’s no secret.. Time to pay the piper has long passed…

    1. The Trump family can’t run or operate any non-profit orgs because they were caught stealing money from children with Cancer.

  10. “If the intent goes to the top, you’re going to see people go to prison.” Thank you, Frank. We believe you. 🕵️

    1. @Stevie Bee its amazing the amount of deflection they produce. I mean wtf does any of this have to do with Clinton, Obama, Lorretta Lynch, the supreme court, or Captain Kangaroo for that matter. When the deflection dies then they have to confront the truth and they cant do it. Sad. Its their friggen country, their democracy, freedom, and God…..i just cant understand. Its a warpex reality. And if ignorance is bliss then they are the happiest mfers on the planet

    2. @Gary Johnson Wow you believe everything favorable for Hillary that the liberal mob tells you. BTW Google “Martin Luther King, Beast as Saint” and tell me what you think.

    1. @Chaos seeing is believing but nobodys going to take down anyone and nobodys going to jail its just business as usual and we pay the price for it while they laugh at us

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