1. Another good news story. Plus how about the four justices deputizing private citizens to do their job get bumped off the court fir incompetence?

    1. Wouldn’t that be priceless. It is VERY difficult for me to understand how Kavanaugh can remain with all we now about him. (CIA training says to watch the reaction to questions to determine if one is lying; remember Kavanaugh’s juvenile, outlandish response during his confirmation hearing? Even if he were not lying, he is far too immature and emotional for such a position!). Gorsuch and Barrett might have some questionable vetting also. Come on, Democrats, get serious about democracy!

    1. Read Michelle Alexander’s book the newjim crow laws. Mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness. It’s very informative and very enlightening

    2. @Ray Watson No, but they have unfettered authority in how they TREAT their charges.
      And far less oversight than a state-ran facility.

    3. @Christine VR No. A Can of Worms has gotten opened here. This has become a Separation of Church and State + Keep Government Power In Government issue.
      This case is no longer a “One Trick Pony.”

    4. Republicans don’t support abortions because they know unwanted kids turn into customers for their private prisons.

  2. If the religious right wants to participate in politics and push their beliefs onto others who do not have the same beliefs, they need to start paying taxes.

    1. @TV Watcher Thank you for your efforts, and lets hope those will bring some results. What comes to your suggestion, it feels a bit inappropriate, if I, as an European, tried to do such things. It’s your backyard and your mess, and I feel as outsider on such decisions as your neighbour should be, if you had any need to prematurely end your pregnancy.

    1. I disagree. It’s long PAST tax time for churches, regardless of their involvement in politics. They should be taxed like any other business, there is no reasonable logic to giving them a free pass. But then there is no reasonable logic to the fact that the state of Texas somehow enacted this archaic law at all in 2021. It would be nice if this Grendel’s Den case could actually help reverse the Texas ban, but it may be just wishful thinking. Welcome to Gilead. Under His eye.

    2. @Patsy Self the US would be a much better place if this was actually enforced. But, at this point, they are so deeply intertwined that it’ll take lifetimes to change.

  3. We still know the name Tribe today. Unlike Trump presenting himself for the job of president as so incompetent that McConnell and the Federalist Society actually chose the Supreme Court Justices. We used to have the very best legal minds on our highest court, but now we’ve been left with political residue.

    1. Offsides, but did you know Chris Wray, the FBI dir kept on by Biden, is a career member of the Federalist Society? Since we recognize how dangerous those people are we need to call on Biden to fire Wray, particularly after he protected Kavanaugh and helped him get on SCOTUS. I’m not 100% sure Biden is all the way on our side.

    2. @lanny s He’s not. He’s probably just trying to ensure your country doesn’t devolve into civil war at this point, and looking on I cannot blame him. The USA is half American under the law, half Christian under the bible. Not only would I defund your churches, I’d start a branch of the government to imbue science with scientists while deprogramming extremism with psychiatry,

  4. In that case they determined there is a separation of church and state. Couldn’t that mean that the government can’t regulate abortion at all?? Religion seems to be the only reason they’re all against abortion.

    1. Neither Church nor State should be regulating medical decisions. Abortions, quarantines, vaccines, mask mandates, etc should be medical decisions that are left to people trained to know the problems and make the decisions. To allow either the Church or State to make decisions on things just to pander to their electorate or congregation is the height of folly. Do you call a plumber to repair your television or a mortician to make an addition to your house? No, you call someone with the knowledge to do the job. Neither the Church nor the State are qualified to make medical decisions.

    2. @Me MyName “Do you call a plumber to repair your television or a mortician to make an addition to your house?” – I know this was meant as a joke, but for many people, the answer would be “Yes” if the price were right. Many (if not most) people don’t care about qualifications or experience anymore, regardless of the topic. Modern-day Republicans just take it to the extreme, such as not trusting doctors’ and nurses’ advice regarding vaccines, but trusting those same doctors and nurses to treat them when they get injured or are having a heart attack.

    3. @Dandra King Unfortunately, the Constitution means nothing when law enforcement and the courts refuse to uphold it and when our elected officials refuse to uphold their sworn oath to defend and protect it. There are only so many opportunities we have to vote. If we vote, but an anti-Constitution person is “elected” anyway, then we have no legal recourse. Wd with the way the Republicans have been going since last year with their voter suppression bills, it appears that voting itself may become a moot point within the next few years. At that point, there will sadly be no peaceful process for resolution.

    1. @2_Wheel_Life you silly little boys with your alpha beta talk. One good kick and your down crying like a baby…so alpha!

  5. It’s worth a shot. We have to keep fighting these political hypocrites who proclaim love and reverence for the Constitution and then do an end run around it when it suits their agenda.

    1. What is it with Americans wanting to shoot everything lol.. ok ok sorry..awful joke..its 6:35am gimme a break.

  6. “Your Honor, my client, the Legislature of the great state of Texas, will argue that the precedent clearly does not apply to this statute, as the original decision refers specifically to “reasoned decisionmaking,” and further, “acting on evidence and guided by standards”! and, well, Your Honor … I’m sure you can see where this is going. Move to dismiss?

  7. This is just the kind of issue the left needs to stay motivated for the midterm elections. Texas has given all of us on the left a gift. They have overstepped so far this year not only on abortion but in voting restrictions and unrestricted carry that backlash is inevitable and it is most welcome. I’m not sure anything less than massive overreach by the right would have been enough to give us even a chance of repudiating them at the polls next year. But they have breathed new life and hope into the chances that maybe we can keep them from taking over Congress next year and continuing their obstructionist ways.

  8. I thoroughly enjoy how Rachel investigates her news with facts! She is absolutely brilliant 👍👍 love her!!

    1. @Ryan Shannon Who cares….That is why she’s the BOSS.She has many qualified individuals on her payroll.

    2. I too love Rachael and her evidence based comments. I watch though because her remedial presentation for those that lack the critical thing skills to be two steps ahead of her delivery make me crazy. It’s what makes different from FOX, she makes to teach to the dumbest kid in the class, not to take advantage to serve her own purposes.

    1. @Lynda Norris
      Repenting for what Ms. Lynda? And do you mean all without exception, my dear? Well, just bless your heart. Because in your very small garden, no one on the left could ever be right. Correct? Again, bless your ever loving heart.

    2. @Lynda Norris You alone, in just a very few comments, have proven everything I and every other Commenter, who has spoken out about phony people and their phony religions, to be true.
      Thank You, it is always nice that others can look back and see it for themselves.
      You have not shown anything God-Like in your comments of division and judgements.
      I have read the book you seem to think, you know so well and I assure you, the actions you’ve shown here are not acceptable, per your own book.
      Good Luck making it through the Gates to your Heavenly Paradise.

      Don’t worry, no you wouldn’t be allowed in, but nonetheless, it doesn’t exist anyway. 🤣🤣

    3. @I can See you To go to Heaven, one must accept JESUS as their personal saviour, repent of all their sins and serve GOD.

    1. @Wayne Gazard it came across that way because it was meant to.
      Rachel did address this on her show…she found a style of jacket she liked, and bought more than one.
      Amazing, to me that her style, hair and femininity matter to some more than her doctorate, Rhodes scholarship and brilliance.

  9. That was then, this supreme court has already went against standing precedent. These right wing activist judges don’t care about the law or precedent they only care about pushing their far right agenda.

  10. Like I’ve said, vigilante law’s unconstitutional because it delegates undelegatable powers from the legal system to the mob. Didn’t know the Grendel case was a Supreme Court ruling.

    1. It’s not just that the state cannot delegate justice to the mob. It’s also that the state does not have the power to block abortion and is trying to delegate a power it does not currently have.

    2. @Serendipity Shop You missed it. It’s much more basic and you never have to get to the initiating cause, whether abortion or a church mandating the character of a local business. This is VERY powerful as Professor Tribe teaches. There are immutable governmental powers that can’t be delegateable to anyone other than a governmental agency. Texas law fails not on yea or nay abortion, but whether the state of Texas can abrogate its governmental role. Supreme Court already ruled in the Serendipity shop case 40 years ago — NO.

  11. When a bar from the 70’s has more common sense than today’s governors of these hick states, just a reminder how much better Massachusetts is than Florida and Texas lol.

    1. @Connor Wood Actually, it was over 300 years ago. Regardless, given the way the Repubs are so quick to deny science, I’m surprised they haven’t rejected electricity.

    2. @James Knott which is over 100 years ago..anyways. They do reject electricity. Cancun Cruze left Texans with no power to go on a vaca and was such a wimp he blamed it on children. There isn’t one example of a GOP politician who listens to the voice of America. It’s sad that there can’t be a healthy world view besides Democrats in all honesty.

    3. Slight clarification — “…how much better THE PEOPLE of Massachusetts are than the governors of Florida and Texas”, since it was the Massachusetts legislature that gave the power to the churches.

    1. Ideally, churches would have to apply for a non profit status so their books would be open to the public to show they are doing good things. Otherwise they would lose their tax exemption just like any other non-profit. The way it stands now is unconstitutional since the IRS is the one who determines who is a church and who isn’t. Not the job of a government.

    2. As long as we have true “Separation of Church and State,” it’s worth it to give them a pass for their hustle and tax avoidance.

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