Mexico Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Ban In Contrast With Texas

Rachel Maddow reports that the Mexican Supreme Court has struck down an abortion ban by a Mexican state in a decision that is expected to give Roe v. Wade-type protections to Mexicans just as Mexico's neighbor over the border is trying to undermine those protections in Texas with the help of the U.S. Supreme Court.
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  1. Makes you wonder if there will be a renewed effort to build that wall. But now with a different goal in mind… (/s)

    1. Watch Texas try to pass a law forbidding Texas residents from travelling to Mexico. Thankfully that won’t work because a state cannot do that, only the Federal government can.

    1. It was not exactly like that. Mexico did allow the Texans to hold slaves thru the trick of seven-year contracts, very similar to the ancient indentured servant contracts of the 1600s. In reality, it was Mexican Catholic Clergy which surreptitiously but persuasively convinced the conservative catholic new government in 1832 to start a process to get protestant colonizers out of Texas, for that the Federal Mexican Constitution of 1824 was revoked entirely, then measures to exasperate the colonizers were put in place; the American Southern filthy rich slave holders saw that as an opportunity to insurrect Texas, and sent ruffians like Sam Houston and Bill Travis to intensify the havoc and push the Texan farmers to fight for independence.

    2. What is paradoxical though is that both slavery and abortion have something in common: both privilege the rights of some to the detriment of others. Slavery valued the property right of the slave owners over the right to freedom of the slaves; whereas abortion values women’s right to privacy over the right to life of the unborn.

    3. @Xavier Velasco-Suarez if men could get pregnant abortions would be legal in every corner. Bodily autonomy is about more than privacy. Think about it!

    1. It might be the safest option legally, it would be really hard to do vigilante justice against people in another country.

    2. Well since it’s legal in mexico and the DOJ has vowed to protect women threatened by this ignorant law it should be a pretty much legal railroad. Tie some trumpers to the tracks.

  2. So anti Vader’s can keep saying my right my body but women that have an unwanted pregnancy can not… hypocrites ….

    1. i don’t understand why there is such a deep polarization of topics. into “demo” & “repub”. i mean i support both women’s right to abortion and the right not to forcibly given vaccination. and i prefer to choose the logical arguments of both sides and reject stupid ideologies on both sides too.

  3. Our post-depression Grandparents voted out the GOP for wrecking the USA..we forgot.. time to do the work and vote them out forever

    1. unfortunately, the uneducated idiots have different plans, and there are an awful lot of those uneducated idiots

    2. Even an energized constituency can’t really change anything if the representatives are useless. The democrats just don’t have the kind of resolve needed to oppose the Republican’s machinations. Say what you will about the questionable values of the GQP, they’re better at playing the political and power game than the feckless democrats. If only you had more than two parties.

  4. One more thing Americans will have to cross the border to get access to, along with reasonable dental and healthcare

    1. @Allan Burns the in the dustbin of history. It couldn’t even last as long as Nirvana (I know, also in the dustbin of history)

    1. USA as a whole. This is only going to get worse, and I’m not optimistic it’s going to get any better without truly drastic measures. If the GOP can’t win in a democracy, they’ll dismantle it by any means necessary.

  5. Guessing that Ted Cruz won’t be fleeing a blizzard next time he goes to Mexico on a different flight than his wife…

    1. Mexico can’t stop millions of people from fleeing their cartel state every year, let alone annexing foreign pieces of land.

  6. I’ve heard Americans say that Texans have always wanted to be their own country & now it’s seems they are really striving to prove that they should be!

    1. Yeah the u.s. needs another poor country to exploit for goods and labor, that’s all texiban’s secession would accomplish psh

  7. I guess we’re gonna see a lot more flights to Cancun, and unlike Ted Cruz, this will be for a legitimate reason

    1. @Ryan lex To imply the Democrats have charts and graphs flies in the face of my assertation that the only reason a Democrat will get out of a chair is if the luncheon is buffet style .

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